"The Great Gatsby" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

New film imperishable works of classic American literature, Francis Scott Fitzgerald was one of the most anticipated films of 2013. Initially there were some concerns: because of the adaptation of the novel, which occupies in various ratings "100 best books of all time," the first place, come from none other than Baz Luhrmann, the creator of the films "Moulin Rouge", "Australia" and very, very frivolous Shakespeare transfer to the atmosphere 90 «Romeo + Juliet». Personally, I was afraid that the visual component will prevail, and instead a new "Gatsby," we'll get the second "Moulin Rouge." Unfortunately, fear is partly justified (probably why the critics and "ride" on the new web Luhrmann)
By and large, the film audience got what I expected, guided by the trailer -. Beautiful sight with sentimental music. 3D Format Luhrmann uses widely and skillfully, the effect was unforgettable, but ... the design is not the movie frames semantic component of the picture, but on the contrary, it pushes into the background. The picture in the film as pretentious, elegant, that from it begins to feel sick if from peresaharennogo syrup. Eyes from the raging in the splendor of the screen scatter: show too dazzling, too much glitter and paint. This approach to the represented "kills" the gentle atmosphere of the "roaring 20's", which vibrantly recreates Fitzgerald
But the key problem of the film -. Wrong, in my view, the interpretation of the image of the protagonist, and it follows from this and a distorted view of the source. Gatsby is the personification of the inability of the American dream. Focus on success will lead to disappointment. Saying that the past is always possible to return, just need to get back to the start and start all over again, Gatsby approves the basic postulates of the optimistic perception of the reality of the American nation at the end of the 20's. The problem of the hero that actually self-made man is a fiction.
He tries to be successful, educated, not to win the love of his life, but to show their high status, belonging to the highest circles of society. Dandy with a dubious past, hiding his youthful complexes. Daisy will become nouveau riche just an obsession, but he had to endure frustrating because he dreams of status, rather than a woman. And, to be honest, she Daisy - Dummy, which still look, her voice "full of money" (a phrase thrown Nick Gatsby, which for some reason there was no place in the film)
And now attention -. All this in the film. Luhrmann problem approach to the material is that it seeks to portray the novel Fitzgerald is another love-story, another interpretation of "Romeo and Juliet", placed at this time in the interiors "Roaring Twenties" and the original soundtrack. But "The Great Gatsby" - a story about something else. Gatsby is not a tragic romantic, but Daisy is not Juliet, she spoiled bohemian life, she would never have left. Mulligan presented it to us, perhaps unnecessarily tragic character, suffering because of the impossibility of great love.
Fitzgerald was not even a hint of this interpretation. He often alludes to during the story that she had an affair with a mysterious friend from the past - a summer fling. The tragedy of Gatsby and at the same time his greatness is that in all that is related to the field of sense, he is absolutely sincere. Yes, it tends to appear different from what he is really trying to adapt, but to his credit that is reflected in his eyes, "green flame" infects people around the belief in better.
DiCaprio, as well as other actors, in principle, to cope with the role "a great success", but his game is not that the duality inherent in his book prototype. Its maximum Gatsby tragic close to what can be called "glamorous neo-romanticism." An example of the Gatsby does not show rooted in popular culture clichés about the need to believe in his love, and to show that the implementation of the American dream is impossible, transferring the experience that has absorbed Fitzgerald.
From this point of view, again, in my own opinion the most successful (it is successful, not only quality) get to play the Australian actor Joel Edgerton as Tom Buchanan Daisy husband. What is good in his game? He is one of the few in the film conveys not ironed romantic image, but that conceived and Fitzgerald. He is the only one of the actors playing the main characters, who gives the desired emotion. It was his hero "splits" Gatsby, forcing him to show the hidden "I". He is educated, intelligent, he is arrogant and proud as any alpha male does not tolerate competition. And all this actor has managed to perfectly embody on the screen.
also interesting as Luhrmann is trying to beat in his creation "old new motives." Here largely his vision resonates with the vision of a classic. City, the country becomes a full-fledged hero of the same steps as any character. Like Langkowski Metropolis it consists of two polar components - the abode of chic gold and monastery of sweat, dust and tears. Upper light day after day going through the same holiday, not knowing that their fun - it is "a feast during a plague»
So the director wanted to reflect the impact of the global economic crisis, as the book shows, when "seven lean cows. "(" The great depression ") were already on the way. And Luhrmann uses the material from the novel, which turned out to be so unexpectedly relevant, at full power, contrasting the mental anguish of suffering protagonists faceless and nameless suburb workaholic. The town is surrounded by champagne flowing river during one endless party, even without knowing it, that close to the end of his idleness. And even if it looks a bit awkward and far-fetched, but it works
For many generations of readers / viewers are given the same question. Why Gatsby is great? Because, reborn, it could be the most ideal of Americans who have been waiting for the nation, but he was destined to become a symbol of such happiness. His problem is that he is more a "great visionary" who has a fantasy in many ways supersedes reality. As soon as he got Daisy, it ceased to be for him something valuable. For the existence of it needs a constant presence in the distance of the object of desire.
for Jay's old fantasy replaced by a new, green lights instead he waits for a call from his favorite, even without knowing that "one only" have left him at the mercy of society. But the rock like a burst of Greek tragedy, ultimately destroyed his life. In the movie, the frustrated, which seeks to bring Fitzgerald, in Luhrmann turns into a quiet sadness bygone love.
Yet the film makes empathize. "Gatsby" Luhrmann could not follow the canon, it becomes a kind of discharge of the source, but it turned out not bad for your level. Of course, this is the best film director, where his desire for a luxurious style came at an opportune moment. And although criticism has met the film "hostility", it seems this is the best transmission of the spirit of "jazz era" recently
8 out of 10

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