"The Great Dictator (1940)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

"First, we will destroy the Jews, and then deal with macho"
I'm the same way, like everyone else, I would say that this is the most daring film that I have ever seen. And one, who would believe that this tape has removed himself Charlie Chaplin. In order to ensure in all, you need to see it yourself creation. Just imagine, in Europe and throughout the world is gradually heating up, preparing a bomb of slow action, so-called, and Charlie Chaplin released his picture, which in one fell swoop ridicules all the political and military plans, principles. Chaplin first saw the essence of Adolf Hitler and portrayed her in "The Great Dictator" with the help of his adenoids Hinkel, not fearing anyone.
very action film is set in 1918 during the First World War. Inept, humble Jew once saved the life of his brother-soldier Schulz on the battlefield, so-called. But during this incident, a Jew is injured, and he was sent to the hospital. Trauma is so developed that turns into a real amnesia, in general, the Jew forgets, does not remember anything. It seems to him that in fact he is in the hospital quite a short time, two weeks, but in reality it is not so. By profession a barber this guy, he is very worried about his barber shop, which is located in the center of the Ghetto. During this time a man's disease, much has changed. The situation in the country worsened. At the head stands dictator called adenoids Hinkel. The plans of the leader comes to conquer the world and the destruction of the Jewish people. Our hero has become vulnerable as never before. Now it is a very difficult time.
appears before the beginning of the tape on the screen that says that the match between Hinkel and Jews from the ghetto by accident. It seems to me that there is a philosophical subtext. Charlie Chaplin that I want to say that all the people are very similar to each other. Because all men are brothers, by definition. That is, it turns out that Hitler's place (for cine Hinkel) could prove to anyone. And in place of the Jewish barber, too, could be any of us. And this sounded the inscription at the beginning of the tape Chaplin outlined his basic idea. The main thing that should be based on and what to preach people - peace in the world, even if it sounds trite, as if from the mouth of some beauty queens. There will be peace on earth, then there will be steps to improve this world. Of course, all comes from the side of dictators, and they are using their public speaking skills can thus way of strongest influence on the crowds. Therefore, at the head of any state is a must-minded person who is aware of what war means the collapse of the entire universe.
This creation of a landmark. This is the first full sound film of Charles Chaplin. The film, in which he was not afraid to experiment. How? Well, first of all, to change the level of humor, this time in front of us a satire on politics and the dictatorial regime. Secondly, as many point out, and this, of course, the most offensive, is not all the beloved Little Tramp. Charlie Chaplin completely abandoned this image. Tramp remained in silent films. In the audio format it is time new images and characters. For the sake of all that Chaplin did not spare himself, he did not spare their money, because the production of paintings Charles spent his own acquired at the time the state in the amount of $ 2 million. Happened, and Charlie would be left with nothing. Of course, there was a risk that the tape can not be recouped because of the current world situation. There was also a risk that the picture may not miss in wide release, but Chaplin prevent it could not, fight it, do their best. As a result, "The Great Dictator" fell in love with the American public, and especially the Jews, and paid off several times. Yes, of course, that in some countries the tape at the box office and has not appeared, and in Germany, Charles became the most hated figure in world cinema, that one would expect.
What here to speak, acting everyone here looks just great. In those days, masters of their craft was simply everything, it can be said without any exaggeration. About Charles Chaplin already said enough words for something new and already you can imagine. Let me just say that the transition to a new audio format has not acted in any game plan, no direction, nor even in the scenario field. I must say that he brilliantly played both at once: Hinkel, and, of course, the Jewish barber. Paulette Goddard gorgeous. This is my favorite actress classic films. And in this film, she did not disappoint, he plays a very sincere, not hiding in itself no emotion. A couple with their Chaplin is different, they have played their own lives, it is a pity that some time after the release of pictures, they would part.
In this film there is everything your heart desires. Here, just a mass of humor and memorable moments. Everyone will laugh for a long time, will find something of their own. What kind of dialogue, you can only admire it. Many of the individual phrases and driven into the memory. Well, not without serious moments. What is happening on the screen, if you confess, it makes think seriously. A final picture where Chaplin made a speech on behalf of itself already worth it. This needs to think about. All of this does not lose relevance in our time, and indeed the movie itself is more than relevant. See great pictures.

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