The Effects Of Economic Crisis On The Namibian Education Essay


The Namibian statistics has it that the countries’ economic position has fallen which indicates that the country is going an economic crisis. These economic crisis refers to a sudden downturn that an economy of a country faces due to financial crisis caused by a fall in real gross domestic products, which is the total output produced by a country at a given period. This has bought numerous effect on the society including the education system.

The crisis has been a huge barrier to the country till this point although the officials are still trying to find a way to curb the issue. Further more this effect has been tough for the whole economies development and so far no progress has been made. The solution is still pending.

This essay will be a brief description of the effects of economic crisis on the Namibian education system as well the economy.Effects of economic crisis on the financial budget of the education systemThe financial crisis has provided a stark reminder of the realities of the Namibian independence. With the aftershock now reaching many parts of the country, the levels of education are under pressure. The budget whilst cutting funding to education programmes, such as ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all this.

According to the Namibian newspaper in the options column the year 2017-07-07 page 11, the state funding towards education has regrettably declined and the austerity cost of cutting measures assumed are biting hard. This government budget dent does not only affect education. In the 2016-2017 financial the education budget was forecasted at 12,3 billion. By comparison the budget decreased to 11,9 billion. Education programmes nonetheless are facing 57% budget cut. The education sector finds itself in wrecks as the government is struggling to expand its space to promote socio-economic development across the country. There is a deep cut overall, for both formal and higher education.

The country is in a deficit budget, deficit which is ostensibly predicted to grow in the next three years.This does not serve our children’s future, as school buildings has already started deterioted significally over many years, and we dread anything unexpected, simply because there is no money for repairs. The ministry is unable to implement crucial capital projects, such as construction of the schools, classrooms, hostels, and teachers housing.

The budget cuts provided education officers with an opportunity to review operations to eliminate redundancies and find room for increased efficiencies. However, the unavailability of funds has placed education in a situation where many crucial activities have been suspended for the financial year and beyond.The budget cuts are surely derailing our vision and plan to create future scientist, engineers, artist, accountants and business people who all have a passion for transforming Namibia into an utopian industrialised society. Education is the mainstay of all purposes.


Having a crisis in the economy has also brought an effect on the employment opportunities. People are no longer being employed; some are losing their jobs due to companies that are unable to pay salaries. This is due to companies are having less profits because of increase in the cost of production that is caused by economic crisis. The employment rate is badly affected as opportunities for jobs are now less meaning companies or employers are no longer employing in order maintain cost and their workforce that they already have.

Special jobs require special training too; meaning if the economy is suffering downfall students or trainees won’t be able to pay for their tuition fees. This also has an effect on the employment opportunity since students or people are not well qualified and are rarely employed. According to a newspaper article news-national 2018-08-23 page 1, the government informed 640 workers no jobs. Now that’s because the governments financial budget has been cut short in the health department so it can only accommodate a few number of workers. And that’s the reason why workers are being retrenched. Not forgetting that without employment opportunities people will suffer financially.


Another significant sector that the economic crisis has an effect on is the countries health care. Since the economy is experiencing economic crisis, the government had to cut short funding of a certain sectors and health care is one of them. This brought about the shortage of vital medication in health care facilities, not only that but there’s also a lack of advance machinery, equipment and tools.

Furthermore, due to tight budgets there’s a shortage of nurses and professional doctors.This meant that health care facilities had to find solution to the problems they are facing in order to subsist with the crisis. Health care facilities had to change the service quality provided by them, not only that but services, stuff and benefits had to be cut as well as the monitoring of resources and productivity. This has not only affected the staff members but the patients as well. Patients had to buy their own medication which is expensive and unaffordable at times. There’s also a lack of food supply for admitted patients, and there’s also a bad living condition for patients due to dirty toilets, deteriorating infrastructure and infestation of insects and animals.


With the economy being below the expected level certain impacts are encountered. The countries’ productivity decreases making it worse off than it already is. A certain procedure must be taken in order for the economy to shift away from the prices, food prices in the country of shops and wholesalers are raised to generate more income. This includes a raise in many expense prices which affects the society as a whole. The society is mostly affected as many poor or people earning less income struggle to satisfy their basic needs.

In most cases where people can’t satisfy their and needs that’s when they get involved in criminal activities, putting others at risk. The liquid which most forms of transport us known as petrol also increases in price. This affects mostly cab drivers since they need to more for fuel. This results in taxi fares being raised and all this affects fall on society.

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