"The Great Dictator (1940)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Military satire genre is not so popular in world cinema, but there are taken separately tapes that stand out for their originality and wit against the background of others. One of those favorites is "The Great Dictator", which is also one of the first movies where the creators decided to humor and a certain amount of irony, take a look at the military world events. Sure to make a movie hilariously funny and at the same time politically correct is very difficult, but if for the shooting took master of comedy Charles Spencer Chaplin, the movie on any turn over ridiculous, right in terms of ideas and exactly does not intersect any moral boundaries. Despite all the efforts of Chaplin's "The Great Dictator" at the time was still in his address a lot of unpleasant and very negative response from both audience and critics from experienced. This of course many of you know, so that this harp I will not.
If you write strictly about the film, it is made for those times certainly very good. For Chaplin personally this is the first experience in sound film and I can say with full confidence that the first attempt at the great comedian not come out lumpy, but on the contrary, turned out even worse than the previous tape dumb comedy. That's only in the good old silent films Chaplin had no political satire on a very aggressive-minded country and its dictator, and without any political implications. Of course a movie from that happened no less ridiculous, but a scandal at the time was not frail. Fortunately today the "Great Dictator" still recognized and now he is a legendary classic ironically satirical genre and one of the most successful films of the maestro Chaplin.
Some scenes have become a cult, where else can you see a confrontation between two vicious and brutal dictators in the cafeteria, where their weapons were spaghetti, cream and all the nearby food from them. And dancing to classical music Hinkel, simultaneously playing with a balloon in the shape of a globe, and certainly at this moment dreaming of world domination and unlimited power, it's brilliant in terms of originality and wit. There were a lot of funny, emotional and sad, but part-time classroom scenes that make the "dictator" unsurpassed masterpiece not only his time, but of the whole world cinema.
It is a pity of course that in Russia this movie is not as highly regarded as a dumb Chaplin's creation, but what's there to say, "the Great dictator", even in the top 250 is not included, but still a great picture in all respects, from the unusual, but very bold and original idea to the nature of the characters and of course the brilliant, clear Again, in any language of the world humor, which, as always pleases its sincerity and noticeable. It is a pity that there are no awards tape did not manage to get, although it seems to me that no doubt deserves, which is only the final speech of the protagonist, who speaks the truth long known and tries to uncover all dictators the world's eyes, along the way to declare a universal ceasefire.
Well, a little about the actual storyline. After World War I, in the country there is a new Thomann overbearing and cruel dictator Adenoids Hinkel whose main goal is world domination, and total destruction of the Jewish people, to whom he even creates "ghettos" in which all the people of that religion and live. Now Hinkel decides with the help of his genius seems to be a plan to start capturing the neighboring Jewish areas, but that means it does not have. At the same time in the hospital after a serious injury received during the war, comes a Jewish barber, who begins amnesia, and he does not understand that he is in a medical facility for a couple of years and that during this time in his home country, much has changed, and all Jews were persecuted by the military.
barber returns home in the ghetto and does not understand what is happening here and why the military wrote in his barbershop word "Jew" in white paint and do not allow delete. She explains to him the whole situation charming girl Hannah, whose parents were killed and who lives with his friend that same barber. There is a way still one "but", because this is the barber as two drops of water similar to the dictator Hinkel who is going to host an ally Benzino Napaloni, which adenoids would like to discuss about prospects for the conquest of neighboring territories. From this meeting, unfortunately not good is impossible, because each of tyrants trying to show that he is the best, my lord, and a terrible worldwide. While two villain rest in the palace, in the ghetto riots occur because of the shameless brutality and war, which Hinkel sent so as not to give the Jewish people to be bored ...
script gorgeous, simple and easy, but very original, with the right idea at the same time funny, which makes it perfect. There is no pathos, although the final monologue of the world all over the world can in fact really is, tightness, scarcity and stupidity, all at the highest level. Actors and elegant, of course two main roles played by the ubiquitous Charlie Chaplin and makes it impossible to cool it and qualitatively, but also other actors are good, but they are just a little bit later. So far, a little praise Charlie who created the image of the dictator slaughter Hinkel, whose eyes filled kind of anger, aggression, and despite that he was a man stupid and cowardly. The image of the barber told me something reminded of the good old tramp, only this time he is a Jew and is able to talk. In general, as always, Chaplin is a genius and does not recognize it's stupid! Bravo, Charlie, applause and loud applause!
to mention another as well won back Jack Oakie, played the role of a fun and something similar to the character of the dictator Hinkel Napaloni and beauty Paulette Goddard, which played a Woman Hannah, in which the barber in love, but she is afraid to admit it. Other actors were also good, but remember, and they liked me less than the above. But in general, "The Great Dictator" a great comedy movie satirical and parodic nature, where Charlie Chaplin reveals his opinion about the constant wars and fascism as a religion. I do like the film, funny, sincere, relevant, fresh, bold and elegant. Estimation of the maximum, and it is not discussed, the masterpieces are smaller and do not get.
10 of 10
«You are the most important, no, you are the great dictator on the planet!»
"Do not say that, and then I begin to fear itself!»

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