"The Great Dictator (1940)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

For the way funny tramp, Charlie Chaplin was hiding complicated man, filled with desires, ambitions and contradictions. For him, it was excruciatingly important not just joking, but to raise vital issues, to reflect through his comedy unnatural evils of the outside world. He was one of the first directors, not only dared to make a film about Nazism (and I do not think there documentaries to name-that-even-do not want to-call type 'Triumph of the Will'), but do so in a far from Europe, America, genre ridicule the Fuhrer.
dissuade him, he promised bankruptcy and complete collapse of the entire existing career. In the end, this movie really was the beginning of the end of his successful life, because you can break the rules to a certain point. But he did important things for themselves and all this only adds to his greatness.
In addition, the value of this film is still in the fact that it was the first sound film Chaplin! He was so afraid that tramp die at the first word uttered them that fought against the sound by all means, but you dare! And this is very important. If not for this commitment, we would not have been his final speech, for which, in general, and it is worth seeing the movie. It is not a word about the Nazis, but every word is alive to this day and has a true understanding of how our life should be arranged (see the end, see in the movies).
Frankly, the film itself seemed less 'Babe' or 'city lights', which, it seems to me, was more subtle and touching Chaplinovskogo style. These films were from the first frame to capture the attention and do not let him go down to the last final tear. And in 'The Great Dictator' many scenes frankly boring and predictable. They are diluted with brilliant fragments, but does not create a feeling of whole masterpiece. And if not the culmination of the final speech, can be and have been to quite a party. But in conjunction with the facts of the struggle, and the idea of ​​creation - it is definitely the movie to which it is worth spending the time 2:00. And do not forget to save somewhere his speech that in the moments when you capture arrogance, hatred, or void, you know where to read about the main human prayer, along with the song Imagine by John Lennon
sorry, I do not want to be an emperor, it is not my goal. I do not want anyone to rule, and no one to win, I want to help everyone: Jews, destitute, black and white
We all want to help each other - so people are created.. We want to live and enjoy happiness neighbor, and not his grief. We do not want to hate and despise each other. In this world, plenty of room for everyone. Our good earth fertile - it is easy to feed us all. Life can be free and beautiful, but we have strayed from the right path. Greed has poisoned people's souls, has divided the world with hatred, he plunged us into misery and bloodshed.
We all build up speed, but locked himself in prison. Machines that give abundance, left us in want. Our knowledge made us cynical, our judgment has made us a cold and cruel. We think too much and feel too little. We need humanity more than machines and more than judgment, we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities life will be violent one, and then all was lost.
Aircraft and radio shortened the distances. The very nature of these findings requires human kindness calls for universal brotherhood, for the unity of all people on earth. Even now my voice is reaching millions of ears around the world, millions of despairing men, women and young children, the unfortunate victims of the system that makes the torture and imprison innocent
those who can hear me, I say. 'Do not despair! '. Disaster that befell us, generated by convulsions of greed - the bitterness of people who are afraid of the progress of humanity. But hatred and human transient dictators die and the power they took from the people will return to the people. And as long as people are dying for it, freedom will not die.
Soldiers! Do not fall for these creatures who despise you, make you slaves, manage your life, order you what to do, what to think and how to think! Those who drill you, puts you on rations, treat you like cattle and use you as cannon fodder! Do not give in to these monsters, people, machines, mechanical mind and the mechanical heart! You are not machines! You are not cattle! You - the people! In your heart there is love and humanity! They hate only those whom no one likes - but not people, and unloved
Soldiers! Do not fight for slavery, fight for liberty! St. Luke said, "The soul of each is the kingdom of God!" Not one! Not a single group, all people, all of you! We all have the power! The power to make a discovery! The power to make others happy, to make life free and beautiful, to turn life into a wonderful adventure! In the name of democracy, use this power!
Unite and fight for a new world, a fair in which everyone will have the opportunity to work. Where is the future of young and elderly stability! Promising all this came to power rascals, but they lied to us, they do not deliver on the promise! Never fulfilled! Dictators enslave the people, let us fight to these promises fulfilled! Make the world a free, that there was no national boundaries, there was no greed, hatred and intolerance! Let's fight for a reasonable world, where science and progress will be pledges of universal happiness!
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