"The Elephant Man" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The stream flows, the wind blows, the cloud fleets, the heart beats. Nothing will die.
People always fear what they do not understand. But from time to time to see the world's most beautiful, heroic and unique, can not be guided only by our mind, we must also rely on internal emotions and feelings. After all, like a nondescript bud beautiful lilies that have not had time to bloom at dawn and feel the fresh dew drops, the appearance of a person can sometimes do not reflect all the splendor and richness inherent in the core. Sometimes the dignity of the person are hidden behind the superficial eye-catching features, strikes fear in the eyes of ordinary people. But what makes us truly human? External similarity or altruism is at the heart of life? whether a person deserves at least for a fraction different from the rest of exploitation and cruelty to yourself? No, because we are all by definition different, but above all the people. And truly great only one of us, whose soul has no borders, but the heart is still capable of compassion.
At dawn directorial career, is now a recognized master of dark and intricate fantasies David Lynch for the first time the public was shocked surreal full-length interlude, imbued with phantasmagoria of dreams. But after a few years, shrouded in mysteries, artist tore off his mask unrivaled hoaxer, thus, have not lost the magic ability to affect the vulnerable corners of human consciousness eccentric creativity, peculiar only to him. Maestro gave up excessive allusions, and the predominance of abstract art in his next work, creating in this way a unique and diverse social drama. Cloth profound, in fact, and not amenable to unambiguous interpretation. This masterpiece, woven of sincere tears and full of simple human feelings. A movie about a fragile friendship and lack of understanding of people, which will make even conceal the icy heart. But this penetration effect was present in the parable «Elephant Man» is not only due to sentimental mood, but also because of the crystal-clear thoughts, prisoners in this heartbreaking story. These are the unscrupulous, but the moral questions raised by the film, thought-provoking each of us of the true destiny of man in this world.
Everything was sad life John Merrick, a dream to be like others. The only desire that his own mother was proud. And the belief that death will bring relief from all painful suffering. First appeared before the audience on both sides of the screen, in the form of strongly deformed and terse figure, he gradually changed in their eyes, just as the story becomes tart tang of humanity. But these innovations are not on your nelly not relate to visual changes character, only gaining its own identity «I» . Step by step Director opens The Elephant Man not only from the visible side, but also on the inside. As a result, the initial feeling of disgust and curiosity in relation to the the main character are replaced by genuine respect for him. After all, before us the noble Englishman, who loved theater, built from cardboard and churches represented in the true sense of the word, beautiful and vulnerable person. Their ideological and philosophical picture of the Lynch is paramount opens worldwide identity judgment that it is society that is the monster, not people with defects of living in it. And outstanding hero the product is only a symbol, a sparkling flame of hope standing on the fight against human vices.
horror and beauty, depicted in the film «Elephant Man», presented in the most controversial forms. Like a burning contrast Lynch worried about the roots of human nature. After all, despite the different social strata, and status of a privileged group, Merrick always became the title subject of social repression. Some used a miserable person for their own selfish reasons. Other lured his illusions of normality in an effort, to build around hero artificial world, which is more like a prison. And almost all acted in their own self-absorption. Therefore, even aristocratic lady, completely covered in gold, exhibited itself in comparison with it is not in the best light. But writers the work is not to focus on the the dark side of human nature, are increasingly giving preference to of kindness good-looking hero, which Unfortunately, not much impressed, but that director it recognizes the important historical person for the whole England, no doubt. In any case, such attention to detail, amazing makeup corresponding to the smallest nuances of a real prototype, it is practically impossible to see anywhere else. You can feel it work wizard .
grotesque vintage inspired prints, based on black-and-white nature of their debut product «Eraserhead», David Lynch London paints a portrait sample 19th th century, designed exclusively in bright colors. Strange dream dedicated to the procession of elephants, smoke, touchable look, and the stars which you can literally touch your fingertips - all of these artistic masterpieces give colorful image. Authentic costumes and competent staging able to breathe life into a bygone era, and the expressionist Freddie Francis adds a particle credibility and perception of the reality of this monochrome sketch. But the story seems so authentic and convincing wildly, solely due to the extraordinary talent of the actor's Anthony Hopkins . His character is different from other role, above all a wonderful disposition and sensual nature that helps hero always be humane. Moral dilemma at the center of the nature of Doctor Trivzza reveals any shortcomings of society as their own mistakes committed in respect of the alleged subject for scientific research, which subsequently became a true friend of the character. And emotional outburst accompanying frame, in which the actor's cheek a tear running, you can not describe in words. But the most difficult role in the film «Elephant Man» played John Hurt . His way has proved to everyone that we can not despair even in the face of unimaginable discrimination sheer adversity. And the famous scene in which a crowd of angry men surrounding the the main character, and the last bit of strength utters the phrase: «I am not an animal! I'm a man » -! Is a direct confirmation of the previous statement, and one of the greatest moments in the history of cinema
Fleeting convulsion that affected all nerve cells.. Resonant chord played on the strings of sense. Pointed opposition, disguised as a topical metaphor to the alleged humane society, which has lost a familiar entity. A set of arguments, symbolizing the sins of society. Bold stratagem and hypocrisy of charity, cruelty and love in the most undemanding interpretation absurd genius David Lynch, dedicated to the bitter fate of a unique individual . «Elephant Man» - it is easy to understand, but difficult to realize the movie, creating a multi-valued metamorphosis throughout the timing in endless variations. The hardest work is directed, not based on the phrase Art House, but in spite of this, which incorporates conscious deep thoughts, immorality permeated Victorian times. But the main thing is the touching story of the ever created cinematographic films. And his last moments, inspired by orchestral sound composition «Adagio For Strings», it will change much in the soul of each.
Frank, sincere study of this human dignity, and inner beauty that will not die never. Main Stay people. Always.

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