"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

When you watch this film, you think about how to change over time ideals and images of the main characters.
With the advent of cinema story of the Wild West has found its reflection in the genre "Western". Very specific genre. Movies about the Wild West has always attracted the audience. The good guys won the bad, and the sheriff could not always carry out their duties, chase the bandits, shooting, horse riding, saloons - the main attributes of westerns. Cowboys - national historic treasure of America, and turning them into real characters, the viewer not only get shootouts and chases on horseback in the middle of the entourage of the Wild West, but also a dramatic story filled with tragedy, violence and a sense of duty. I do not like the Wild West and all that is connected with it - the Indians, cowboys, superheroes gloomy, sipping whiskey and juicy spit out to the side, girls in corsets and the city, consisting of one street, which is worn on the tumbleweed. But this film Sergio Leone I was pleasantly surprised. Why? - You ask
The good old story, it's the fact that, being composed of the same ingredients, depending on the creator's talent turn into a completely different dishes.. Much like how many times told the world that the greed turns even the best of friends into enemies, and people in the animals, and stories about the destructive power of gold count - do not count. The western - most cinematic and American genre, a simple plot occurs at every step
«The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" became the first film, so-called 'team Sergio Leone'.. In this picture, the Italians were all the ingredients for success:. Music - Ennio Morricone, the Operator - Tonino Delli Colli, Installation - Nino Barale
How difficult admire tightened movies, that say, "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" goes forever, but it reserves the strongest impression. The film is seen only once, and enough time has passed that I have forgotten about it, but if memories of it are still alive then it's something, and mean.
Wild West. Civil War. Period heroes and villains. Immersion time in the atmosphere of the sheer. Despite the fact that the film lasts almost three hours, the story does not seem "far-fetched". There are no superfluous plot turn. The events described are filled with a variety of luxurious scenes, including the humorous moments and the ending leaves an indelible mark in my heart. Action captures from the first frame when the first seven minutes did not say a word, and did not let go until the final credits. The director uses all possible methods of retaining viewer's attention: intense conflict, the struggle of characters, cleverly constructed dialogue, cunning plans and tricks characters, wonderful scenery, and the task it is quite possible
plot is built on the "three pillars" - our heroes.. Each of them wants to get the first gold. In addition, each of them uses its own methods. "Good" is trying to somehow keep the morals, "bad" kills, "Wicked" is cheating and stealing. The film vividly stood another genre - comedy. But everything looks so organic, that funny situations absence would deprive the film is a big plus.
wonderful cinematography Tonino Delli Colli. The operator is also worth praise, all filmed flawlessly. western atmosphere transferred fine, feel the witness of the events, and this is a definite plus. I also want to acknowledge the work of the director, without which, for sure, the film would have lost some of cowboy charm. In the film, there is no extra frame, sustained all the classic techniques of the genre, and thank you so much for this Collie. In the last episode transitions of the background on the front keep the audience in suspense. A voltage is sensed, though at a meeting of the bulls, smeared with red paint. This film is worth seeing even for one of the final scenes of the triple duel. In Westerns, the most important thing - isolation
One may show the exposure to make up the voltage, but sooner or later have to talk trunks.. The director is definitely known, and the closer the plot rolls up to the arrival of the train, the more interesting to watch. Of course, this is very interesting, as the two facing each other and solve all the shots, who will pull the trigger faster, but when the person !!! three
selection of actors - the highest score! Just by looking at the sun-hardened and tanned all prairie winds persons Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef and Eli Wallach, it becomes clear who is central to the area. Clint Eastwood (where he plays, of course, "good"). "Blond" - the director if he wanted to say, "Look at him, he's bright, he's really good!" This leisurely walk quite a confident person, this reticence, the squint, it's cool and iron composure in all situations, it generosity and honesty, this penetrating mind, who never gives a sense to prevail, the faithful and the mighty hand, those sharp eyes. Yes, the image of Clint Eastwood's a really smart, not hard to guess why he had so long stamped in one genre - try to quit the role, if it is written by you
In addition to his starring lit stunning Lee Van Cleef (he plays'! bad ') and colorful Eli Wallach. His character does not take away, it attracts attention.
game is a great actor. They are inimitable! Who could replace them! They are unlikely to be found. The great merit of actors who are chosen, so that none of them seems to be random -. Even the occasional bandits and farmers face very expressive
Music. Music is divine! Composer - a great Ennio Morricone and, in combination, one of the greatest musicians in the history of world cinema. Music perfectly complements what is happening on the screen, creating an emotional background, makes this film so much emotion and originality, and just a very organic throughout the film. During a recent review, in addition to the well-known film enthusiasts each melody note the sad and tragic music. Soundtrack turned out varied and unforgettable.
All together to create a complete and finished masterpiece. Cult thing and canons of the genre, set a high bar. In modern times, these films are rarely removed. Perhaps because the image of a truly muscular man in glamor era, effeminacy and tinsel films with such morality can not find an echo in the hearts of the audience. And, nevertheless, I would venture to suggest otsmotret this remarkable film.
By the way, the world-famous IMDb.com, the movie occupies 1 place among westerns, and 5th best films of all time.
You kogda ever watched genre "Western"? Surely yes. Only if he was a Western - a film by Sergio Leone "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"? This film is all western westerns!

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