The girl who knew Essay

The Girl Who Knew Da Vinci was the most amazing book I had read in a really long time. Every page kept me more interested. The moment that I knew it would be hard to put down this book was when Angela had been possessed by something while sitting in front of a famous painting of Giuliano Medici.

When reading the prologue, I was very confused at first at what was going on and how this book tied in with Da Vincie. Before even reading the first page of the book of course I thought it would go right into talking about Da Vinci. But this wasn’t the only time I was confused in the book. With the time traveling aspect, of going between the different life times, it was a little hard to keep up. Although, I was able to paint an amazing picture of the setting and emotions.

Angela, a timid hard working woman, was swept away with her past lives trying to convey a message to her. Though Alex was also sweeping Angela away with his loving and passionate personality while they were on a mission to find the missing Da Vinci that an employer Alex was working for, who was trying to find the missing painting for personal family reasons. With all the fun adventure of finding the painting, Alex and Angela were also being hunted, not just by her past life, but as well as her former employer, Mr. Scordato. His jealousy of not getting to be with Angela and wanting to find the painting for himself, only to increase his wealth, would cause a bunch of problems for all of them.

With the intense passion between Angela and Alex was so heartwarming. It became a relationship to want to strive for in my own personal life. I could feel what Angela was feeling when Alex always came into the same room with her. The same could be said about the past lives Angela kept experiencing. There was such passion between the character that a bond between me and them formed quickly.

This book was so passionate and adventurous that the moment it ended, I had way too many emotions and knew I was very invested in this book. I was sad when it ended, only because I wanted it to keep going. I was transported to another life and world and hardly wanted to be in mine until the book had ended. I give this book 4 out of 4. I can’t wait to start reading more books that Belle Ami has out there. I

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