"The Gold Rush (1925)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

At a time when people's minds filled the desire, the thirst to get rich quick from scratch when Gold Rush has blinded people, there was no place of prudence and care - every person, which built in the imagination of castles in the air of imminent riches sought Alaska - violent edge, where, despite the cold, inhuman living conditions, it was possible to find yourself and become a multimillionaire, or ... to sign his own death warrant and otprvitsya suicide - zamorznuv, exhausted and hungry
Here. our hero, a skinny, but CME ly and brave, The Little Tramp is sent to the gold mines, in order to be someone, and not always be in the shadows, the rejection and expulsion of the powerful of this world. Towards the violent winds and brutal famine, calmly walks hero Chaplin, a little reckless and careless attitude to their eventual death and perpetual stay in the territories of Alaska. But then, there are also pluses - the possibility of finding satellites, partner and true friends who could help pass the days and nights of the torments of hell, without a crumb of bread in your mouth and wandering, long and fruitless search for gold bullion
Quite so. not noticing the little tramp suddenly nabredaet half buried in the hut of a blizzard Black Larsen - a dangerous criminal wanted by the representatives of law and order. Not being aware of the report in the safety and trust that person, without permission enters it in the hut and immediately grabs poluobedenny piece of chicken - because hunger is not my aunt! But the owner is not a fool, the latter-day pack off, and most importantly, the unexpected visitor from his hiding place. However, things are not so simple - to meet the wide open door bursts into a strong wind, which throws the stroller back to the shack, without giving to step over the threshold, and that into the hands of our hero. And then there's the Big Jim is literally blowing in the little house to squabbling - a kind of fat-giant, who also wants to qualify for shelter from the storm in this place
somehow survived the difficult time in my journey, my friends sent someone somewhere -. Jim on its way, the tramp - on the. A Little Tramp, while nabredaet to settle - with houses built, cultural paths and light in the windows. Attracted fun, music and dancing coming from the club, Chaplin's character enters the threshold institutions, and literally immersed in luxury, warmth and beauty of the house, where she meets. Receiving love, unrequited yet, but such a lovely, delicate and beautiful love, without a penny in his pocket, and only dreaming, building castles in the air, the little tramp stumbles upon his friend. Choosing between using a friend and his love, Chaplin character, promising to return and bogachom millionaire leaves his passion, going to a familiar shack, in search of the place where rest the gold bars.
scene on a ship, happily and joyfully ends this picture, so interesting and heartfelt - in short, the picture of Chaplin, that's it
vlegkuyu running over the story, and now i would like to mention and to describe their favorite moments are not without meaning and not without laughter -. first, this famine, which has turned into Big Jim nastoyascheg maniac - Little tramp then seemed to him like a chicken, such a huge and juicy, which want to immediately put a dagger and quickly cook. and other, not less comical moment - a memorable scene 'deflation' strong wind shacks friends and her hanging over the cliff, including rescuing themselves from dangerous and dilapidated house vagabonds and Big Jim. This and many other things that without tears and laughter watch is simply impossible, in fact, constitute, form the basis of this, a talented and truly worthy of Chaplin pictures.
fact, Tip: : ' Gold Rush ' - a picture of Charlie Chaplin, which opens the cruel realities of times past, but in the comic and can be very useful humorous way describes and presents the audience's attention all the events. In my opinion, the picture should appeal to all viewers, not otherwise. So, look ? ..

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