"The Fastest Indian" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

«The Fastest Indian» - a biographical drama directed by Roger Donaldson on the motorcycle racer record holder Burt Munro, a native of New Zealand, Invercargill. There he worked on the modification of the motorcycle «Indian», using parts of its own production
Speed ​​-. Dream Burt Munro, for which he lives. The way to achieve the dream, this is life. And the audience, along with the main character experiencing intimate feelings: «All my life I wanted to do something different - to stand out from the crowd of people around, and now he Bonneville - a place for unprecedented feats ... this place - my holy land" . But every dream has its price, Bert is ready to sacrifice much pain and suffering for the sake of achieving the goal
«You know, the danger -. The spice of life, and sometimes you have to risk it, son. Otherwise, life is not worth a penny. And yet it is impossible to do without the pretty bridesmaids, yes. »
hazards and risks are accompanied by significant achievements, and it makes the goal more desirable. Man gives his life to what he does. And most people give their lives for meaningless things. Realizing this, a very different look at life. surrounding often do not understand those who seek to achieve his goal no matter what. And the recognition of the award would be someone who has not stepped on the path of life to achieve goals
«-. Tell me, you're not afraid to break the death
-? No. When mchishsya on a motorcycle on the plain, five minutes of your life are more interesting than many people whole life. »
Burt Munro is old, but it only adds to his thirst for life and how he said: «Everyone wants old men huddled in a corner and died there quietly, quietly. But Burt Munro has not spoksya and know, buddy. » is a man of good heart and moral education, get along with people, admired and surprise those acquainted with someone. Bert, tolerant and open-minded person who knows the value of life. He lives with the idea - to go to the races in the salt desert Bonneville Flats in Utah. The starting point of beginning of the journey was a heart attack. Anyone else coming out of the hospital, started in every way to protect yourself from the outside world, but Monroe understands that this is his last chance to set the record rate.
Macro with senile teary-eyed Bert, wrinkle lines on the face and fingers, trembling hands, grind another detail ... unhurried narrative and some chamber. The film is developed in the form of a quiet narrative that more and more takes the audience.
the first time to the fate of his fellow Roger Donaldson turned back in 1971. It was then that the idea of ​​artistic paintings script was born. Quite successfully worked in Hollywood, director returned to their historic homeland, to remove that is where kinobiografii on historical records Monroe, unbeaten so far.
Role Burt Munro brilliantly played a great actor and this past centuries - sir Anthony Hopkins . One of his many poignant and emotional roles. Masterfully portray old Monroe an open and sincere, responsive and purposeful, imbued with incredible affection, love and respect. He showed a real man with a capital letter, such as it should be all of us.
Any art is intrinsically valuable moments of truth when it reveals itself, it can not show itself any more. There are pictures that do not revive without destroying the magic of the frozen movement. There are words that describe the unprecedented, difficult neekraniziruemoe. Sometimes the music, which concluded emotions without having to refer to human languages. There are movies that animate that it is impossible to come up with that enliven life itself.
P.S. "The Fastest Indian» - an amazing film about an unusual man, played by the great actor. Wonderful, kind, charming film for a calm atmosphere and a narrow circle. The painting will appeal to those who like intellectual works of cinema. Road movie, that does not begin at the end of the road and not at her. If you want to, and did not end ...
9 out of 10

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