“The Gift of the Magi” and Other Stories Essay Questions

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    How does the story vary from others in its form of narration?

    This tale varies from other third individual narratives in that the narrator is nearly an additional character inside story. O.Henry is much like the storyteller and also at times reading the story is similar to having it read to united states; his narrative design conjures up a picture in our minds of an older male relative reading to us. Applying this style makes us feel more involved and purchased what goes on. Our company is told of what happens to Della and Jim not as characters in a book but as individuals whom we know. In many third person narratives we don't feel this investment.

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    Why does O.Henry call Della and Jim «the magi»?

    The Magi are the three wise males who brought presents towards the child Jesus upon his birth; their gifts reflected the knowledge they'd and also the need for the birth. God offered united states their only son, in the ultimate work of sacrifice. O.Henry is attempting to exhibit your biggest functions of love come from someplace of self sacrifice, and in giving their gifts to one another, Della and Jim were sacrificing something important of on their own to make others happy. Additionally they know the way love is the better gift they can provide one another. This is why O.Henry compares them to your Magi; their gifts comprehend the true nature of Christmas.

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    What did Jim's unusual expression at the home indicate?

    When Della starts leading door for Jim, his expression freezes for an instant. He stares at her instead fixedly and seems unable to move his eyes from the girl. Even though phrase modifications, Della notices it, but cannot know very well what this means or in which it comes from. Jim's phrase is one of shock, and probably a little dismay too. He was perhaps not expecting his spouse to seem to him with brief hair. This would be a surprise on any day of the week, but since he's offered his prized watch to buy the lady a couple of decorative combs for Christmas, seeing that she's perhaps not likely to be able to use them for quite some while is confusing to say the least. It's likely that Jim would not also realize exactly what his expression was like, he had been too shocked to full cover up it from their wife.

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