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The Farmer

We see people working every where. Differing people have actually different types of work or task. Some work with areas. Some work on any office. Some work with hospitals. Some drive automobiles. Some carry lots. Some make buildings and bridges. Some work physically and some mentally. Each person’s work features its own value.

A farmer is someone whoever career is farming. The farmer is an extremely useful person in the society. Many farmers keep buffaloes and cows. It is he whom provides united states with meals. You can find different kinds of jobs for different farmers. Some keep pets and care for them. Some work in areas and create food. A farmer is a laborious person.

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The farmer spends his/her expereince of living with his/ her land and cattle. In Nepal, a farmer works from dawn to dusk. He/ she actually leaves his/her sleep before sunrise. He/she work with the field till noon. This way, a farmer works hard. He/she follows this routine throughout the year. Many farmers within our country are old-fashioned. They've no familiarity with modern farming and seeds. So that they work very difficult for somewhat advantage. Anyway farmers provide united states with fresh and delicious fruits, veggies alongside meals. The farmer spends a miserable life. He grows crops but starves. He does not get sufficient meals. He's insufficient clothes for winter. He cannot manage good training to his young ones. He doesn't medical facilities for himself and kiddies. Many farmers are illiterate but they assist us by giving united states with several things we are in need of. So, Chair condition also requires reforms.

Work is worship. Farmers are extremely helpful individuals for us. We set food from their difficult labour and toil. So we have to respect them. hey, should provide brand new and contemporary skills and facilities.

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