The force of fashion Essay

The force of fashion

First interviewee: a tacky tracksuit and running shoes. "Perhaps he was running a mile or a marathon"- dismal first impression. Second interviewee arrives: a dark but sophisticated and tasteful suit finished with elegant sparkling shoes. Guess who got the job? No one can argue that the second applicant "put his best foot forward" by simply choosing the most contextually appropriate outfit. In today’s politically correct society you have probably been bombarded with the deceitful falsity: ‘clothes don't make the man’. That is simply untrue. It is a universal truth that we judge by appearance. You have to stop deceiving yourself. You need to open your eyes. The fact is clothing is crucial. Clothing creates the first impression. Clothing demonstrates who we are and who we are likely to become. Fashion may be coined as an ‘optional add on’ which has the power to reveal our personality but it also demonstrates our social class and creates a sense of diversity in our society. Clothes, do indeed, make the man.Firstly, it is no coincidence that people's personalities and everyday attires are strongly related. Extroverts are defined for being outgoing, sociable, self-confident, creative, talkative, fun and according to Lilly Bozzone from Verily Magazine extroverted people are "not afraid to try any trends or stand out in a crowd". These people are simply lively. And it's obvious that they need to explicitly exhibit this in their clothing. Their garments exude vitality and vividness. They have the courage to wear any outfit, however daring or provocative. Moreover, our dress also depends on our mood; your eyes are not the mirror of your soul, clothing is. There are days when we are feel are joyful we are going to wear bright and cheerful clothes. Whereas there are those days that we are apathetic and we do not feel like doing anything and surely, we do not wear our best outfit. Our personality, our way of being, our thoughts and views are our own hallmark; what a better way to portray this with fashion. Fashion gives us the extraordinary opportunity to define ourselves through clothing, accessories and footwear.Additionally, whether you want it or not your style can define your social class. We all are aware that those from the upper echelon of society tend to wear elegant attires on a daily basis. This is due to the jobs they perform; generally, they work in prestigious organisations where some ripped jeans clearly do not have a place. According to Megan Gustashaw from GQ Magazine "One study conducted in 2014 at Yale revealed that men who wear suits are better at negotiating than those wearing street clothes or sweats". A clear reflection of what the truth is. When you dress smart you display more ambition and aspiration in life. Fashion has this virtue of adapting people to each situation. Fashion has a colossal role in work in our society. You have to be prudent and modest - "making a fashion style mistake is a big NO-NO" - when it comes to your workplace. In 1996, a study was conducted by Hughes to see the effect of formal school uniforms -"they found a 30% decrease in disciplinary referrals after the uniform policies were put into effect"- which highlighted that the correct attires ensure that productivity occurs. This entirely ensures that people who make appropriate fashion choices attain their aspirations.Furthermore, according to the magazine Mall of Style, "the immense options from newly emerging fashion brings in diversity in life". Primark is one of those clothing shops that all our pockets can afford; offering us a wide range of garments, accessories and footwear for adults and children. They imitate designer items and release them into the market at rational prices. "Primark are now selling duplicates of Prada's £470 shoes for just £8". Unbelievably true. We are not astonished that they have made us this exceptional favour. Primark wants to ensure that people make diverse choices in their fashion at fraction of the cost.Finally, fashion creates a sense of diversity as a result of different cultural communities around the world. In the majority of countries in Africa, Ankara print is well known for its flamboyant and polychromatic illustrations of animals, a variety of vivid patterns, tribal motifs, etc... They are commonly worn in festivities and to set tribes apart. Traditional clothing takes part in our society. Be it country or continent. This contributes to the versatility that is created in the streets in our everyday life. Just imagine for a second: "how monotonous would it be to wake up one morning and find everyone to be dressed the same way?". Fortunately, this is not going to happen and much less in a place like London, "one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world". A vivid illustration of this diversity is the Notting Hill Carnival, held in the streets of west London. Europe's biggest street festival assembled since 1966 to embrace the vibrancy of the Caribbean culture, at first it was a way of bringing the West Indian community together. However, this celebration has become increasingly popular year after year, attracting millions of people worldwide due to the captivating colourful costumes, the Caribbean delicacies and the enchanting atmosphere of everlasting joy enlivened by the fascinating dancers and their clothing.In conclusion, it is evident that the force of fashion plays an extremely relevant role in our modern society. We all have objectives and ambitions in life and we must dress in accordance with them. Fashion demonstrates your social class or income, creating a sense of diversity and versatility because we all have different backgrounds and we should embrace them. Fashion should be encouraged to a larger extent as it does not discriminate upon weight, height, skin complexion, ethnicity, religion, race... And if you want to buy fashion with cash back from thousand web stores, you should to look at this cash back services rating.Word count : 966


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