"The Fastest Indian" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The phrase in the title review describes one of the main promises of the film. Throughout the whole picture the protagonist all the help, support. In the film, it created almost idealized world. Any evil or negativity existent. Even the bikers at the beginning of the film - and those were nyashki. It's all very cute - but not quite so in life. In the film, there is generally no tragedy, some drama or conflict. This is absolutely sweet, pink film. I'm not saying that's a plus or a minus. It just is. . Quiet, family
From pluses it is worth noting the following:
- in this picture has a meaning and main ideas promise. Follow your dreams. Never stop. No matter how many years you were not, with whatever difficulties you come across - always go for their dreams. The second idea - the world is not without good people. The bulk of the people are very nice, kind and helpful. It should behave politely and kindly to people - as a rule, they will respond in kind. And the third point: without risk - life becomes cheap. It should sometimes take risks, give life flavor, filling its objectives and purpose
-. Good acting. According to acting no claims as Maître Anthony Hopkins - and to the supporting characters. But in fact - it's a one-man
-. Good dialogues. There are many interesting, intelligent and even profound phrases and ideas
-. The atmosphere. The film takes place in the 1960s. There is a nice, intimate atmosphere of those years. This is facilitated by the scenery, cars, clothes. Well, when the film has a spirit of its own
-. Camerawork. Beautiful American landscapes American highways. Taking the first person at the moments of acceleration on the motorcycle. In general, the technical side of the film at the film
The main drawback of the film - it is the main character and his strange character. In fact - it no one has to work, he selfish clean water. Yes - it is polite, maybe even a good old man, but I do not understand why everyone around him so worn. He does no good does not, does not give anyone anything. Quite the contrary - can be traced its disregard for others. Here is my dream, I'm going for it - all the rest do not care. He shows disrespect for their neighbors - starting at 5 am to wake up and start the engine of all. When they say to him, "Burt, you again will all do it, every morning you will make a noise?" He answers - Yes. Will. I type a lot of their cases. I need. He does not care. He was asked to mow the lawn - it is instead simply doused with gasoline and set fire to everything. He did not care - all of a sudden the fire spread to the adjacent neighbor's house. Type - I'm leaving - after me, let it be all blazing or the deluge. In the truest sense of the expression. He enjoys the kindness of neighbors and the neighbor boy. That he makes tea, she brings a knife from the kitchen, feeding the chickens. Upon arrival in a foreign country, he only grumbles and outraged all expensive and is trading with everyone. I sleep with one old lady - she said she would wait for him, come back soon. In the US, he slept on the other old lady - she asked him to call in on the way back - he did not care. It's about her not even thought - how about that first. He gave a transvestite phone - please call. Burt did not even remember. He helped to - well, you can and forget this man. When there were problems with a stop - a few men in fact everything was organized for him, for nothing, and he helped to arrange everything. He just went to one of the distinguished participants arrival and said something like this: "Go to the Treaty, to me made. Who are they there? This is my dream. Let allow it. "So, what character is very ambiguous, it does not cause much sympathy. Only in the final stage, you as a viewer, you can cheer for him
Result:. Movie quite nice, nice, family-run, with a nice atmosphere, good acting game, is not devoid of meaning, with certain promises and ideas. Imbued with kindness. By viewing is recommended.

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