"The Fifth Element" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Remove the box office thriller that he also liked the film critic and not forgotten five minutes after watching - that's a dream, perhaps, any self-respecting director. Luc Besson - is no exception
hatch this time is taken for the formulation of a very unusual, strange and chaotic story about how love saves the world.. Generally, in the background is not the most original story about how vseustrashayuschee Evil tries to devour all life on Earth, the story of the fifth element looks fresh and original. Still, everyone has heard about the four elements of nature, but no one has previously suggested that the fifth element is living in us! If we talk about the quality of productions, it is here perfectly: from the decorations, which mercilessly destroyed in a massive battle for artifacts, and the most expensive at the time of special effects, which a little later, before daring installation, pleasing the eye and throwing the viewer from one frame to the next like jumping. It deserves special attention and the script. The creators of 'The Fifth Element' movie, the plot of which is based on the salvation of mankind, a little experimenting with the delivery style and created a unique genre due to the addition of the plot mercilessly excessive amount of humor.
drayvovye head action sequences impregnated philosophical promise creates unreal entourage sided action that is not only permissible, but just necessary for a film with such a scale. In addition, emotional flirting on the background of death threats creates a spiritualization of true values. Even here, the love - this is a game that can be sacrificed to save humanity. Or maybe it will not at all a victim? The plot is as simple as ingenious. It is this position keeps the audience in 'parkurnom' mood throughout the film. It's chaos, allowing whirl whirlwind among the awakening world of the future, which, as usual, puts its pitfalls leading character in funny situations, which one can hardly be subjected to the realities of our lives. Perhaps it is the constant action creates intrigue and does not focus on and think about what it was over, because guess there is something - not an easy task. Most likely, this is due to an abrupt change of locations, which in itself excludes the possibility of obsession, which, when viewing these films, resulting in yawning. 'The Fifth Element' - it is a dilemma for the imagination, the reason for which is an important component of the film - the scenery and visual effects. But if the second, we'll talk later, the first we analyze in more detail now. The title background action is built linearly, that is, there is absolutely no claim to its position on the screen is replaced. Despite the fact that it looks quite modern, the presence of a futuristic feel with a touch of classic look of today. Certainly I would not get this result without camerawork Thierry Arbogast. His vision has always been distinguished for its original approach to the selection of the desired frame position. It has presented the viewer deeper into the epicenter of events. Talking about the design of many rooms we can say that there is absolutely no busting in terms of violent fantasies production designers. Everything is designed in a minimalist style with the use of parts of the loft and constructivism, while avoiding pronounced hi-tech orientation. And it can be said to innovation. As a result, we have a complete and rhythmically running through space opera with a certain bias towards the 'Star Wars' and energy from 'Taxi' and 'Die Hard', which turns the action on the screen in the illusion of hundreds of allusions to other movies, leaving the film on the unique rules, producing a real sensation in this genre.
Among all the other merits of the above-mentioned Besson is also worth noting its "nose" for the actors. As you know, a good cast is the key to the success of any film, and 'The Fifth Element' - just the kind of movie where the composition and performance of actors are not only interesting but also enjoyment while watching. All the characters that appear in the film, is very colorful, vibrant and truly alive. Besson explicitly demanded from the actors complete dedication and unwavering confidence that everything will turn out. And fortunately, they coped with it completely. The main role went to Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman and Milla Jovovich. And absolutely all, without exception, we have coped with the task and gave it to the maximum. Bruce, who, incidentally, has repeatedly played the "savior of the world", again played great, did not hit the dirt face and broke down the bar given John McClane. The same fighting spirit, the same methods, the same fuse. Gary Oldman again got a negative role, but it seems that it is this role, Gary represents the most impressive and believable. His character, cynical and cruel, ready to do anything to achieve the goal. The charm that he brings to the game, making the whole movie richer and sharper. It's funny, but, nevertheless, the fact that: the characters of Bruce and Gary during the film never intersect. Well, as for Mill, it totally got used to her character, to experience it from the inside, showing himself as a talented and versatile actress. At times tender, sometimes helpless, sometimes militant, but the main thing - always present, and all this - in a single character! Secondary characters also deserve no less attention. First of all, this hero Chris Tucker Ruby Rhod. Someone who is, and Ruby - the most colorful and vivid character stories; insane charismatic, brilliant, in a good funny and most extraordinary, in terms of image and supply. Character fell in love all without exception! Bravo, Chris! Summing up we can safely say that Luc Besson once again confirmed its status as a director, versed in the casting by a great actor, who made of them a great team and end up making a great movie.
As I promised a few words about the stunning visual effects in the film "The fifth Element". Maybe it sounds even a little defiant and loud, but still just can not resist the fact that the quality of the special effects of the film on the whole bar above all other blockbusters that time, including even "Titanic." Stunning scenery of New York in the future, captivating landscapes of new worlds and amazing with the detail and elaboration scene looks much more solid small-sized ship with poorly traced pipes and unnatural smoke that knocks them out. There is no doubt that the film, in its time, was even able to make some kind of revolution in the field of special effects, because it all the computer effects not only what to do with previously unseen scale, so even with the fantastic quality. And that would be to see this, to see enough only one above-mentioned New York, which the filmmakers have transformed beyond recognition
«The Fifth Element." - one of the rare, in modern times, movies that can be no more, and to review countless times.
9 out of 10

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