"The Great Gatsby" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I went to this film for a long time. Initially, I decided for myself that as long as the hype around it does not pass, it will not look. And we can say the way it all turned out. And in the end this film I watched, not because here plays one of the most prominent young actors of today Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire obayashka or friend is not all, but many Indian King Amitabh Bachchan. Not-oo. I watched this movie, because she had read the book. A book I read, because finally I won Tom Hiddleston as Loki in 'Tore 2', because this has been viewed 'Midnight in Paris', where Tom played Fitzgerald, read his first two novels, and one by one letter on all the works of Francis Scott, and that only later, after reading his third masterpiece 'the Great Gatsby', I decided nevertheless to see this movie.
and what happened? And the film itself did not disappoint me, but not that pleased. I can not say that it is bad, but also a beautiful name it is impossible. I will try to order.
read the novel, and then the letter of Fitzgerald, I was unpleasantly surprised by the fact that at the time the book was not very popular, I do not know why. Whether a small volume of all confused, or tells the story of a mysterious millionaire, or even any other fact of which could be set. But in the end the novel is now considered a masterpiece, and I even agree with this statement. But here is whether to consider this novel masterpiece, watching the film, those who have not read the book - I do not know ... I killed
beginning. Nick Kerrevey, so honest, noble young man suddenly appeared whether a therapist, or a psychologist, with a sign on the door of the psychologist somehow suspiciously like the name of the publisher Fitzgerald - Perkins. That is, the filmmakers show us that history is now Gatsby tells disappointed in life, mentally unhinged man who does not know how to express their thoughts, and indeed looks like some pretty shabby.
I killed the music. Given that Gatsby lived in the so-called "era of jazz ', it is not clear presence of contemporary music in the frame-by-frame, and, when appropriate here to be heard jazz orchestra or at least some kind of classic.
I killed Myrtle orgy in an apartment . It was disgusting. Well, either I am too idealistic, and it seemed to me that their drunk there was no such vulgarity. Guests, so vividly depicted by Fitzgerald, there were only brightly dressed and dyed ridiculous. Scene, causing giggles in the book, there is disgust.
I killed people that crowd that was present in the house of Gatsby. Whether it is I got the wrong impression from reading the book, or the filmmakers. But I imagined, strong and ambitious weekly parties, of course, but not the same ... animals! The book describes how the guests gathered in groups, sitting at the table, drank, talked, laughed, listened to music and danced. And now here you are you crowd that does not know where and what has arrived, and the whole lot just to have a drink / fight / quarrel / laugh. I do not argue, and without it is not complete, but not in the same mess!
What was amusing acquaintance Gatsby and Nick in the book, and here I was brutally broken off. The scene was ruined and spoiled endlessly, although, I admit, a smile in Leo that is necessary and like nothing else fits the description.
And now the cast. I was surprised by the choice of Carey Mulligan for all that wealth of young actresses who were considered for the role of Daisy . It seems to me that it is not in subtlety and lightness, which is described in the book, but only superficiality and immediacy, which, of course, were also inherent in this character, but not to the same degree! Struck Elizabeth Debicki as Jordan Baker . It is not surprising that the film did not make even a hint of infatuation Nick and Miss Baker, for, though she pretty but painfully high and generally looked like something in a frame ... not so hot. Tom I did not like so much (though and is a favorite character Fitzgerald) that Joel Edgerton in this role I took exactly. Here is someone who, and Wilson I imagined a totally different way, but I liked it as Jason Clark played the final scene. Myrtle I also imagined differently. It is strange that even Isla Fisher and played quite distinctive role, but all the same in this film Myrtle came not so lively and vibrant as it was in the book, and in fact he Fitzgerald believed that Daisy had turned Myrtle worse by the degree of accurate description of the character.
and now the main thing. Strange, but I do not see in the DiCaprio of such a character as the Gatsby , but Tobey Maguire, it seemed appropriate the role of the Nike . But somehow it turned itself, now I think's absolutely the opposite. Gatsby turned Leonardo almost perfect, but Nick still from Toby came not so ...
To play the two main characters, there is virtually no complaints. Toby was sweet and noble in his desire not to place anyone in their admiring glances at his childhood friend as Gatsby. Leo also played almost perfectly, on those rare occasions, a scene which I alone do not like themselves (for example, when he lost his temper at a hotel in New York - in the book, it was not and there was no way). But generally clean with romantic hopes, but a vague past and the present at least a vague turned out of it great, so I would not be surprised if some prestigious awards celebrate him for this role.
And I was disappointed with the ending. I waited for the appearance of Gatsby's father, because this character has appeared in the end, Fitzgerald turned so real and touching, that scene with them cause pain and tears, because he is so proud of his boy. I waited for Nick to go Vulfshemu, but no. Showed only a lonely, angry at the whole world of a young man who yesterday knocked bitter 30 years.
Yet there is something in this film. And I think that in all the merit of it DiCaprio. I am not a fan of it, but admit that it was good and talented, so for him and his Gatsby film is worth seeing. Yet a couple of times, I shed a few tears, though it pales in comparison to how much wept over the book itself. And yet that little green flame of hope, passing through the whole movie, going farther and farther away in the end, leaves the belief that in our time there is such a person that's living the dream and loving as much ...
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