"The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

"Time waits for no one." Time passes, and we flow with it, contemplating the consequences of our decisions are not able to change anything. Time mercilessly. It could be ruthlessly and to our heroine, if any ability, granted to her under random circumstances and prevent the terrible ...
Girl referred to above, the normal high school pupil. Makoto Konno. Like all the people in her age, she wakes lessons, gets into awkward situations and lives his life a bit recklessly. Well recklessness belongs to each person, but not everyone knows that sometimes it entails dire consequences. That Makoto did not know that for the time being. But a series of subsequent events is to help the girl to find out about the next. It can conquer time. Finding the strength to jump in time, she was in a hurry to change the events, being sure if it will do everything on time and properly, then it will save her from the unpleasant consequences. The cognition of their own bugs it will help her own "rake", friends and aunt Witch, which appears here in the role of conscience
Makoto -. Collective image of every teenager in this time period. Oppressive uncertainty, I try to avoid some important decisions in the belief that it will disappear sense of permanence, which gave many pleasant years, forcing her to be frivolous, and do many deeds that she wants to change. Auntie Witch here as it serves as a guiding light that guides on the true right path. The role of the aunt great because it explains Makoto many things that she did not know firsthand, and she experienced a lot in life itself. In general, the main advantage of the Japanese is that they do not have a single passage of the character, and those that have shown with some maniacal precision. All the actions are well founded and are woven into the story, so it does not create feelings of inadequacy. Minor characters are quite clear and make the ordinary viewer to empathize with them no less than the main character.
Beaten, it would seem, the story about the actions that entail irreparable consequences, is revealed to us in a new light, thanks to the huge emotional picture. Emotions are very different from the sincere smile, before scrubbing the heart feelings of grief. What makes this work so emotional? It is largely due to the animators. Excellent backdrops, worked until every detail, appears here in contrast to quite simply draw the shape of characters, and how to say that man is not the most perfect being in nature. Surprisingly accurately drawn characters and gestures. I sincerely believe the feelings of the characters, looking them in the eye. In front of you is not just drawn characters, and the actors who play professionally so that force you to reconsider very emotional scenes again and again. You catch yourself thinking that all this is only a cartoon, but the cartoon blurs the boundaries between art films and animated films. Cartoon little naive and sentimental, and most importantly clean in their motives. Here you see the complete line of love and not a single kiss completed (in the cinema at the time felt a sense of tension and general grief, and suddenly there was a shout, "Come on!", Led to the idea that the audience does not care). Just a subtle look to the future and a sense of expectation. At this time, we are encouraged by the director interesting moves, and sound in the background music makes the experience all the full. Sure, there are drawbacks, but they do not want to look.
What is most interesting in the story woven into a variety of problems that make us think many times when viewing. And that we are all a little foolish in the selection and disposal of their time and that we are all his actions will certainly look back and biting his lips, when is unable to change anything. It all depends on the person and his ability to dispose of his time. That humanity is mired in wars and lived out his last years, he tends to go back and see the works of art that inspire serenity, the peace that they have lost a huge amount of people who do nothing but to live and bring back what was lost .
Mamoru Hosoda, before that, do not remove anything but cartoons about the adventures of Digimon, suddenly became one of the most respected authors, along with Haya Miyazaki and Makoto Shinkai. His next job was one of the most anticipated of paintings in 2009. And this is fully justified. Done an amazing amount of work. He created a recognizable style and storytelling, and drawing the characters, facial expressions gestures, which certainly distinguishes it from many other paintings. And most importantly, he draws what touches the soul in its sincerity and makes empathize.
sincerely sorry for the people who have not yet seen the film.

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