"The Fifth Element" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

There are few directors in the world equally well embody their ideas in diametrically opposite genres. It was not easy to assume that the Luc Besson, , charmed the audience of intellectual crime drama 'Leon', will achieve no less successful with a fantastic comedy. However, 'The Fifth Element' was not just a sign Marked in the French creator of the portfolio, he took his place among the legendary fiction. For the first time in many years, the audience realized what a bright visual and profound idea can disappear sometimes comic effect. Following the idea of ​​Besson, a careful viewing of the film, it was possible to note five elements of its success. Something without which this movie would never have approached to the rank of a masterpiece
I of item -. Spiritual
Remove epic about space battles - is not particularly difficult task, especially since the 'Star Trek'. And what if to wrap the next encounter with the evil Terran Galactic invaders historically religious wrapper? This time the planet decides to destroy not just someone's aggressive civilization, and evil itself, in a concentrated form. Human society, which is to XXVIII century was strong and indivisible, has acquired comprehensive president, faced with a threat from which not even save-the-art rocket launchers. It can save what is almost forgotten in an era of progress. Faith, not just in God, and in the nature. The abbot of an ancient temple that holds the wisdom of thousands of years Vito Cornelius (Ian Holm) prompt response to skeptics. Belief in the true sense of true love, vozniknuschaya between such different people - in this last chance doomed Earth. Egiteskom scene in the temple, looped story 'The Fifth Element', beautiful and profound. Elements themselves will stand up for our security, but they are weak without love, without hope, without faith
Element II -. Personnel
Luc Besson gathered under his reign illustrious gang. Full-time lifeguard World Bruce Willis has tried an image of reckless taxi driver, a man with unclear objectives in life. Corbin Dallas almost forgotten about his vocation of the great warriors, but collapsed with a thud on the roof of his car weird beauty has stirred it. Fate decreed that the poor fellow taxi driver gets a chance at a major feat in his life. Willis talent here appeared quite versatile, accented by negligence conceals its steel rod. actor look at the climax of the film is fascinating. Successfully shooting, but the remaining human, Dallas became a preacher of salvation for the sake of love.
Even Willis pales against the background of Gary Oldman . The ambitious scope of the evil minion Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg by the brilliant British can cause only one word: 'Bravo!' Impulsive and choleric sarcastic Zorg his actions and statements charms, few villains became so fond of the audience. Charming gun of its own production, a stylish haircut, a devilish smile, lighting a memorable during the explosion stupid assistants and a motivational background helps Sorge pull all the attention on himself, and how sorry that he had not had a chance to shlestnutsya Dallas!
Lisle - is an unusual and charming girl, who remembered his gibberish more than fiery hair. Its named advanced that great responsibility. Choosing Besson came not certain, but Milla Jovovich played perfectly. For her, it is the role of a lifetime, and this even have nothing to add. She completed the triumvirate of brilliant characters, this film is doomed to immortality.
not lost on the general background and Vito Cornelius . Future Bilbo Beggins Ian Holm presented an unusual variant of the priest as a fanatical believer, and just as worldly. Guardian does not avoid theft, it looks very down to earth, so charming. No it annoying sermons, they are replaced by a reference to the action
Element III -. Visual
film was a very bright, colorful and memorable. Incredible effect interior galactic opera together with the Diva. The apparent absurdity of the appearance of the aliens actually is carefully thought out. Mangalore, and their faces and did touches, especially with their notions of honor and dignity. Spaceships are made so well that and thought there is a computer graphics, and the pursuit in a futuristic metropolis of entertainment can give odds to the future 'Star Wars'. Skillful play of colors, lights and shadows - professionalism is felt in every detail. A distant fiction for at least one night will be guaranteed close
Element IV -. Comedic
'The Fifth Element' is still a movie with comedy elements of fantasy in it more. However, humor plaque everywhere, from the manner of Corbin and Sorge with his assistants and ending Ruby Rod (Chris Tucker) . Nervous radio initially caused frightened, it is difficult to penetrate such a controversial subject. But this clown fostered Besson. Rod made a grotesque face of a society that in the pursuit of pleasure has forgotten about the great. But the expansive Ruby will follow before the end of Dallas and is seen as the director hope that what happened is a real problem - help will come from where you do not expect
Element V -. A dynamic
fiction thriller without that food without salt. And the action in the film abound. Antiquities Dallas will be on someone poottachivat fighting skills, little Lisle will be great waves and a good kicking in aerobics, but all surpassed Sorg with your machine. Explosions simply everywhere. Mangalore much and everyone wants to fight, also liked the scene bursts of cosmic evil sphere. Besson resist the temptation to bring the situation to a classic fist fight, he even clash between Sorge and Leela is furnished with intelligence. Most likely, Luke did not pursue excessive effects, but they went by themselves, the good and the actors gave it to the maximum.
'The Fifth Element' of course is able to somebody does not like it. Still, the story until the end of childishness is not free, Sorg may seem frivolous, and Ruby Rod with his excessive concern is not so easy to make. But it is impossible not to feel the promise the director. All this comedy-Fantastico arrogance conceals the truth of the Bible 'love your neighbor as yourself'. Besson has gone on non-standard and precarious way, entrusting the salvation of the world is not a weapon, and feelings. But the cost of risk of 80 million. $ Justified. Excellent directing, camera work, soft brutality Corbin, charming smile and unforgettable Leela bangs Sorge did their job. In prominent French master had a magnificent film, easy to read, fascinating to the eye and a deep analysis.
9 of 10

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