"The Empty House" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

A draw your attention, I want it out, no matter how commonplace are people in their alienation. And how often do we have to face the fact that we have already passed, and that we have already made clear, although in a slightly different shell.
brilliant director who has won the hearts of many fans 'deep' 'Proffesional' movie that is called art-house (my heart included). Incredible style of Kim Ki-duk, transmit the essence of the details and makes it sophisticated movies, somewhere even exquisite. And it would seem that's it, one more 'exotic' Korean film, and comments like:
'This in American cinema can not see!', 'Korean cinema - is always good (why yes because it is rare?)'. But by and large (some, I do not generalize), it is just a way to tell your friends, 'I, nerd number one, watch movies high! not what you are, with their Twilight '- well, the usual bravado. Well, there are others, they, too, quite a lot, not just fans of Asian culture, and fans literally everything is a Asia, which I never understood, and do not think that here there are hints of racism, because I myself representative of the Asian race. So I am all this to the fact that 'empty house' - this is the most unusual, silly movie
Of course I'm a little too far with the words above, it would be better to write:. 'this is the most unusual, silly movie that combines the two films, one of which, the applicant for a great movie, and the other, well, it all sucks! '
I'll start with the good, here a little, but a lot of, exactly 50%. This is a great start, not the usual silence, style, peace of mind, all this is Kim Ki-duk, more precisely what makes it a Kim Ki-Duk. The original story, without cliché! Good shooting. Well, just a great art-house! And the story goes in the right direction ...
And all this before the big fat 'NO'. This bold but lies in the fact that trying to create a masterpiece, the director began to go to far, and to ignore the fact that all but the basic idea is rolling down the drain! So many stupid things I had not seen. And I'll explain it all to the elementary things that not only did spoil the whole picture, so they do not with the idea of ​​perfect balance.
What is Art-House? In principle, there is no exact definition, rather each is his own, as each art-house, it is a deep movie for yourself (!), Which raises the most pressing problems through the most delicate techniques. And most of all, in the movie of this kind, there is a fine line between harsh reality or delightful, and the author's imagination, through which, he brings his idea. Therefore, we can conclude that for films of this kind can not be approached deductively mind must be approached deductively in mental and emotional level.
Just the way I described above, operates Kim Ki-duk, and hundreds of other directors 'high' cinema. So 'Empty House', is a beautiful picture, exactly half, because then, for all this beauty lies not just a 'violation of a fragile peace, which are hidden from human opinions and human everyday problems, the main characters' - how many write retsezisty! And lies behind it, is a real 'banal stupidity'. There are plenty of stupid, but topical issues, such as' do, for breaking into an apartment offitser police can afford to beat the offender during the interrogation (even maniacs, rapists do not beat)? ',' Is it will determine whether the normal main characters stay in the apartment, where they found the body? ',' is becomes a woman to endure all these terrible beatings if she does not like and, as it turns out, does not need a house (because it has a parent, to which it may apply)? '' well, perhaps people are so silent? except that the ninja '. In short a lot of stupid details! To say that the film has a deep love and she is beautiful? No, judging by the glass parties characters, I would not say so. Idea? Well, they have their own charm, but not in him food for thought, inherent in previous works of the master. The finale is as stupid as the rest of the second half of the film.
After masterpiece "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter ... and Spring ', I remember Kim Ki-duk, as a master in soem business. After 'Empty House', my opinion has changed dramatically. Perhaps the most it thought that I either do not understand the movie, or too critical. Well, so be it, but the meaning is to 'be eternal, just an angel, hiding in the most 180 degrees, visiting the very lonely at home, being himself alone, be invisible to the eyes of others, but visible to the one, the only' absolutely not. I think this is pure stupidity.
But I can not say that there were shots that were impressive, a little, but they were, as was the charm, and, in the same silence, in the most common activities that occur heroes. But alas, this is not enough.

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