"The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

"The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" is a bit like "Death Note" Tetsuro Araki and other creators, namely their certain desire to influence the fate and life in general, and then to see where this all will lead. Still, it is always interesting to watch a man who had an opportunity, if not radically change something, then at least a little bit to adjust, even by some superpowers.
girl named Makoto Konno is also a teenager, as a and the Light of the already above-mentioned «Death Note», schoolgirl graduating classes, already knocking at the door of youth, with its universities and possible underworking sake of spending money. But all this will come later, and now continues carefree life, she communicates with her two best friends - the guys, and in his spare time, is thrown to them baseball, parallel making noises from the category of "about that, about this", it has become a tradition. As usually happens, guys do not yet know who they will be in the future, but our heroine pretends that she has confidence in relation to the whole.
Makoto, as befits the average teen can both show affection towards others and throw in the extreme maximalist as a manifestation of all the possible hazards of his character. Home waiting for her mother and younger sister, who are forced to endure, but somewhere and just close our eyes to this awkward age. And once it happens, that our little girl suddenly discovers that he is the ability to travel through time. That's the ones on! Once upon a time lived, and there is such a thing, which opens up a whole range of actions to further interesting - Fixes some recent and distant mistakes in their behavior, actions, even change a temper dropped word
Here immediately the question arises -. As the with these opportunities to live? Help themselves or to do good to others? This dilemma is first born in the viewer, and then, played enough with these unusual things, and thinks itself Makoto, which tend to make mistakes like all of us. And, of course, we can not rule out the well-known "butterfly effect", do something in favor of the personal good, violates the prescribed over the fate of the script - it's sure to respond to the problems of the other, perhaps even close to you man. How to proceed? And this is not for teenagers questions that tries to answer work of director Mamoru Hosoda.
panache in this anime might seem simple but, thinking, as opposed to, for example, "Tales from Earthsea" Goro Miyazaki. Nevertheless, to this artistic decision quickly get used to taking the visual range as an integral part of the original world of "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time." Thus, this film focuses on the concentration on the story and meaning, rather than something else.
«Girl ..." wisely plays with the audience in the emotional party, demonstrating the light character of the narrative, placing the characters in a funny and even absurd situation, intensifying the pressure of life, forcing almost a sob in his voice. These polar opposites say that unfolds on the screen is the real life. And if not for some fantastic opportunities have appeared, the member of the depicted events could have been anyone. But the protagonist here is pretty Makoto Konno, which became home viewer, it just wanted to hug tightly in those moments when she hysterically screaming, "Why ??".

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