The Good Of Artificial Intelligence Essay

Through Sci-Fi, artificial intelligence has truly become a thing to fear for our future as humankind. Movies depict robots using their intelligence and lack of pain to take over. In reality it is much less scary and could prove to be a much more useful asset. Artificial intelligence is still newer to us and has a lot more growing to do before it has reached its full potential. Even though there are many fears that go along with a non-human creation that is smarter than its creators, artificial intelligence will only be useful for us all when we learn how to use it. There are many myths that scare people, but to know how useful artificial intelligence could be, people should learn more about what it really is.

Artificial intelligence, or just AI for short, is a non-human machine or program with the ability to learn, process, and do human tasks possibly even better than humans. This is still a relatively new topic, as the actual term was first used in the 1950s. The AI that we use today is still in an early stage. Our simple AI are given singular, narrow jobs. Siri for instance, listens to you and uses the internet to search for some answer. In the future, AI could be advanced to make self-driving cars, self-flying planes, or even run some sort of intelligence program. One big way artificial intelligence could better mankind is through the military. Although violence is never the goal, sometimes it is unavoidable. If AI was more advanced, we could help keep actual humans out of the dangerous situations. Instead of flying right into enemy territory or driving through a danger zone, have unmanned vehicles do it; vehicles that can think and learn to understand to deal with situations as they appear. Even if these vehicles are destroyed, there are no human losses involved. Behind the scenes, AI could also help with logistics and keeping track of resources.

Another field where artificial intelligence could help is the medical field. “Current AI can rival or succeed human ability with all the information it is given. With this being said, AI should be able to outsmart any normal doctor when it comes to diagnosis and determining the most effective treatment. Sometimes people must go through useless treatments and waste their money because a doctor just thought it was appropriate. An example would be cancer patients still passing away after going through chemotherapy or another similar treatment. Then the payment is left of the lap of relatives. Humans have flaws which cause mistakes to be made. Whether a doctor does not think through all the options of what someone could have or if a patient does not give all the details of how they feel, AI would not need that because it would figure it out on its own. Researching and developing medicine can take a long time. With the help of AI, time and cost could be decreased.

Another benefit is that AI could help run cities so much better than how they are right now. Trying to go through some huge place like DC right now is such a hassle. The lights are slow, people drive like they want to wreck, and trains can just be a mess. A system could be made to manage and improve urban life. Imagine if the lights were controlled by an AI that could really determine what the traffic flow was like and change colors to most effectively move people around. Things would look a lot less ugly and maybe people would be a little less angry. Taxi drivers are some of the most aggressive drivers, cutting people off just to get one car ahead. If AI can be used to create more self-driving cars, taxi services could be created to drive people around and do it better than humans could, and a person would never have to worry about who they are getting in a car with or if they will be scammed because there would be no person.

Security is also a huge thing where the help of AI would really come in handy. In fact, it already has. Facial recognition from a nonhuman is something used todays to protect one’s information. Similar to programs that search for viruses, AI could protect devices from viruses and thieves at a more effective level. Cameras in stores, restaurants, businesses, and other places could also be more useful. Instead of having evidence after someone commits a crime, AI may be able to detect a crime before or as it is beginning. Something that worries people about artificial intelligence is jobs. If AI can do a job and do it better or safer than a person, jobs in certain fields would most likely drop. Many of these jobs could be more harsh and dangerous anyway. At the same time, more jobs will open up relating to artificial intelligence. People need to make it, program it, and control it. There will not be a lack in jobs for everyone, just a shift in what the jobs are.

Many people will argue that artificial intelligence is something we do not need and should stay away from. These people are often going off myths and what they have seen in the movies. AI has too many benefits for it to be something we do not further for our future. AI is like a human but smarter and controllable. We should take advantage and learn how to use it effectively.

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