"The Gold Rush (1925)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Morning fog and the wind in your pocket,
Now, even in the forgotten wilderness,
Tramp flair never cheat,
He will find something for the soul.
windswept pass somewhere in Alaska. The narrow path walks duck gait Little Tramp. Cane absurd, ridiculous hat, old-fashioned coat. Man is not due to mental clouding, hereinafter referred to as adventure novels gold rush. It leads loneliness, a deep, ingrained into the skin icy loneliness that is stronger and barbed drifting snow, and ruthless hunger. From the first, you can hide in a hut under a ragged short jacket, the second can be fooled, and prepare spaghetti shoelaces and soles of the steak. But other harder to find, especially if near fatal pobloskivaet metal. What can we say about love, family, happiness.
Charles Spencer Chaplin, at the time of the filming of "Gold Rush" has carefully faceted his character. A lot of shorts, "Kid" fashioned favorite with millions of image nedotepistogo tramp, a bit of a coward, a bit reckless. Big shoes, big heart. With a smile on his lips, with sadness in his eyes. Already conquered the coveted million fee, making Chaplin's highest-paid actor on the time in the world, it has founded the legendary "United Artists", even in distant Russia Mayakovsky dedicated line "friend Charlot", and Marc Chagall pririsovyvat his angel wings. Charlie Chaplin, like Atlanta, wanted to raise the comic to cinema heaven art. And though the following frescoes "City Lights", "Circus," "The Great Dictator", "Limelight" offered up the director in history, the best of his work is considered Chaplin "Gold Rush".
This picture means a lot to the comic. The only time was brought in favor of scripted improvisation, infinitely remount individual scenes and the whole entire movie. One only snow filmed in different versions, including a natural product. Even after decades of continued work on the painting. It appeared sound is given the opportunity to add the author's music and narration that was the reason for inclusion in the Academy Award nominations. Even expelled from the empire of good for communist immorality Chaplin polished and polished favorite picture, to offer up on the 1956 version.
If the amount hits the episodes, then, of course, the first place is "dancing buns" that lonely wanderer prepared to entertain neprishedshey shansonetki with companions. One can not ignore the tug of a house on the edge of the cliff for a couple with another comedy barbel Mack Swain. The transformation into a chicken or culinary delights - a special masterpiece. And, of course, romantic dance with Georgia and tucked the dog. But now no need to reconsider because of their (and kind couple of dozen fragments, in no way inferior to). Just for another unsuccessful attempt catharsis of drug sad lyrical ingredients collected on neizmuchennyh pesticides sortirny comedies and Dostum commercial attraction celluloid fields.
Let wealthy Charlie takes luxury cabin on the ship and put on a tuxedo, in his heart he is still the same clumsy man unknown age and precarious future. by habit fingers do not reach for a gold cigarette case and a greasy cigarette butts on the pavement. And despite the American happy ending, and into the arms of beauty, The Little Tramp is still lonely and helpless. And once again goes into the sunset titles duck walk, to pinch something in his chest.
All my life I was looking for my happiness, I
swallow road dust.
With grief I drank and slept trouble,
All that was, and is not saved.

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