"The Elephant Man" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

'Life is full of surprises. Just think of the fate of the mother of this unfortunate creature. Her fourth month of pregnancy, a herd of wild elephants trampled ... Ladies and gentlemen, before you terrible Elephant Man! '
We are looking for your' I 'among the same desperate people. We walk in a circle, all to no avail, trying to unravel the mysteries of the universe, the cause of the universe, or are engaged in the search for non-existent responses to questions of this kind. We gained a foothold in its internal firmness and spiritual perfection, with obvious snobbery, look at those other grounds (status or physical appearance) is different from us. We try to be closer to the Creator, but the killing of man in myself. And here's the final result: 'Ugly' is among us or person is among the 'freaks'
' And may I walked through the Valley of Death?. I do not dread because you were with me in secret and reality ... and the grace of thine descend on me for the rest of my days and I arrive in thy house, until the end of days ... '
This creation immerse us in black-and-white picture of the 19th century, where one of the show "Circus freaks', a young surgeon Sir Frederick Treves meets at one of the private screening of the most valuable and repulsive 'exhibit' in the person of John Merrick, or better known as the elephant Man. Guided initially medical curiosity and desire nontrivial bravado among colleagues Sir Frederick Treves, Merrick put into a closed chamber, where to his surprise finds remarkable intelligence, and above all human qualities in his patient. Discover and clear communication of the young surgeon with John, becomes a kind of symbiosis of spiritual qualities, as well as a more profound formation of his inner world. Each of them knew in his interlocutor, a stimulus to the development and release of his 'I'. The stage appearance of John Merrick at dinner and getting to know his wife, Sir Frederick Treves, as well as reflections doctor about the correct methods adopted by it 'acclimatization' of his patient, suggesting that each of the characters is not a robot or simply drawn characters, namely people with their emotions and doubts. Perfectly recoup scene reading 'Romeo and Juliet' between Mrs. Kendal and John Merrick, literally striking in its beauty and in the same shade of gentle sadness. A deep personal drama of the main character, is associated with the mother's rejection of him, prefers to hide in the depths of the unknown, very Eating John, as a mother, this is one of the few people who genuinely loves her child. But not knowing the words affection and love as a child, if he could count on more in the subsequent stages of growing up? Man, which systematically and brutally killed just human
-. It must be my birth was the greatest disappointment for her
-. No, Mr. Merrick, you are wrong. Such a loving son, you can not be a disappointment for the mother
-. If only I could find her. If she could see what I have lovely friends, perhaps she could love me as I love her. I tried to be good ...

film, which makes the look at ourselves. The film, which appeals to the memory of our not pious and arrogant acts which we have caused at one time or another to each other. 'Elephant Man' teaches the finding and the ability to assess the inner beauty of a person, which is not always on the surface and can hide behind a scattering of scars and injuries. And that reckoning himself to the 'People' race does not make you as such.
'No !!! ... I'm not an elephant, I'm not an animal !!! ... I am not an animal, I man !!! ... I am a man! .. I am a man! ... man ... '
Just great cast was chosen to participate in this picture. Not yet 'ever old and terrible' Anthony Hopkins appears to us in the form of a young Sir Frederick Treves. Its bright and expressive eyes, as well as the manner of change in relation to his patient from a simple medical curiosity develops into a real friendship howling perfectly transferred Hopkins. Of course we can not ignore the actor John Hurt brilliantly conveys all the pain of John Merrick. With such a three-layer makeup, and did not immediately recognize the old days of John. I can not hide his love for this actor, so all my admiration for the audience to some extent will be too subjective. Rest in peace, actor John Hurt. Also, Anne Bancroft, John Gielgud, Wendy Hiller, Freddie Jones and Michael Elphick also please the audience a brilliant actor's game.
To my regret, in all the rich collection of David Lynch, this picture turned out a second review, after not quite understood me 'Highway going nowhere'. However, due to the 'Emergency', my attitude to the work of the master will be much more attentive and the subsequent introduction to his paintings is not far off. Gorgeous transfer imaging and brilliant actor played the role, all this is certainly to his credit. I should also mention the excellent camera work of the notorious Freddie Francis, and also very poignant and touching composition from its author, John Morris.
P.S. Given my love of drama, tears in my eyes almost never left its home throughout the movie. I admit I was a little disappointed in today's world, in today's society, and first of all in himself. We have with those who raised us, but then we move on gradually developing, but the most important thing is not killing something that we have laid in early childhood. Love for his neighbor. No wonder they say that a good film - it is primarily a good food for thought
'Do not blame yourself, Mr. Sir Frederick Treves.. You do not worry about me. My friend, I'm happy every minute of this day. My life is full of meaning, because I love. I found myself ... '
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