"The Elephant Man" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Our whole life is made up of passions, ideas and illusions, full of surprises and gifts. But nothing so much we do not appreciate, as the greatest of the greatest gifts a person - free . Unfortunately, the same freedom from something depends, however strange it may sound. It depends on the social status of the individual, from the moral attitude of the world around him, the circumstances and consequences, and it all - human life in human society, where the main thing to be taken. It is a pity that there are disfigured soul people who appreciate a man not mind the quality and nature, but only a shell. And this is not even someone's guilt, just if one is able to notice only superficial and quite significant signs in chom- or someone, then he is not able to manifest the present and the most valuable thing in the world - humanity .
But there is truly touching and impressive to the depths of the soul story that happened to a real person in the XIX century. Remember the name of this person - Joseph Merrick . The world is full of surprises, yes, but the surprise is more shocking than happy: Merrick to five years, I began to turn into a terrible monster because of the extraordinary and unnatural deformation of the body, including the head, which, of course, can not leave anyone indifferent. When looking at Joseph, even at the mere rumor of his hard fate one might previously ignored us thought: because our life is beautiful ... The hero not just been ugly, but also cruel mockery and ridicule from people (especially children). Although I must say that there is nothing funny in appearance Merrick does not, because it is only the image of the shock and ... sorry. Naturally, because every day for the "Elephant Man", as it was called, turned out to be a torment, and not from pain, but from the ugly and callous attitude of the surrounding society, which necessarily leads to the obvious fact that people are cruel, and it does not be helped.
Joseph Merrick is not just a good man. It is a rich, unique, multifaceted inner world, which can not be expressed in all its beauty and nature of physical pressure "hills", acne and unnatural bulges. And this tragic circumstance prevents the hero to prove themselves, to feel all the pleasures of life and the world, to do something worthwhile, just to earn a living. But even with this heavy sin, Joseph takes willpower and patience, trying to somehow work to do useful work, enjoy some things, but unfortunately, violent people treat the hero not as elephant man to his life without love and understanding. Although still it is a person who shows compassion to Merrick and changes his life for the better. If the elephant man is the embodiment of steadfastness, patience and faith, fizolog Sir Frederick Treves - humanity, kindness and sense of purpose. Indeed, Sir Frederick Treves made for Merrick much to the really experienced all the joys of life. Of course, the elephant man did not live long, and at the age of 28, he died, he died in his sleep, he could not help but touch the soul and lead filmmakers shoot a biographical film about the life of Joseph Merrick.
To be honest, I'm a biopic a bit skeptical because the creators do not always manage to convey the exact events that survived the central character. But the essence of these films is not the case, and in the idea, meaning that arises after the death of a historical figure. And this sense of David Lynch on the screen perfectly suffered in its unique and meaningful masterpiece «Elephant Man». Yes, the plot also suffers from certain penalties in terms of biography and reliability, but they are not overly influenced by the idea of ​​the drama, which is like a train quickly and swiftly inspired the audience, raising a natural sense of sadness and regret. Director should be commended for everything:. From the statement and ending by the story, which reveals the main character is completely and beautifully
us are familiar with him, with his past, his present, his destiny, and it is amazing, shocking, scary. The Elephant Man is ugly, there is nothing to add. When it publishes a woman shriek, and the men on the face clearly expressed puzzled face, blending smoothly into the vicious and nasty smirk. But in the soul of the hero is handsome, somewhere inside, in the mind and heart, he is a god of light, able to give love and goodness in the world. And the people who surround him, compared to him seem insignificant, reckless, morally blind creatures, whose name is "people". And John Merrick (by the way, I wonder why the creators have changed the name of "Joseph" to "John") is not a person. He is more than man, because his whole life is built of greed, lust and cruelty, the hero lives and breathes every happy moment, every emotion that can give pleasure. . It is impossible not to show compassion to this surprisingly lively personality
When viewing the film raises the question: why he shot at black-and-white film ? And somehow the answer arises unexpectedly to show the grim life of the hero, in which a ray of light in the same road as a drop of water in the midst of barren and dry desert
nice to see such profound drama in such a magnificent actor as Anthony. Hopkins . Here he performs that same Sir Frederick Treves, who turns out to be the closest and most reliable for human-elephant friend. In fact, this role is not so colorful and interesting that Hopkins was able to express themselves effectively in it and cool, but he coped with it, of course. But who do I have to note in the picture, it is John Horta , which is fine and impressively played the main character. Oh, his game is delicious, and patience should be commended, because the actor every time 12 hours had to carefully make up to make it look authentic and believable. Yeah, face and body deformation looks plausible, but how Hurt gets used to this complex and dramatic role, it looks unique
10 of 10
«Elephant Man." - excellent in all aspects, heartbreaking, prodigious and impressive movie about the tragic and very touching life of Joseph Merrick, a gift of genius David Lynch, who knows how to reveal the inner world of the main characters in all its grandeur.

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