"The Golden Calf (1968)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

When it comes to on-screen adventures of the famous cheater and charming swindler Ostap Bender, created through the efforts of a remarkable writer's duet Ilya Ilf and Evgenia Petrova , then the audience is primarily remembered polenometrazhnuyu version of "12 chairs" novel, delivered one of the best comedians of the past century, Leonid Gaidai. Also earned considerable popularity MNOGOseriynoye television musical performance by Mark Zakharov, who also drew their attention to the "12 chairs", decided to create their own variation of the well-known story that on the style and construction of the narrative is quite different from the version Gaidai. The first and most famous novel by Ilf and Petrov became the real pearl of world culture and subsequently to it showed an interest in film-makers around the world raising an absolute popularity bright name of genius in all senses of man Ostap Bender Ibrahimovic. However, it should also be mentioned that no less interest is and continue his adventures, which are described in the "Golden Calf". This novel was published in 1931, and to the amazement of millions of readers Bender returned to life, because as we know, in the final of "12 chairs" the main character dies at the hands of his temporary companion Kisa Vorobyaninov. However, the incredible popularity of Bender is still made by Ilf and Petrov put it back into operation with a small mention of effort Soviet doctors who have managed to do the impossible and returned to action swindler.
Few people know that the first time Bender has appeared on the big screen is not the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia, who withdrew his version of "12 chairs". Then the baton intercepted Nazi Germany, Brazil and Cuba. The first and most famous novel by Ilf and Petrov really liked the readers all over the world and it could not pass unnoticed by the directors. But as the "Golden Calf", his on-screen adventures of a very long prepared for transfer to the big screen. The novel, released in 1931 went from one director to another, went through all the circles of hell censorship and finally made it to the big screen as much in 1968 when reached him already successful classic national cinema Michael Schweitzer . Director with all the love and awe took unfair film was in the shadow of the novel and created perhaps the best cinematic version of the "Golden Calf", outdo that, I think, is impossible. To paraphrase a quote of the novel I want to say that many have tried, but they could not. And because the "Golden Calf" th 1968 sample is unique. This is an immutable masterpiece on all century, which is certainly worth reading for all lovers of interesting and hilarious and extraordinary film.
So, subject of the film shows us what happened to Ostap Bender (gorgeous Sergei Jurassic) after he was stabbed and was defeated in the hunt for diamonds at the cost of one hundred thousand. Completely cure the hero once again decides to conquer destiny, in my country and searching for himself the work which will help him to realize his dream - to move to sunny Rio de Janeiro, where he will be able to live happily, and spend unlimited amounts of money. but for this speculator just need to find the underground millionaire capable of getting along with proper share of its capital in an amount not less than one million rubles. Only here in just the Soviet Union has arisen very much difficult to find a man who puts his wealth on display. All rich people have gone underground because of tight government policies aimed at balancing the income of ordinary citizens. One day fate brings Bender with not very smart, but still cunning fellow Shura Balaganov (Leonid Kuravlev) who knows just who can get hold of the most coveted one million! It turns out that the resort is home to a citizen Chernomorsk Careca (Eugene Evstigneev), hiding behind the guise of an ordinary accountant fortune acquired by "back-breaking" work. Deciding to trust Balaganov Bender in the company of the Shura and another swindler Panikovski (Zinovy ​​Gerdt) is sent to the road. to change their lives forever. However, fate is not always favorable to the main character and he will have to work hard in order to realize that not all plans end in victory. Sometimes it is necessary to moderate appetites, and to live, so to speak, means. But Bender romantic to the core. He never gives up, and in any situation keeps head held high!
Picture Michael Schweitzer deliberately filmed in black and white, which gives it a certain retro charm. The director was able to accurately recreate the atmosphere wonderfully described by Ilf and Petrov, showing us the reality of the Soviet 20-30-ies through the prism of biting self-irony. In the novel that the film authors make fun of many aspects of society, it is not only as absurd and not name. Throughout thriving bureaucracy, people are forced to hide from the authorities and their achievements with deep reverence applies even to the tyrant, who, for whatever reasons, have managed to occupy high public office. All this really was the place to be and enjoy the fact that the party is allowed to put in print is not only novel, but also gave the green light to shoot the film. However, with all of this is to recognize that in "12 chairs" and in the "Golden Calf" all the injustice, greed and the desire to capitalize on its near ridiculed quite a sharp, witty and resourceful. In addition to Ilf and Petrov satire and irony was strong morals and teaching. And these moments have been fully recreated by Michael Schweitzer, show that every "crime" is their punishment.
And of course it is worth noting separately inimitable cast that helped choreographer act out the story and leave it in the cinematic version of the domestic hall of fame cinema. The role of Ostap Bender went to Sergei Jurassic , which was able to feel all the nuances of the image and gave it inimitable notes of his own character. Bender distinguished genius thinking, refined behavior and excessive theatricality, which, however, he never interfered. The work of the Jurassic is not just a pleasure to watch them on really admire and enjoy each frame in which it is present. Also pleased and Leonid Kuravlev as the recent Balaganov fellow who saw in Bender mentor. As for Panikovski from Zinovy ​​Gerdt , then it is a real extravaganza. All quotes this character instantly went to the people, and almost all productions humor kept constant bickering with Panikovski Balaganov. And it is impossible to adequately describe their relationship to the words - it's worth to see with my own eyes
In the end I want to say that «Golden Calf» refers to the category of those films that you should definitely see and even to review!. Picture of Michael Schweitzer charming sketches full of Soviet life, a thin, ironic humor, great cast parties and delightful sound nearby. Also do not forget that morality in this film quite strong, but it was not annoying. "The Golden Calf" is a real gem of a movie!
10 of 10

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