The fallout of war Essay


We only heard the sirens go off, we thought we were all going to die, there was never any warning about this it just happened without any hesitation. 5 minutes earlier in missile silo NATO, a soldier was called up to send just 10 missiles in one spot he thought it was crazy but he couldn’t disobey orders so he did as he was told and launched it. soon after that happened everything feel like we were not going to survive this onslaught of missiles but

Chapter 1

The wretched hole that I’m in

It’s dark and depressing while in the middle of the room is a light that is flickering nonstop “I’m sick of that light",” as I say angrily as I’m throwing my chair at it. Soon after that I kinda regretted that because now there is no more source of light and now I am stuck finding my stupid flashlight to see, it took me 15 minutes, to be honest, I lost track of time while trying to find it. Once I found it, its glamour shines the room because I held it for a while and pressed the switch nothing happened, “It’s probably dead I think to myself.” “I’m hopeless nothing is working, my ceiling light is broken, my flashlight, and I’m slowly running out of food",” as I yell as my voice and my lungs can take it. There’s a stranger that knocked on the hatch that leads outside he is trying to talk to me but I can’t hear him I fell the walls to find out where I am. But I found something else than the hatch cracks in the wall that are 2-3 feet tall and 3-4 inches wide. I’m feeling the rough, hard, concrete wall, I feel something inside one of the cracks it feels like a note and it feels like a Colt M1911 handgun with some ammo with it only for 3 clips or magazines. The knocking intensifies as I get closer to the hatch, then I realize what he is saying “Do you need some help opening this door to get out”? Once I realize what he is saying I rush to where the sound is I forgot that there were stairs at the bottom to get out and as soon he shots the door’s lock off from the outside he sees me on the stairs trying to get up because I tripped.

Chapter 2

Freedom from the bunker

The wind feels so good across my stained green t-shirt with my ripped jeans along with this happy expression of freedom from that nightmare of being trapped in there. As I look around for the stranger that was talking to me that was, but nothing was there just the echoes of happiness of what is left of the town that I was born in. I look around to see nothing but trees that has fell over and cracked with the leaves crumpled on the ground and near the buildings and some near the trees. When I look behind me there is nothing no tree in sight and just dead grass and weeds growing in the cracks in between each sidewalk.

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