"The Elephant Man" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Bizarre whims of nature, and it is difficult to find an explanation. Once a strict mother of all things has established the Siamese twins, and we can only guess that they felt Chang and Eng Bunker in the knowledge of their own differences from absolutely every person who walks through the land, from every one who looked at them with round eyes. Nature never ceases to amaze imagination strangeness of forms, and each new freak - another victim of contempt, revulsion, ridicule, misunderstanding. Someone might say: it's all genetics, it is necessary to explore and frightening metamorphosis finally cease. But the ways of God are still mysterious, and it is impossible to predict the fate of accidental stepson progenitor - whether it will be just a living attraction in a dirty shed, or his name imprinted in all medical handbooks. God did not abandon his servant John Merrick in the obscurity of the night and sent the London Avenue doctor with a big heart, predestined meeting, change the fate of the two men, and at the same time and world cinema.
By David Lynch can be treated differently, but one thing is doubt: without a trace of his movies do not pass. Whether it's a dark and apocalyptic, surreal exaggerated "Eraserhead" of sarcastic fantastic "Dune" or an exquisitely merciless "Blue Velvet." Everywhere the author is different, everywhere he looks for unconventional moves, immersing you in the very bottom of the human tragedies and doubts, but always in the same unchanging - an obvious development of its events are not interested. Having at hand the real story, Lynch has made it not in the usual biopic, but almost tangible evidence of the power of goodness and power of life hardships. Life, inherited John Merrick, is not much different from a religious curse in its traditional sense, but still it is unique, because everyone who lived in the same time as the Elephant Man, felt a shiver at his contemplation. Exhibit a traveling circus, imbecile, according to Dr. Sir Frederick Treves, and only then a person, subtly perceiving art. Opening occurs suddenly, it is like a real spiritual enlightenment, but less frightening this does not become. As an adult, Merrick almost every day begins a new life - too much, he wants to learn and catch
In the tape, which can be rightfully recognized as the most unusual for the director, the manifestations of grace is not much, but everyone remembered.. Lynch if given the opportunity to own their heroes feel to walk under God. Today is wonderful, and the former outcast takes take the theater, and tomorrow - it is again only a freak of nature, which are being driven boys. However, the trick here is that the test fell to John share is a logical continuation of the gifts inherited from Dr. Sir Frederick Treves. Bastard nature too quickly believed that behind his nightmares, but to quiet the perception of such a being was not ready to Victorian England, but would be ready no country now. Of course, the master of the grotesque visions found an opportunity as it should throw in mind Merrick, force him to rush between the bright image of the deceased mother and brutally real. This maelstrom of emotions imperceptibly pulls a culprit and change the lives of human-elephant - Sir Frederick Treves, and because on the face of Anthony Hopkins as often wanders confusion. Outstanding scientist, scholar born one understands how weak science in a dispute with the Supreme, and how difficult it is to trust in the will of the unknown, when the corner can wait for the collapse of ideals
«Elephant Man." - a picture of the mercy of the power of the mighty forgiveness. Scored in urodets angle becomes terrifying and at the same time moving the personification vulnerability. And go with the flow is easy, especially when much is given initially, and in life there is a genuine struggle. The highlight of the combination of Dr. Sir Frederick Treves and John Merrick - in their ability to complement each other and discover previously unknown, which is able to penetrate the mind through reading a good book. Lynch constantly makes shocking moments in fragile narrative thread, and each of them, whether istyazatelstva Elephant Man, or his nomination for the amusement of a drunken crowd, shows the complexity of living in a violent society. On a typical screen in his sullenness cityscape, but there is no doubt that the same problems would be waiting for John, wherever there are selfish people who are unable to empathize with the suffering of others. For all that, the idealists in the film and can not be. The same Sir Frederick Treves easily be suspected of personal benefit from the unique treatment of the patient. Because friendship is born under unusual circumstances, and goes through difficult any other.
The surviving evidence of this man-elephant flashed destroying the phrase "the most disgusting of all mankind." Vast numbers of people would be enough for one of the characteristics to deny John Merrick in the right to life. Nothing surprising in this, for God gave man and such a feeling that they made themselves felt. At the same time, those who can see beyond the ugly face, reminiscent of the twisted plaster mask, a vulnerable person, endowed with the wisdom of this. Latin phrase Excelsius Dei has several meanings, such as "Dear God", but the most accurate - "the glory of the Lord." This is a unique, invisible eye essence, which distinguishes man from beast. Its owner not necessarily ecstatically shouting "I - not an animal," for all of his eyes say, the light beam. John (actually Joseph) Merrick was terrible and ugly, but to fulfill its role as John Hurt once again confirmed truth that real beauty always inside. Brilliant picture of David Lynch can serve as a good guide in the long road to the realization of this truth.

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