"The Fastest Indian" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Awesome movie, a real discovery for me! At first I was very skeptical of this movie, he was part of a list of recommended for viewing on personal development movie, I caught a glimpse of the reviews that the film boring, that it's about the New Zealand motorcycle racer Burt Munro, whom I did not know and was not fond of either once in the life of the races and the more racing, not even never liked to play the computer games associated with cars ... I saw that he was going 2 hours- generally deliberated whether or not to watch
But when I started. - off already just nev POSSIBILITY! The picture I captured, lured in full, I could not even breathe with delight! This is the most incredible, most unusual, strong fascinating movie from all that I've ever seen. The film - about the way out of the comfort zone, about going beyond, and so he goes beyond that it's just a real breakthrough! The main character - an unusual, extraordinary personality, a man with a capital letter, with a rod, not just a sportsman racer Burt Munro, as the very embodiment of wisdom, charm, optimism, Compassion, humor, adventurous and inquisitive. 70-year-old man, for whom I was going through the whole movie, I became almost native grandfather, cousin ... Every word that he said, I soaked up like a sponge, looked at him and admired, I moved them to tears! How I feared for what it health problems, a bad heart, prostate ... As I was rooting for him as he drove on his motorcycle. He decided to do the impossible - and succeeded. He himself, with his own hands perfected old motorcycle of 1920, by ensuring that the bike was able to accelerate to speeds above 300 km \ h. It did not believe he was ridiculed people mocked all around, but he believed in himself. Man unshakeable inner strength and courage. For it was not an obstacle his age, on the contrary, his age gave him a distinct advantage! His perception of life, the world, people are so healthy, harmonious, I opened my mouth was ready to applaud him a standing ovation! Insanely liked this movie! Fools are those who say that it is boring, phlegmatic - they themselves are boring! The film is not just about life -one of Man, about the adventures of a Dream. Convergence, reaching about success.
film provides live guidance and training about dealing with people, how to conduct in conflict situations, how to respond, how to respond to failures and defeats, as the trust people like them to yourself. Burt Munro - a real, born leader, he does not do any of the things that usually make tyrants and arrogant zazvezdilsya types, on the contrary, it is easy and simple to communicate with people, and he was immediately accepted, because it is with each person finds a kinship in the shower - whether it be gay from the motel, the boy soldiers from Vietnam or rough punks, bikers. The motion picture is a whole, harmonious healthy person. Admired and worthy of applause, as the protagonist keeps himself, when he was in prison perceive as he humorously refers to his failures, crashes and errors. He never loses gambling bold gleam in his eyes, when all around him had given up on everything by hand. The film is not about racing, not on motorcycles - it really about something else. In good, it is necessary to look and review, to learn from heroes
People who call this film boring and nothing should be used to the stereotypes:. In the modern film industry is listed completely different characters and plots are usually young with bulging biceps macho and sexy squeaky blonde with breasts diameter in two soccer ball each. And trite trivial subjects such as bang-bang, the massacre, fights, chases banal, vulgar and low-grade erotic scenes stupid jokes tucked "fashionable" pop. The film "The fastest" Indian "- for real intellectuals, for people who care about psychology, improving yourself, search and scooping new ideas. This film is still long will not go out of my head, he left the strong emotions and a bright trace in my soul. I may not know anything about racing motorcycles, and never be staring at the television screen when they show the Formula 1, this film - is still the best.

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