"The Fifth Element" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

It was a very long time ago, when we all watched on TV movies and while watching recorded them on tape, then to watch on a video player. I was only 6 years old, well, a maximum of 7. My parents loved the movie The Fifth Element, and I have a little, rote memorizing phrases, repeated movements. This film ever became my favorite and now I'm in the same awe in the soul and heart pounding review it
Time is not important - only important life ...
Every five thousand years - in the universe awakens an ancient evil, eager to destroy all life. However, an ancient race Mondoshivanov possess weapons capable of stopping evil. And it consists of four stones, symbolizing the elements of nature - water, fire, earth. Air, and a mysterious fifth element ... In 2263, when the Evil returns in the form of a hot, fiery mass, the ability to think - all the stones are missing. Fifth Element manages to save - it is a beautiful girl Lila, speaking in an incomprehensible language, and have great power. Lila, together with the guardian-priest Vito Cornelius, as well as a taxi driver Corbin Dallas must find the stones, while fleeing from hostile aliens and other stakeholders ...
The Fifth Element became my ticket to the fabulous world of fantasy, future, space travel, and, in the end, the first fighter that I remember. Previously, I have not seen anything like it - now I imagine the future of the Earth, as well as Besson. I still dream to see with their own eyes - and the opening of flights to other planets, to hear singing aliens from Mangalore to fight and save humankind together with Mondoshivanami. Especially memorable Mangalore - still the main villains in the film. With terrible mugs, pleated, with the eerie voices and weapons at the ready - they are warriors, not mercenaries. At the end of even a little respect - for one sentence only and that it should continue to «In the name of honor!»
- Major Dallas, you entrusted the task of extreme importance
-. What?
- Save the Earth
-. (laughs)
Bruce Willis - it is in Fifth element, he - the hero of my childhood. Willis, for me the best and bulletproof action hero. Now, looking tough nut to crack, I realized why - Corbin Dallas, a former fighter pilot, retired from the army, his wife left, the taxi can not drive ... but it was he entrusted with the task, which can handle only Bruce Willis - he will be able to quickly perform an impossible task, let alone deal with a bunch of strangers ... and at the same time to find the perfect girl
The multi-pass
Milla! Jovovich - charming Lisle with fiery red hair, talking in an incomprehensible language, to know the world of people and that one ... th left can put a battalion of Mangalore! I still remember how I was struck by the scene in the laboratory - moved when the shield, and that there instead of a glove was a girl - I'm beginning to believe in the impossible. A moment of awakening - the time of birth, look at her face, her eyes - frightened and concerned, her childlike open and charming smile. A full suit of Jean-Paul Gaultier - Lila looks wonderful and well, very cute
-! I need a priest
-. Weddings on the floor above, congratulations
Ian. Holm - the priest Vito Cornelius . I do find it strange that the guardians of the Earth's great mystery of salvation Mondoshivy was appointed priests. Perhaps because - they are servants of the Most High, they believe in the Apocalypse, and willing to do anything for the sake of humanity. Cornelius - although it had forgotten how to support the government, forced the home to look for the lost stones. Ian Hill - as a child earned my respect and admiration as the actor
-. You saved my life, in return I will keep your on time
-. You're a monster, Zorg
-. I know .
Gary Oldman - Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg . Still, I like Oldman is in villainous roles. Of course, I watched Batman and Harry Potter, but as a villain - Gary is unique in every film. Zorg - this is one of the most frightening villains of my childhood - a cruel, ruthless, cold-blooded ... However, the scene where he talks with Mr. Shadow - I was afraid to see her as a child, fearing that my blood will flow ... Oldman I played incredibly believable here - when a person experiences a deadly fear. And despite all the vicious habits, ZF-1 weapons presentation in his performance - I love
To keep things green
Chris Tucker -!! Insanely energetic mega chatty and incredibly attractive radio Ruby Rhod . Seeing him for the first time, I remember - laughed for a long time. Ruby - very rzhachnaya suits and the same staff, with one voice, charming all the women of the Earth - in general it's amazing how it could translate the chatter and sound! Chris Tucker - a brilliant comedian, even though there is only in the second part of the movie, it was spectacular, unforgettable and very funny appearance
It is worth noting, and other actors, no less important - the pupil of Cornelius David (Charlie Creed-Miles ), which, though a little shy, but in the end - is very important, President (Tom Lister) and General Monroe (Brion James), ready to provide support for the heroes, professor Maktilberg (Christopher Fairbank) - just a few hypnotized he says about Lila, had just revived - Flawless ! Be sure to tell about the Maiwenn Le Besco, a beautiful alien Diva Plavalaguna with an unearthly voice ... many talented and famous actors starring in episodes - Luke Perry, Lee Evans, Trickey, John Neville, Mathieu Kassovitz ...
- Who else wants to negotiate
-? And where he learned such diplomacy
-? Really ...
The film - incredible amount of humor. Even now I think about it, and a smile on the face climbs. What could be better than Bada boom! or Aziz, Light! Mom teasing me sometimes, when I bring something that episode with crumbs Reyem. Still - wonderful moments, when it begins to play a very fun Muzychko - for example, in the scene with the red button at the bottom, or a bomb ... Humor ranges from hysterical screech Ruby to cold-blooded, and sarcastic remarks Korben Dallas. Super
-! A familiar melody. Interchangeable think I record ...
talented composer Eric Serra, who wrote the soundtracks for almost all films Besson, The Fifth Element to create future music. These compositions - cosmic and mystical, for example, - Mondoshawan or mysterious Plavalaguna, but as she sings - divine ... Or, urban composition - Korben Dallas, Akta, Five Millenia Later, Heat ... Very nice and gentle Leeloo and Protect Life . There are also songs - Little Light Of Love and my favorite Alech Taadi - Cheb Khaled in the chase scene
Show time
Fifth Element -! Has a special place in my filmography. This is my first favorite movie. Luc Besson forever earned my respect, and the actors who performed the leading roles - all have become my favorite. This masterpiece - is obliged to see every
10 of 10
Happy viewing

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