"The Golden Calf (1968)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Hidden scam at the time of the NEP millions of rubles. Who can solve them? But only a man like Bender. He was even a crook can not be called.
Ostap Bender Ibrahimovic.
sharp tongue. An inexhaustible source of ideas. Storehouse of jokes-jokes. He did not get bored, even alone. As he said himself: "I, for example, are fed only idea." Magnificent organizer, resolute, intelligent. Well built. And because success is all the pretty girls. He is able to come out with brilliance from almost any difficult situation.
Shura Balaganov.
Simple-minded fellow. Bully, but not evil. And it seems that the stories that happened to him, almost always ended in prison
-. About the profession do not ask, but I can guess. Quite something intelligent. Many convictions this year
-? Two
-. Oh ... it's gone occupation sue. I mean theft.
Michael Samuelevich Panikovski.
«Petulant old man." But notice how he plays! On his facial expressions. Dozens of images. In each episode, he is unique. I even thought that the filmmakers did not go with Panikovsky as "ruthless and having no heart," the authors I. Ilf and Evgenii. Petrov, but ... it was not possible gusekradu enjoy a secure old age. Short and capacious it on the grave of the great schemer, continued awakening of pity for the old man, and poured out tears faithful companion Balaganov.
Adam Kazemirovich Kozlevich.
All his life he dedicated to his car. The impression that he was in this car was born. What a romantic name: Lauren Dietrich ... He can not do without their cars. Even when she was hopeless pile of warped metal lying at the accident site. But nothing, animated, gave her repair and engaged in private carting in well-known Chernomorsk.
Alexander Koreiko.
underground millionaire. Amateur conversion of their savings. Wishing ohmurit still very young Zosia Sinitskaya and very offended at her for the offer of friendship, rather than consent to a mutual love. As soon as it was seriously threatened millions, so he immediately dropped everything and took to flight. He did not even admit the idea that someone has the right to encroach and divide accumulated.
Zosia Sinitskaya.
never knew that he could give her a grown man with serious intentions. Perhaps Zosia was not given to be the wife of a millionaire. Although it could ... and twice. And because of its destiny - the head of the circle train artists. A pity ... could sleep on silk sheets and go to the movies every day.
jokes that only we, who lived in the Soviet Union, we can understand in all their glory.
'Stealing a sin!'
'I ideological fighter for banknotes'
«Yes, you know the news, Adam, that every citizen, even the party, pressing the atmospheric column, weighing 214 pounds.»
«Meet: Panikovski - governor of the island of Borneo.»
. "as we stand here like crazy! Oh, my God, the gold truly crazy! »
« Mother, let's go in the bins! »
« After becoming acquainted with your past and present, I lost faith in humanity. Is not that worth a million rubles? Faith in humanity ... »
« Are you at the party were the bishop »
« Foreign - is a myth about the afterlife. Who gets there, he does not come back. »
« I do not want to be a member of society! »
« Do not you dare touch me! I have a nervous breakdown. »
'Ugar NEP.'
'exploiters of the working people.'
10 of 10.

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