"The Great Gatsby" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Roman Francis Scott Fitzgerald «The Great Gatsby" - one of the most famous books in the world. And the well-known Australian director - Baz Luhrmann has presented us his new adaptation of a Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role
Name Baz Luhrmann, once received a nomination for the . "Oscar » for the film «Moulin Rouge», has said that the film is supposed to be atmospheric, beautiful and stylish, with a well selected music. And so it happened. What he does with the picture and sound just beyond words. It is really admirable.
Spring 1922. Golden fever. Nick Karruey - a young man with a classic dream - to become rich, comes to New York. He gets into one of the corporations on Wall Street and takes a house on the outskirts of the city near the mansions and palaces newly minted rich, including a huge castle mysterious Mr. Jay Gatsby - the man known to all, not only in New York but also outside it. Every weekend, without exception, he rolls the most lush and luxurious parties in the city, which attracts a lot of people and all kinds of celebrities, from actors and politicians to crooks and mafiosi. Despite its popularity, about him almost nothing is known. Gatsby gets Nick friendship and engages him in his world. Immaculate world of dreams, unrestrained love and disillusion
«He smiled at me sweetly, -. Not much more than gently. This smile, a reassuring full of inexhaustible strength, it is possible to meet the four, well - five times in my life. For a moment she seems incorporates all the fullness of the outside world, then, as if in obedience to the inevitable choice, is focused on you. And you feel that you understand as much as you want to be understood, believed in you to the extent that you yourself believe in yourself, and definitely see you exactly the way you would most like to appear. "(C)
In this film perfectly everything: acting, directing, music, camera work, the artist's work - everything. Luhrmann has created a great movie and it is unlikely someone will surpass his adaptation of the novel Fitzgerald.
Leonardo DiCaprio . For many people who really deserve their fame. If his name is in the credits, so the film is worthy of attention. He played so deep and true that after watching almost impossible to imagine Gatsby, played by another actor.
Tobey Maguire ... A wonderful game of the actor as well as with DiCaprio can not but arouse admiration. From a minor character he was able to create a memorable character.
Carey Mulligan coped with her, despite the fact that it was quite difficult. . Probably, at first it had doubts, but not the slightest claim gone after watching the game to its
As for the other actors, then they just difficult to find fault - they all played their roles as befits professionals - artfully and beautifully .
«... He looked at her special look - every girl dreams that someday it will be well to look." (c)
soundtrack, the ambience of the film in an actual key for the viewer, as well as possible, deserves a special mention. Society, intoxicated gold rush, lights no longer familiar to us under the jazz and a modern hip-hop. In an interview with Luhrmann explained the decision - in the book referred to jazz and outdoor Afro-American music, but he did not want the film to be reminded of the past (was nostalgic), so the choice of music in the film is not accidental, because now hip hop takes the same niche that then held the jazz. This decision may seem absurd, but trust me - it works perfectly. And what's more - gives the film a special attraction to the audience and makes it more memorable
Many of the songs have been thought up specially for this film.. They merge with it in a single unit, perfectly complementing and fully corresponding to its semantic content,
help viewers discover its subtext
Lana Del Rey -. Young And Beautiful
Will you still love me
When I`m no longer young and beautiful?
i know you will ...
On the technical side film is very surprised. Production designer Catherine Martin, which has already worked with Luhrmann on the film into «Moulin Rouge» and get paid for it two «Oscar» for the best scenery and costumes, again became the owner of two gold statuettes for the best work of production designer and costume, that deservedly - a film full of bright colors and simply stunning. Because of its excellent camera work, the camera plunges us into the world of Fitzgerald, choosing an extremely successful plans. All motion picture glues elegant installation, which shows all the emotions, does not give the picture stand still and do not cringe scene. Extra or missing frame is not felt - everything looks soft and nice
In terms of rhythm with the film, too, everything is very good.. Luhrmann that focuses us on Nick in the hospital, it tells the basic story of Gatsby, it shows us fragments of his past. And everything he does is very harmonious.
But despite all this, this film does not reach the depth of philosophical thought Fitzgerald. director too melodramatic style. Characters lose their complex world order and for 140 minutes, not all of them can be completely open. "Gatsby" can even be reproached as superficial and incorrect adaptation, but it remains in this film some inexplicable harmony and notes can still be heard the true drama of the book under the rubble buynosti paints. In this there is even a metaphor ... It can be a very long time to compare the book and the movie, but still the director and his team were able to move all the basic essence of the novel and the most important thing. The main "Gatsby" does - evokes emotions and makes empathize, but the viewer is important to fully understand its
In conclusion:
«The Great Gatsby» - movie «handmade» This is a fantastic drama, exposing the evils of society and reflects the mores intoxicated by the money people.. It causes strong emotional response, and this is its main strength and the whole incredible charm.
topics that hurts Fitzgerald's novel «The Great Gatsby» will always be relevant. This is a simple, but at the same time very deep history
For a work of art:.
8 of 10

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