"The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Forget about the pain. Simply dial the speed, so that already it was impossible to stop. And run, run, until the strange feeling of the unknown does not cover the waist and lift into the air. Free the mind, allowing him to escape wild despairing cry from her throat. Just believe ...
Indeed, it is so easy - to believe. Nothing could be easier. Everything about this once dreamed. I am dreaming about what had once Makoto. A chance to fix it. And this - no joke. Just her age girls often tend to jump in time. Perhaps even the girls with the peculiarities of her character. Eccentric, catchy, smartest, with two very good friends and strong.
She tries to convince us that she is a smart, quiet, misses the absurd situations that can keep the situation under control. But she said it to us in a bad day. Because it is not necessary to become a foot - and can be considered as all-day continuous catastrophe. Arson, injury, delay, poor grades, and as the crown of all, Death itself. There is no peace in the poor girl, who returned for a couple of seconds in the past and avoid a collision with a train
How simple it is -. To master a new skill. And spend, spend it on all sorts of unnecessary things, like the device of his own life. And if this talent - a leap into the past, so in general, you can do a lot of bad, if you do not know how to properly ride
Time Travel -. It is generally all very popular, which gives immense scope for non-linear junctions of all ranks and suits. From cyberpunk "slip" past the giant ticking mechanisms to philosophical arguments before rushing train. The idea still has not outlived itself only because of its nature is infinite, and so is changeable. Makoto ordinary schoolgirl meditates before his death about how nice it would be to fix the failed day. How would she get good grades, as it tried to cook tempura, as it should. But she was flying in slow motion, and the background for her flight had flown apart, like cherry petals, pink peaches
... She's just a schoolgirl. What really from her problems? The man from the future afraid jumping into the past can do a lot of trouble, but he said that he was happy that this gift of captured silly Makoto. "Silly" - is, of course, love. Because it is impossible not to love. Sometimes, when she looks askance, a bit like a cute puppy who just wanted to hug and not let go nowhere else
«Leapt Through Time." - it is still not even a philosophical fiction. It - chamber melodrama. Light, pleasant, galloping from the ridiculous to the sweetly sad, as if she Makoto bound over several steps at a time. A set of the most important problems. Makoto is obliged to believe in love, against which even time travel are no longer science fiction. Makoto must learn to sacrifice himself for others. Learn how to capitalize on what is already there, because it is before it is able.
virtue "digimonskogo" experience Hosoda Mamoru slightly twisting the style of the original spirit. Symbolic number oposhlon some (unpopular in the use of the word), thin and flexible metaphor swell of frank emphasis, like a shy girl, blushing under the gun cameras. In this small flaws even flying on a clear blue sky rocket / plane leaving smoke trail juicy, so a favorite metaphor of Japanese animation, little twists originally invested in her message. But this does not degrade the achieved harmony with the mind.
Everything just fine and dangerous time. Like drops of the deadly poison, leaving a smooth pattern on the surface of the cleanest and crystal from the lakes. Through sighs purest symphonic melodies. Crying piano and violin moan. It waits for no one.
However, "Leapt Through Time," we argue with the space itself. Striving for happiness, we do not see obstacles even in the already constructed fragility of life. We hurry to get ahead of our own time, moving at the speed of light, gliding along the slopes of confidence. We will always be in a hurry to correct their mistakes. Even realizing that we are - are not perfect, we swear by myself that this does not happen again. But who are we to argue with its own vices?
We can only run forward. If the aim and a good push off, then, perhaps, be able to jump to the last day, and even up to the last week. Just by looking at his feet, we sometimes forget to look forward. And there in front - rises tower clouds on the horizon. Rust bloody sunset. It burns the sky. Love, friendship, happiness - all of them flicker against a background of long-forgotten wonders. A generalizing things - sometimes still get them to behold the pristine whiteness and ideality, but only like a crazy idea at the corner of his own "I" on the level of the heart, we will certainly be afraid to voice.

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