The Elegant Essay Writing Lessons: Building Blocks for Analytical Writing, Updated--Teacher/Student Combo

The Elegant Essay walks students through the entire essay-building process; from captivating introductions to compelling explanations, pupils will learn to bring words and arguments alive. Focusing on the form and content of an essay, this Institute for Excellence written down program may help pupils boost their thesis sentences, company, transitions, conclusions along with other elements of effective writing.

Written in a conversational design, students will enjoy the way the writer deftly weaves together unique samples of good writing utilizing the axioms where they are launched. Obviously designed workouts need your pupils writing well--and experiencing it--in almost no time. With explanation and training exercises, it is an excellent expansion and refinement of IEW's Teaching Writing: Structure & Style Unit VIII.

Elegant Essay Units cover:

  • Thesis Statement
  • Essay Organization
  • Transitions
  • Introductions
  • Conclusions
  • Advanced thesis statements and planning maps
  • Descriptive Practice Essay
  • Persuasive Practice Essay

The Elegant Essay Teacher's Manual includes everything had a need to show this program, from arranging to framework to grading to daily lessons. Examples, teaching tips, models, and lesson-specific problems are addressed.

Each lesson starts with instruction inside pupils' guide. After instruction, teachers model each training concept and lead students through projects. Pupils are then allowed to practice ideas in a group or with the teacher, and lastly complete another group of «on your own» exercises independently.

This kit includes:

  • The Elegant Essay composing Lessons Student Book, 144 pages, spiral-bound, softcover. Reproducible for in-family just use.
  • The Elegant Essay Teacher's Manual, 100 pages, spiral-bound softcover.
  • Use of «The Elegant Essay» e-resource down load

    Course might adjusted to cover 3-4 months or 13-16 months. Two test schedules are included.

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