"The Fifth Element" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Among the many thousands of films, known around the world, few are so loved that even after many years, despite significant changes in the culture and fashion, consistently maintained the position of "the cult movie." adamantly time, time invincible, and everything what it had not touched, will sooner or later change. Still, there are bright spots, which we are happy always. Such films say: «In the century», and in a sense, this phrase carries a grain of truth
About French cinema can be easily read as an. absolutely unique phenomenon. French cinematograph succeeded not simply resist, but also swiftly perfected the onslaught of Hollywood hits. And no matter how steep Hollywood did not appear, the French cinema, unusually, does not try and did not seem to even think meanly repeat for the West. And why it is necessary to France if it is able to take their masterpieces and hits which, by the way, looks nice and easy, somehow not annoying and strengthening its superiority.
That is the «The Fifth Element » - undoubtedly one of the best and brightest talent works Luc Besson, which can definitely be considered a class of influential filmmakers of world cinema. This picture, he proves that European cinema is no worse than Hollywood, and, moreover, in some ways even better than him. The film certainly proved a cult hit, and has evolved into a timeless, what is right and fair. And like this fantastic boevichok first sight unremarkable, or even cute, but comes in one small detail ... Like some kind of mystical power, the energy makes this tape into something more perfect, unique, inimitable and with each revision of this force begins to quietly work on you, so that "The Fifth element" will never seem boring and annoying.
picture does not give overriding power of time and easily breaks through the decades, while remaining such a kazala Camping at the beginning: delicious, original, magical ... It's unimaginable phenomenon of cinema, not giving meaningless criticism. After all, we all know that "The Fifth Element" - impeccable classic, embodying the fruits of free and seems boundless imagination of Luc Besson, who has long been proved to the world that is able to shoot beautiful and impressive films in all genres, but
. here we discuss something more rich and complete. The picture, though based more than anything fiction, but it does not lose its versatility, giving the viewer drayvovy humor, the firing fast but bright jokes, and impressive drama, which, unusually, is not lost on the background of exciting events, saturated fine set by the militants and Action. Diversity plot builds expense of the fact that the director boldly lets his imagination roam, creating a rich futuristic world of the future in which there is space and the dangers of the unexpected. Besson stick close to his tendencies, focusing on the theme of love, so that emerging tangible romance of what is happening, and with each adventure, for which we are watching with delight and attention is not deprived of showmanship and pizzazz. Love becomes, as in previous tapes Luke, is an important and key character, which allows clearly express the idea of ​​the film.
way, the ideology of good and evil for all its naivety and banality does not seem stupid and boring. On the contrary, "The Fifth Element" tells the story of the opposing forces on a global scale, giving sci-fi blockbuster is very original and literate philosophical connotation.
However, the picture is watchable in the first place thanks to a charming atmosphere . Besson, in spite of the narrow scope of the act, came up with the whole universe of the future. Our eyes provide a truly remarkable picture of a futuristic metropolis where cars fly, and people live and work only on the skyscrapers. Procedure it may seem just crazy, but honestly, this humanity gradually comes, as though it may sound trite. We are faced with a super-technologies, which are often used in everyday life, with a super-weapon that is often chosen villains and super-aliens, which are often found on other planets. The director tried to create a world that is ruled by its own laws, and it's pretty obvious that it happened by as much as two hundred percent.
image of the hero who saves the world, is considered the personification of courage, courage, courage, and other things that is inherent in the human ideal. In Bruce Willis such roles were a bunch, but you will agree, it is the role of Korben Dallas is a very steep and spectacular of all, that the actor played, even in comparison with John McClane of "Die Hard." Willis is good, of course. It looks great in the shootings, perfectly plays in dramatic episodes. But many disputes revolve around Milla Jovovich . Someone insists that she is not perfect, but the people do not forget that the picture was shot Besson, the former husband of the actress! And at every opportunity he was happy to undertake to work with her. Millet red hair color is actually very fit, and it performs the role of the mad decent and interesting. Of course, it looks great when he fights. The same Jovovich! Well, I am obliged to note Gary Oldman, to which the heinous images firmly stuck. Although he enjoyed playing the goodies, the villain of it simply brilliant.
10 of 10
Luc Besson lovingly presented around the world is truly iconic, distinctive, unique, elegant, even delicate, but the immortal movie that still manages to keep the intrigue and hold our attention until the very end. "The Fifth Element" - a unique standard sci-fi thriller that combines cute humor and beautiful drama, the picture is flawless in all respects like a priceless treasure of cinema, deeply revered by many viewers

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