"The Gold Rush (1925)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I do not know why, but lately I'm drawn to reconsider the old and dumb comedy great comedian Charles Spencer Chaplin, whose films can be reviewed unlimited number of times and each time to laugh, which is extremely and extremely rare, but in the case of Chaplin, it can be considered a kind of exception as to convey what is happening on the screen is in itself difficult without the help of dialogue and a color image, and only laugh and the more difficult. I watched "Gold Rush" with narration, the author of which was Charles himself, who, after the release of new technologies has decided to update its belt, simultaneously becoming the author of narration, which is along the way, and he read, but first things first. The film tells the story of everyone's favorite character, notably Rolling Stone, which this time is looking for luck in the snowy valleys, where many people have found gold, and besides, many of it's because of his inexperience lost his way and went into the house where he was hiding from the police and federal authorities offender Black Larsen, who guest is absolutely not necessary, and even to the same after a while in the house for a couple comes a gold digger named Big Jim, who is also seeking shelter due to the fact that his tent blew because of a snow storm and now the trio sitting in m Scarlet hut, where they suffer from the cold and suffer from hunger, and from complete despair are going to draw lots who should have to go through the storm to get help, and as a result it needs to be done to Larsen, who instead of to really go for help, found the gold and began look for the way home, without even thinking about what will happen with Jim and charming drifter who in desperation began to brew their own shoes, and then completely become a haunt Big Jim like a great chicken, but eventually it all ends happily and Mr. eroi saved. Tramp, in turn, went to a nearby town, where he meets a charming George, but surprise: Big Jim do not remember where that place where he had left his gold, only remembers that the place was close to that hovel where he nearly starved to death, so now Jim must find Tramp and with it to find untold riches that would make them both millionaires. The script of course gorgeous, and for 1925 it is just amazing and in some measure even fantastic, but without good actors amazing scenario is practically nothing, but with the cast in "The Gold Rush" was no problem:
«Do you feel? House rocks! »
« No, it's all a hangover! »
Game Charlie Chaplin to assess just silly, because in each of his film, he laid out in full and did not try to just like the audience, but also to make him laugh, and people laugh at the time, it was pretty difficult, but Charlie makes it so great that one wonders just how he did it. In this tape Chaplin played as always brilliant, but it is generally a bad role was not, and his antics in the course of the picture is so elegant, that fit a standing ovation, which alone is worth the time to cooking their own shoes and gnawing, and very careful, nails or the famous "dance rolls" on which I very much laughed at, but what can I say, as soon as I remember that moment on my face slowly appears a broad smile that does not slip within a couple of minutes, in general Chaplin great as always, and it is not discussed etsya. Excellent look and the other actors, namely the Mack Swain and Georgia Hale, which is its charm just drew me to him, and this I believe is a kind of movie magic. It is necessary of course to note excellent for those years, the scenery, and views of the mountains and the snow, looked quite natural that in those years seemed certainly stunning, and now it all looks great, that really there to talk, this picture has already become a classic, and as acknowledged by not only the critics but also the audience, "Gold Rush" best silent comedy of all time
Summary:. a brilliant band, which to my surprise is not in the ranking of the top 250 kinopoisk, but the quality of the film it certainly does not affect, as this picture of one of the the best works of Charlie Chaplin since the "baby" in 1921. Gorgeous, elegant and in general bravo!
10 of 10

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