"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" - without exaggeration, the legendary film of the legendary director. It completes the picture "Dollar Trilogy", which ushered in the genre of spaghetti westerns. "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" today is perceived not only as an exemplary film of its genre, but also as one of the best films in the history of world cinema. This is truly a cult film, which is simply impossible to write a short review.
The film develops during the Civil War in the United States. The plot revolves around three adventurer who goes in search of gold stolen from Confederate troops. Each of them begins the way on their own, but sooner or later, a common goal unites. None of them do not intend to share with others, but only with the help of each other, they may get stolen treasures. A ruthless assassin nicknamed "Angel Eyes" (Bad) only the names of that person knows who owns all the information about the buried treasure, thief, rapist, and the scammer Tuco (Wicked) knows the name of the cemetery where buried money and a lone gunner nicknamed "The blond "(Good) - the only one who can say which of the 5,000 graves hidden money. On the way to the colossal sum of $ 200,000 characters will be many challenges, not trusting each other for a second, each time feeling an irresistible urge to betray and kill the other.
A feature film is that it has no positive characters. In connection with this quite amusing sound data to the heroes of nicknames intended only for the ears of the viewer: the good, bad and evil, because each of the characters - a rare bastard. Only blond in the performance of the famous Clint Eastwood is on the background of other characters claim to the nickname "Good." It is also cruel and cynical as the two other adventurers. Only alien to him meanness, betrayal and boundless greed. He is capable of sympathy, it is not alien to compassion and desire to help those in need. In his actions he is guided by the understanding of what is "fair", although sometimes his ideas of justice at odds with the understanding of the term associates. Tuco by Eli Wallach is both wild and dislike the same strong compassion. He's mean, he was terribly greedy, he is ready to flatter, to betray, deceive and kill anyone for their own benefit. But at the same time it is - a victim of circumstances, a man has not found its place in the sun, who chose the path that is easier and in which he succeeds. Finally, the mercenary Angel Eyes by Lee Van Cliff presented to the audience as a ruthless sadistic killer, who was not interested in anything other than money, which is not afraid to get its hands dirty "extra" blood, for which there is no concept of "friend" - only "partner", which can be and kill ..
The film presents the viewer not only an amazing story, but also a deep drama. It is not strange, but the treasure hunt is not a central theme of the film. As recognized by the director Sergio Leone, this is a film about the absurdity of war and a fundamental lack of it well-intentioned. Italian director did not migrate in the film about the American stereotype of "bad southerners and northerners good." For him there is in this movie, "bad" and "good" side. There are only a crowd of people who were victims of the government's policies, forced to kill each other for ideas that have marked in front of them. War is not a necessary evil, something that makes it possible to uphold the truth and correct ideals - it's just a mass murder, cruel and ruthless, devoid of any meaning and thus the most repulsive that may be. It is difficult to say whether all the Civil War event in this film or character. Sometimes it seems that the war itself as a phenomenon, all these crowds of prisoners and wounded soldiers, and there is one central and the most tragic character of the picture. "It's crazy how many people die in vain!" - that's the phrase blond says, watching hundreds of soldiers Confederate Army come with a fierce battle with the northerners army and these words simply but succinctly, highlight the attitude of filmmakers to the phenomenon of war against which continue to exist and thrive human vices, which never lead to anything good that will never bring anything good in the end.
We should also dwell on the artistic component of the tape. Film can really be called a work of art Sergio Leone's masterful and extremely honest narrator. On the one hand the genre of spaghetti westerns does not imply a more realistic film, on the other hand this allows the director to abstract the viewer from binding to specific events. The film is seen at the level of the senses, on the level of awareness, perceptions of good bad, the beautiful and the ugly. Leone - one of those directors, which clearly demonstrates the power of film as a combination of visual and musical art. The first words uttered heroes already ten minutes after the start of the film. The picture is replete with long silent scenes. And surprisingly, facial expressions and views of the characters, their movements, those landscapes that surround them tell the viewer more than the dialogues. Sergio Leone makes every scene so that the words only complement, reinforce the already produced on the spectator effect. You do not need to hear what they say the characters, the more that lie can be easily - all you need to say - we can say look, his behavior, his actions. It is a masterful filmmakers do. Amazing game actors complements the great camera work. The last and essential element of this product is undoubtedly music Morricone. Maestro has created one of the most exciting musical accompaniment to the film. And that is a wonderful combination of visual images and background music makes the film special. This is a work of art that allows the viewer to contemplate and rethink, to think, but at the same time with enthusiasm and excitement to watch the unusual adventures of the characters, empathize and laugh. The climactic scene of the film becomes a real culmination of all history, both in terms of the plot, both in visual and sound in a row. This five-minute silent duel, during which heroes only exchange looks impossible to forget. The scene is not only keeps the tension, but at some point, forcing the viewer to stand still waiting to feel that a stalemate is not resolved never, that none of the characters did not dare pull out a gun and put an end to the silence ..
Despite the exorbitant for his cruelty times, the picture could deeply impress both audience and critics alike. The creators did not try to please the audience, they just hit it right in the heart. They create those images and scenes that always remain somewhere inside you. They force you to enjoy the incredible beauty of the scenery, you absorb incredibly fascinating history and forced to think about the most important things in this world.
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