"The Empty House" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

'How to Regard the emptiness you to this world. Destroying the conventional understanding of yourself, you poboresh and death. Lord will not see the death of the one who so looks at the world. ' (Sutta Nipata, verse 1118)
young woman was alone in the hushed luxury mansion. Sadist husband after another quarrel went on a business trip, leaving on her face beautiful wife scrapes and bruises. Huddled in a miserable lump likened clot pain, she stopped at the wall. As time went on his usual unhurried, and the woman still on the spot. In the depths of her soul. In this world, there was no one and nothing that could be interested in it. Life turned to the source of endless torment. And then, using the master key, in a hushed house he entered an unknown young man. Thief? But instead of fumbling in the cupboards in search of money and valuables strange guy has collected and hand washed the dirty linen, mended broken things, and then bathed and blithely went to rest in the bedroom. He obviously did not expect to find in an empty house owner almost as silent and quiet as myself.
Two mysterious lonely souls, having touched, felt a kinship. Exalted Arab-African song woven pattern invisible connections between them. Loose skirt and simple pink blouse became exhausted dress for the princess. Golf club turned a favorite and a very dangerous weapon of retaliation. Sports bike - true chivalrous knight, lovers blowing away from her husband despot. Bright reklamki glued on door locks - free pointers relaxing haven. And someone else's home - a source of new experiences, a place of solitude and the joy of getting to know each other. House - is another man's jacket. The hosts - his soul. And every property, whether it is a modest apartment or a mansion with a garden are the marks of the inner world, wishes and interests of the people inhabiting it. One decorated with exquisite taste. Other literally yelling about his absence. We boxer says everything about the sport and strength. Images of the walls are covered with portraits of beautiful naked people. In the last refuge old dilapidated door and lagging wall wallpaper like a decrepit, along with a host of
"Empty House", also known as "golf club number 3." - one of the most unusual and pretty good master creations, created in the period of greatest prosperity his talent. Light and salty at the same time sad poetic parable. Strange, but piercingly tender romance. Love without words. Aesthetics lack brilliance and deliberate prettiness. Naive naturalism in detail in conjunction with metaphors events and bizarre surreal images. Kim Ki-duk course can not do without images of physical abuse, helpless victims, generously shed their blood and inhuman acts of scoundrels. But this brutality recedes into the background in the background engulfing emotional flow. To transmit feelings words are superfluous. It needs the power and the thrill of looking touch. They will create a silent poem, filling the space heat magic and sense of intimacy in the spirit of the native creatures, only a close and vital in the whole wide world of the soul.
But sometimes, to win the opportunity to be together have to find in themselves the ability and strength to step over the boundaries of the familiar reality and to make the impossible possible. From early childhood, every day gradually forms in every society rules, attitudes, stereotypes, patterns of behavior, everything that makes us normal members of society with their place and role in it. But sometimes there are other people, the ones that are able to look into the eyes of emptiness. Some of them seemed born with immune to stereotypes. Others become so because of the life turned into a cycle of suffering. These other like the heroes of the "empty house" reject the conventional version of reality. For them, it is - an illusion, a distorting mirror. Not without reason in the film are so many reflections (in the mirrors, window glasses, muddy water puddles) and photos that are not so much a true picture of how the author's views on what he saw.
If sdornut illusory cover, then open the emptiness (sunyata), in the sense in which it is understood by the Buddhists. Emptiness is not as the absence, but the true nature of things and the inner "I" person. No wonder the hero encourages inmates to see the missing golf ball, and then he likened silently moving shadows, disappearing out of sight of strangers and enemies. So open your eyes! Cleanse the eye of the accretions of mind. Look higher, farther and deeper than usual, in order to understand the mysterious, the unknown and learn to make the impossible possible. Perhaps even death overcome.

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