"The Gold Rush (1925)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

When in theaters rattle regular comic book adaptation of the regular brutal heroes when on city streets with might and main sports monster called the world financial crisis, when in each slot nearest TV and radio pours political mud when it's disgusting the March weather with a half-melted snow and last year's trash to break through him when the road once again go along with the snow when a foul mood, and tormented by a terrible insomnia only Little Tramp can get out of this by full-time and range of an hour with a little give a true extract of the positive feelings
Just think. 1925! That was the year the movie was filmed. In 1925 was not yet established an Academy Award, not many iconic personalities of world cinema were born, the sound was not invented in the movie, did not even feature the scope of such a genre as comedy. In August 2008, Empire magazine included this picture in the list of 30 best films of the silent era. I do not know the motivation of electors, but this is the picture of Charlie Chaplin (The list is compiled on the principle of "one director - one job") was worthy to be in the company of films such as the bison Eisenstein, Dovzhenko and Bunuel. But it's not about how much the film years and what positions in the tops it takes (and ranks high and not in one such), and how he was shot in the early twentieth century, a man born in the XIX, easy looks and high-tech XXI. In such cases, usually given a short sentence - the classic
Simple plot throws a hero Chaplin in the harsh conditions of Alaska, where in the midst of the era of the gold rush, so vividly described in his time a contemporary filmmaker, writer Jack London.. Say, well, who once admired harsh, with a touch of romance stories American. How to get our tramp wandered why was in the snowy wilderness - not to mention. And it is not so important, the main thing that he was there simply is, therefore, probably soon vvyaznet a fun mess is not without romantic component, of course.
Probably only an inveterate cynic will not laugh (laugh, laugh, be poured, cackle, roar, regotat - underline) during playback. And no matter what mood you to view who is next to you, what time the clock shows whether all domestic strict sleep or no sleep. This film will be almost forced to prolong your life, despite all the conventions despite
And then look heartless cynic on this movie, you know that as if there is nothing supernatural is not -. And the familiar (but is at least someone he become boring? ) image of the Little Tramp, and the script is simple-minded, and a significant proportion of naivety and conventions it is present, and let the rest of the cast, and quite good, but the samples for on litsedeyskomu skill books are not, and visuals (especially the spoiled modern audience ) Is very undemanding ... and many more small filth from the perspective of the modern blockbuster-komiksovoy viewer can tell a story to the address this little good movie, but why, then, at the time of viewing and any subsequent revisions to this cynic invariably dies within us? movie magic, not otherwise.
This film after not even want to evaluate on the usual for all parameters. Its just love, and with the first viewing. And love is a thing known to be irrational and maloobyasnimaya.
«Gold Rush" in spite of its slightly negatively stained name, charges and even the sea of ​​positivity and hope. That is, the great comedian Charlie Chaplin does not aim only to amuse his audience, but also tells us once again and with the inherent only to him easily truths about pure love, a strong male friendship, the need to stand up for their principles, whether formulation of wealth at the forefront faith in all that is good in others and teach their audience (in the best sense of the word) life practicality and resourcefulness.
and when the screen will cover the inevitable as death and taxes are the closing credits, stunned the audience with a beatific smile on his face even dollars th time do not want to mentally say goodbye to the role of companion Little Tramp in the harsh Alaskan environment, where you can eat the most delicious of shoes in the world, biting laces spaghetti, leave recreated in the best traditions of westerns saloon, which can be seen, perhaps, the most fun in the world cinema dance with spectacular beauty and good George, and even not averse to brighten up the loneliness in a small New Year's Eve, the unfortunate, and not waiting for its guests little man falls asleep at her candle for the poorly served th table. And just as the very hand of each always jerks to a purse in an attempt to pay the fare stowaway.
But do not worry, just by clicking the "repeat" or rewind the tape back and just as easily past by sheer rock, as does the only person in the world, re-immerse yourself in the world of light Chaplinovskogo cinema. The world from which, sometimes do not want to come back ...

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