"The Elephant Man" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

This film is my favorite movie, but in saying this, I do not mean that I want to review it every night .. rather I want to analyze it again and again. In this film, Lynch manages to touch on a variety of topics and the perennial problems of a heartless society. This film is undoubtedly a classic of world cinema. Neither film did not succeed, so to touch my heart. Every person should see this movie.
Mostly catches the eye issue 'external and internal beauty'.
not think it's worth to retell the film, as it has already done in many of the previous reviews. Lynch takes us to the era of machine production in the nineteenth century. The film conveys the atmosphere of the Industrial Revolution, a time when all the work of the people began to carry out machine. Dirty London. Vulgar citizens wishing to low and poor entertainment. Smoke, clouds blend into the pipe factory. It was in this atmosphere and into John. On the one hand, he can not fit in this area, in the black edges of these dark corners, it looks frightening, terrifying, but getting to know them closer, we realize that it is not as bad as it looks. We begin to sympathize with him, happy for him when he is well, we hope that he will be able to utter the next word. Heart shrinks from the pain when we see abuse by guards and soulless gawkers, because they are far below it. The image of John Merrick - a kind of image of the believer, a true Christian, a man of humble, patient and knows how to love, but now we are talking not about religion, but about those qualities that are valued by all. However, not all the people around him can understand.
look at the situation a little different angle, the film constantly refers to the ethereal beauty of his mother. It is tempting to think that if it were not the case, John would have been creative, intelligent, educated young man, having a pleasant appearance, but one little mistake, and now he is forced to hide his ugly face under the cloth bag ... We must not forget that any man, as it is not sad, could be in a 'situation', but not everyone would be able to survive, to preserve the purity of the soul, not to cover their inner beauty spots. 'He's an idiot. God forbid that he was an idiot "- says Sir Frederick Treves and gets to the heart of. Such rough at first sight and such genuinely good phrase. But unfortunately this is not true, and John fully understands what is happening, he is aware that the whole world is against him, that he is the object of ridicule, but, strangely enough, he was not angry at anybody, neither people scoff over him, nor the Creator, who created it so. John managed to stay alive, while other people are numb. Much can be said on this subject, but I believe that everyone needs to think about her own.
film touches, makes you wonder, is this should be a movie. Lynch hyperbolizing, bringing everything to a certain obsurda, was able to convey to the audience the main idea of ​​human dignity and honor, that can not fade, even if it is trying to suppress. When it comes to literature lessons for people of honor, I always remember it. Him, a man who was able to go through all the destruction and hardship .. up to the stars.
Despite the fact that John Merrick lived over a hundred years ago, it is foolish to think that now, in the age of high technology to change anything. Think about how many of us pretend to be asleep, seeing that in the subway car came someone asking for alms? It always has been, and in the days of Tod Browning, filmmaking 'Freaks', which was ahead of his time, and in the days Lynch, worth only hope that people will be able to overcome the stereotypes and their own complexes, aside from the flashing technique and just look at yourself, asking important questions ... and I'd do myself? I managed not to succumb to the herd instinct? I decided to help a dying soul? Some, seeing this movie, start to blame the doctor Sir Frederick Treves, because it acquainted John with the Upper Light, thus gaining popularity and profit on the ugliness of John, but do not forget that Sir Frederick Treves in spite of everything was good to him, trying to help and John became a true friend.
Wash opinion John is one of the few who truly believes in God. Without visiting the church and the churches, he speaks directly to him, knows him through beauty. Watching John with one hand creates stunning layouts, inadvertently struck by his patience and endurance.
In John there is no pathos, affectations .. feel ashamed for myself and for others, already ashamed of what you can afford to live after such films prosperity. It wakes up the desire to do something, to dress more modestly.
film is brutal, true, but at the same time incredibly clean and humane. He is a genius from the first to the last frame. Lynch plunges the viewer into the world of John so deeply that you can not not that off, even to breathe. Directed teetering on the brink. The film keeps us in suspense, what is happening is so horrible that I want to stop playing, but it is even harder ... Throughout the action game delightful music, the soundtrack chosen very wisely. He then dies down so much that it becomes invisible, on the contrary becomes louder, glowing atmosphere.
At the end of the movie I, strangely enough, did not have any desire to cry injustice .. just wanted to lie down and think about everything seen. During the last scene, when John goes to bed 'like a man', there is a feeling that someone who has the whole film gently led to the heart with a fork, scratching it and sticking it into the middle, at the moments when the voltage is poured over the edge .. now just picks it subtly twisting inside out ... at the end of the movie, he simply pulls mutilated insides out, leaving only emptiness inside. Just emptiness. Become lonely, numb fingers trembling. You're trying to digest what he saw and heard, but you have nothing.
may I take everything too globally, but so is. And my assessment of this film is much higher than the '10'.

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