"The Gold Rush (1925)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

It is a shame not to know the recognized classics of cinema, I decided, and finally turned to this legendary film, though not without fear. Prejudice against the silent film, so old and unusual in our time, still nested inside me. And in vain, because the film I looked quickly and with a smile. He is elegant, witty, sometimes almost exquisitely dramatic and a good sense of the word naive. The very "gold fever" is shown here, of course, the template and caricature. Dogs, bears, saloons, blizzards, winter cabin - all the attributes available. Much more attention is paid to love interest and social aspects in the background zolotiskatelskoy exotic (although the search for gold still remains the plot-point). Fantastic story cute klutz goldfields ends well ... and banal. Charming banality is particularly evident from the plot of straightness. But this is a tragicomedy! And vypushena it was in the first quarter of the last century, that does not prevent it from being a masterpiece today. What is the originality of the film can talk professionals, and I will make that hooked me.
First, the frames impressed landslide and got stuck on the edge of the cliff hut. The second - a phenomenal talent of the director and actor, thoughtful and brilliantly won back everyday troubles tramp. I think it was the comic scenes, in the right quantity scattered throughout the picture, gave salt film. They tied up the majority in the everyday moments, but executed so skillfully and artistically, they can not seem obtrusive or vulgar. Custom entourage makes it even more fresh and sharp. Few will remember a dinner out of the boot and the "dance of buns." And the reason I laugh a lot more cock, in which the power of imagination turns tramp hungry Big Jim, and bear stomping peacefully about their business on the heels of the hero. A touching immediacy tramp, his humble obedience to absurd situations in which he continually falls, modify themselves absurdity, even elevate them, leading to the level of philosophy. Another. Miraculously, the comic combines with drama, sometimes literally flows into it. One of the most powerful scenes - the first appearance of the hero in the saloon, where patrons animatedly talking and having fun, and not a soul does not pay attention to him. Classic "solitude in the crowd", and transmits the motive is very shrill. Just sad scene and expectations of Georgia, when a vagrant fancies himself at the banquet table with her and her friends, and then the vision melts.
tramp character is interesting in itself. At first glance, it is absolutely harmless and weak creature with inappropriate gallant manners. He is romantic, can behave chivalrously, it refers to people without malice, good-natured and does not lose optimism. He seems extremely undemanding creature, but the possibility does not waive the improved conditions. And to get out of the delicate moments it often helps prytkost and resourcefulness. How well, for example, he was cleaning the snow from one door, pulling the other! Or pretended to the frozen and then prudently thrown into hot tea, which his otpaivali sugar. It was he who shot the bear. And George feelings he checks before opening her his new status. Therefore it is not so simple, this funny little man. He did not disappear even in Alaska. Of course, at this Alaska, where you can run around in the snow in a light suit and one shoe. By the way, the leg, wrapped with a thick layer of rags, in my opinion, was more secure, so vain tramp popped it in the oven.
Music, to the creation of which also had a hand, Charlie Chaplin, in my opinion, is very expressive, it is well It emphasizes emotions and not just accompanies, but complements. But the narration, which he considered it necessary to add to the original version, in my opinion, is not particularly needed. All the film self-explanatory. Perhaps Chaplin found his voice a tribute to the new trends. Well, that is his right. Looking to ease the unfolding action on the screen, it is hard to believe in the enormous costs of time and effort, with the lion's share of the work carried out by the same person. Amazing. This is a skill.

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