"The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Somehow recently I started to view full-length anime series but before all series. Eyes only 'Spirited Away' yes 'Nausicaa of the Valley of the Winds'. I decided to look here and began with 'The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. " That said, Mamoru Hosoda simply brilliant, no more, no less.
including this work of art (say for another just does not work), in the eye catches appearance.
It's not even the otherworldly beauty of affectation, and this no, especially the face characters somehow, um, rustic. Makes admire just some unimaginable attention of artists to detail and stunning animation. The frame is always something moving (with one exception, but more on that later), as such, no static. Every scene, every plan, every shot, everything is justified, beautiful and, more importantly, it makes sense, develops, like a mosaic, in one big picture. Never any desire to do something to throw, even the thought 'but this is not necessarily' does not occur.
What is anime? I think immediately after the show, I would have said that the fate can not compete even time. Having the opportunity to turn back the clock, to do it all over again, you can try to change anything, to correct, in the end, just to prolong the pleasure of an infinite number of times in the morning to sleep indefinitely. But the fate of the answer, no matter what, she will always find a loophole. Inexorable and unbending. As the saying that is written pen, will not cut down with an ax.
But after a couple of days after watching, I clearly understand that this is the main theme, but it is far, far from the only, and perhaps not the most important, is addressed in this work.
'The Girl who Leapt Through time "- it is about true friendship, about the wonderful love of the common people and students, who have their own problems, their worries, their dreams and plans for the future. 'The Girl Who Leapt Through Time' makes you think about your life, it allows us to understand that given the chance should be used, because sometimes correct errors is extremely difficult, if not impossible. It makes you think that by making yourself well, you might hurt others, loved ones. Think about that escape from the fate of pointless, sooner or later it will catch up with you.
But it is a force far more powerful than time, fate. This is Love. It is able to overcome the distance, no matter how big it may be, the time, no matter how much it may be a long
-. I'll wait for you in
future - I instantly come running
This dialogue long etched in my memory. Intonation (thanks to a reference translation and lovely dubbing), emotion, frame, plan panache. This scene so dramatically that effect after viewing it is viewed hundreds of melodramas together. At this point, just feeling overwhelmed.
argue with that point is perhaps that the final rest stop time. When the action stops, freezes, the only time in the entire movie. It looks so powerful and beautiful that you can not take your eyes off the screen. Monologue of one of the heroes in this moment produces an incredible effect. It would seem that complicated, especially in the anime, just stop the background, but as it looks gorgeous. Mesmerizing. Heroes, going through the frozen crowd. This is remembered for a long time.
This anime draws in their fascinating world with landscapes of stunning beauty, interesting characters who are going through to such an extent that in the final to retain tear incredibly hard. You laugh with them, cry with them, you feel exactly the same feelings as the trinity of true friends
'The Girl Who Leapt Through Time' -. Anime fun and, at the same time, incredibly sad. This bright sadness, but the tears keep hard. It affects the innermost chord of the soul, makes admire. Be sure to educate, more than that, if you do not like anime, then overpower yourself and see 'The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. " Believe me, you will change your point of view.
10 of 10, and no less than a thousandth of a.

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