"The Golden Calf (1968)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

This picture is from the category of those good old-top, all of which used to be fits and starts watching on TV. So I still have long way to see it - and that nodding acquaintance I only remember that Sergei Jurassic as Bender's not too much. Which is understandable, given that my favorite - Archil Gomiashvili, "12 chairs" with whom I know and love from childhood
So it is with the book "The Golden Calf." - read a long time ago, I remember bits and pieces. But it postponed the impression that the first book of the adventures of Bender is still inferior. By and large, the continuation of Ilf and Petrov failed. In each episode abruptly felt a desire to joke, to outdo the "12 chairs", but a scheduled delicious cake burnt, pereprel and sugar, becoming edible, but still secondary product. Not in the "golden calf" of the sparkling lightness, Molodetsky enthusiasm and genuine love of life - more fatigue and the desire to laugh at all coming from the accumulated deep anger. Like in Bender, although he survived an assassination attempt Vorobyaninov, something went wrong, if the steam is released, and it is only by inertia moves.
film Michael Schweitzer, incidentally, is very good passes. I saw only one handsome and generous gesture in the spirit of "12 chairs" - questioning Sardinevich on the high seas. And basically - a slight vexation, warmed by the sun haze Chernomorska (maybe it is for this atmosphere is not filmed in color and B / W?). Constantly emphasizes that Bender bored with these assholes, it is not a banal raider and a dreamer, and a little thing, which was engaged in the "12 chairs" (such as the sale of tickets in failure), there will be no dirty hands (by the way, is a romantic Fleury largely based appeal of the image of Commander - scammers supposedly all, but it steals from the glamor and dreams of nothing else but of Rio de Janeiro, stands out against the petty burghers)
In general, sat. I watch the movie "The Golden calf", to check the long-standing experience from the Jurassic and by the book IGR - and both proved to be true. However, the film adaptation of something better than the original source: Schweitzer podsokratit plot by removing from it the foreign motives and glittering wit lyrical digressions, so that the film has ceased to be an encyclopedia of life, but really gained in dynamics (which is only the final scene with the border guards). "Calf" looks at one go, but it seems that lasts two and a half hours, and at least five. It is not surprising that the later of such an eventful story (the whole epic!) Did show
Another know-how from Schweitzer -. In the last third of the film turns into a satirical very sincere. Ostap finally overcame his itch, got money and, as you might expect, I realized that it is not in them happiness. Moreover, I realized that life is easiest for those who do not care about the welfare of (very good scene in the train Moscow - the Black Sea). Tipster attached to Kozlevich, fell in love with Zosia Sinitskaya - these motifs seem to be there in the text of the novel. But here they served in the spirit of lyrical dramas of the sixties, with the sentimentality, what a mean syllable satirists Ilf and Petrov could not give. It looks like a breath of fresh air and largely saves not quite udavshuyusya comedy.
seems that, whether it will Schweitzer, he would have changed the ending of the novel, but being forced to follow the original, through the "do not want" shot in farcical style demanded. Even a pity that Ilf and Petrov was pleased to write a farce from beginning to end (and in some places - and ideologically verified momentary satire), rather than something more soulful, with a focus on the eternal questions. Picaresque, Rabelaisian humor wins empathy - when Bender, crash, decides to retrain in the superintendent, he did not sympathize: the swindler never lost
Summarizing the experience, again forced to go back to where I began: the main complaint of the film - no! the Ostap ... No reproaches Jurassic - plays selflessly, enthusiastically, but, alas, unsurpassed tipster - Gomiashvili. It is clear that this is nothing more than a matter of taste, but, besides, sooner or later, you get used to the image of the Jurassic, but Ostap - it's still a love at first sight. "Do not applause," - he says in front of the curtain. In fact, "The Golden Calf" is like theater, where 90% of the Audience Award given at the mercy of the protagonist.
As for the rest-all flawlessly. A great ensemble cast (do not think that someone will be able to play better inseparable couple Balaganov-Panikovski than Kuravleva and Gerdt), excellent production (especially pleased with the imitation of a silent movie and the fact that the picture is filmed on a wide-angle camera). But the knowledge of how everything is cool, alas, the case and is limited. Revise arbitrarily as "12 chairs", the picture will not work.
8 of 10

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