"The Fifth Element" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

End of the 90th. Time when Hollywood began to experience an era of disease-quality summer blockbusters. And then - France shows is what the American cinema of, so to speak, to learn. And where - manages to leave a strong imprint on the history and hearts of viewers around the world. And gratitude should be - Luc Besson, talented man, to whom we should also be grateful for "Nikita" (film and TV), a series of films "Taxi" (but not the recent fifth part), "Carrier" and the undisputed masterpiece - " Leon. "The film is famous
simple but fascinating story, the best techniques of the best examples of space opera, bright and addictive world which is easy to believe, references to other representatives of the genre (" Star Wars, "" Alien "and" Metropolis "), philosophic promise, cheerful and pleasant humor, and even some e ementami of superhero comics. And today's audience the film can fall in love with yourself in the present era of feminism and film comics. What makes similar to a single (hopefully far) luck Movie Universe DiSi - "Wonder Woman." And if so - will begin dismantling the characters with this main star:
Milla Jovovich - she is a real gem of this film! Beautiful creatures, which in addition to its beauty and hair fall in love with his versatility. It was created as a superhero for the whole world, but it remains a lively girl with real emotions. I enjoy small things of life, but when duty calls - it will repel evil. He likes to have fun, but also in her eyes could be the seriousness and thoughtfulness. On the face as well as a sincere smile and tears of pain and fear. With great power, but not least, the big vulnerability. All these qualities make it a very unique heroine. That the girl got stuck and to survive in the jungle (and wears what she was given the inhabitants of the jungle). Adjusting for the fact that these "jungle" of metal and with its own laws which our heroine to learn to live here. Together with her acquainted with the world, which helps to compare with a nice and both girls and boys. But she manages with varying degrees of success, it finds its own style, he learns a lot of amazing and everything more, as we fell in love with this world. But it will also have to comprehend one heavy and horrible thing - war! First physically and then mentally. From what living as a weapon becomes a pain. But in the end - she manages to grow before, which has not been established, to find love, meaning and happiness, and at the same time, and effort to protect the life! Sadly, of course, that after this film, Milla went on to star in "Resident Evil", each of which merges into her soul and potential. But this role is still the much beloved and iconic. Her character - my first love, and forever! She is the pride of France, as the same Wonder Woman for America, and Motoko Kusanagi from "Ghost in the Shell," for Japan. Favorite female character at all
But our heroine could not find the strength against universal evil, if not ...
Bruce Willis - Korben Dallas. Charismatic, cool, reliable and ... cool! In fact - science fiction version of John McClane, only without the "Ka Hey Jupiter", but with a cool "toys." His character is tired of life, but familiarity with Leela, also affected him as her familiarity with him. What shows - Love gives strength to life! And it brings to small envy
(Even Oscar-winning) Gary Oldman -. Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg. Cool heroes should be - tough villain. With that, he and Corbin for the entire film is not met, and with Leela not even exchanged a couple of quotes. He realizes that he is a monster, but the monster feels necessary. . Colorful, gallant and brilliant
Ian Holm - Vitto Cornelius. Wonderful actor, who in this film is no less remarkable role. A sort of Obi-Wan Kenobi, but without connection to the Force
Well, of course -. Chris Tucker - Ruby Rhod! A genius on the brink of madness! Each of his son filled with frantic energy extravaganza turretless iksramotnoy and smile! All that can be about it - say SUPER! SUPER!! SUPER !!!
But no less attractive and this world. The sophisticated layout of the city, transport and ships. Colorful decorations. Costumes authored by Jean Paul Gaultier, which makes every character unique. And the living beings in this world - and Mondashovany Malgalory. Early George Lucas (who is a special edition of the original trilogy of "Star Wars" prequels and respectively) can be proud of them!
film perfectly balanced between philosophy and humor. Between light and dark moments. Between joy and sorrow. It is practically devoid of boring moments and sagging. A nagging level "Neither Malgalory nor Lila nor Sorg did not think to check the empty box." - very small quibbles
In short - this is one of the favorite for me a film that should definitely find a place in the top five (if ever I dare to make, of course)! With fun and not sagging plot, the best film heroine in the story, a perfect balance between philosophy and fun, attractive and wonderful world aftertaste after each show! ! Almost perfect entertaining film
The only thing that upsets (hopefully not only) I - is that the universe is not received proper extension. After the movie we got 2 games (one bad and the other may like it), and - everything. I do not ask a direct continuation, since the director and the main stars of things are not very good (if not solved on a prequel about the past Lila). An ideal place for the continuation and expansion of the universe - comics. I am sure that Lila does not want to take the time to walk down the aisle after the salvation of the world. The main thing - to collect experienced writers and artists with its motley beautiful style, which should ideally be suitable for the movie the world (and our Lisle, of course). And the main thing - that they all had a strong love for the original. And then Lila in comics can even compete in popularity with the Wonder Woman. Now comics can continue to different stories of other iconic films. If they have done in this kind of fit to continue "Back to the Future," "Big Trouble in Little China" and "Fight Club" (and "Blade Runner", and did get a decent over the game), why no one is trying to continue and expand history of "Fifth Element"? I just do not understand. But - I continue to believe and wait ...
I hope we meet again, Lila!. Continue to love and protect this world, our beautiful Fifth Element ...

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