The effects of chinese electronics technology in the global Essay

The effects of Chinese electronics technology in the global

The University of Prince Edward Island

Yikun Fan

The field once dominated by Silicon Valley in the US now has strong competitors in the East. Zhongguancun’s technology center is located in Haidian District, Beijing, and is known as “China’s Silicon Valley”. According to Expert Market, a US-based business resource company, Zhongguancun took the place of San Francisco Silicon Valley as the world's top technology center. In the past year alone, it has accumulated 3.3 trillion yuan (500 billion US dollars). It also had an average annual growth of 15%. These impressive numbers show that China is becoming a global leader in technology.(Rose Tornandeso). Chinese electronic technology already has a significant place in the world, no matter smartphone, Laptop such as HUAWEI and Lenovo; or telecommunication system from HUAWEI, these are all shows that Chinese technology position can’t easily replace.

“Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices. With integrated solutions across four key domains – telecom networks, IT, smart devices, and cloud services – we are committed to bringing digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world.” (HUAWEI official website). As an electronic technology company, HUAWEI grows speed is very fast in these years, and it already becomes most popular brand in China. According to the global market share, Huawei surpassed Apple for the first time to enter the second place. It continues to lead the Chinese smartphone market with a record 27.0% market share in 2Q18. In the first half of the quarter, Huawei's P20/P20 Pro series products had strong demand in the price range of US$600 to US$800, helping Huawei to set a high profile in the market. In the second half of the year, with the release of “GPU Turbo” technology, Huawei continued to win a good reputation. As the Honor brand continues to be a key driver of growth for China's technology giants, 618 promotions have generated strong sales for the honor model online channel.

HUAWEI “P30”, which is the newest smartphone model in HUAWEI, and start selling at March 26, 2019. It is always can see many news when iPhone start selling a new model, and people stand front door and wait for rushing to buy it. However, this situation happened in Paris, France. There are many photographs shared by people on social media shows that on the day of the sale of the P30 series in Paris, consumers who queued up to buy almost filled the entire street. Some netizens sighed on the Weibo, "Today line up at the Champs Elysées in Paris, not to buy LV bags, not Apple's iPhone, but P30.” The commercial insider reported that since the P30 series start selling in Paris at the end of March, it has quickly become a hot topic for fans and new users.

In recent years, smartphones have grown in size as screen sizes have increased, and manufacturers have tried to balance the product by shrinking the border so that our equipment is still easy to carry. Now there is a new design that makes our phone easy to operate with one hand and put it in the pocket, which gives us more screen space by folding. Folding mobile phones will herald a new era in smartphone design. And HUAWEI and Samsung are two companies that already starting release fordable phone. After they show out the video and introduction to the fordable phone, many of comments are following with these two phones. “Samsung's folding screen design concept is inversion, similar to books, the largest main screen 7.3-inch screen is inside, in the folded state, the external 4.6-inch small screen is used, and the hinge design makes the screen not fit completely when folded. The result is that the phone's measurements are not thin enough, and the carrying and feel are not optimal.”. On the other hand, the comments for HUAWEI: “These two designs are completely different ideas, and I think Huawei Mate X is obviously better. In the daily use scenario, we are still accustomed to using a conventional straight touch screen mobile phone with one hand. Huawei Mate X provides a 6.5-inch "double-sided" mobile phone with folding. Samsung can only provide 4.6-inch display area.”. In general, when the Samsung galaxy F was released, the whole world was praised. Samsung itself was also proud of it. After all, the completion of galaxy F is already an era ahead of other released vendors. However, when Huawei Mate X was released, everyone almost forgot the galaxy F, because Mate X is really good, and the two may be the gap of an era. Mate X's folding screen design solution should be the template for all future folding screen phones.

There is an interesting discussion on Weibo, “why Chinese people playing phone on the subway, but European are reading when they are on the subway.” And the reason they are reading is not because they like, it is because they don’t have any signal underground. Telecommunication system is one of HUAWEI main technology. According to foreign media reports, the German railway company announced on March 18 that they did not agree to cancel Huawei's accession to the telecommunications system renewal project and will use Huawei technology in the future.

According to reports, Germany will require Huawei and Siemens' Atos to update the northern system of the German railway. For the southern region, Germany will ask Nokia to complete it. A spokesperson for the German Railways confirmed that the company has signed an agreement with Huawei to require Huawei to comply with German law. On the other hand, the United States continues to exert pressure on Germany and threatens to restrict military and intelligence cooperation with Germany if Germany allows Huawei to join the 5G construction. On March 17, 2019, the Australian Government approved Huawei to provide digital telecommunications systems for the Australian Railways. Although the United States tried to stop the plan, Huawei successfully won a project worth more than $200 million and will implement it in Western Australia.

On March 14, the Russian satellite network quoted ABC as saying that the US Department of Justice urged the Australian government to investigate Chinese technology tycoon Huawei to determine whether its production could provide other countries with access to Australian infrastructure. According to reports, Huawei will build about 80 radio speedometers and mobile stations in Perth, the capital of Western Australia. The radio network will be used to provide services to train drivers, service personnel and security personnel in 2021.

Both Australia and Germany have insisted on introducing Huawei into the construction of its telecommunications system, which demonstrates Huawei's leading technology. With the arrival of 5G, Huawei can do more to serve people from all over the world and bring its technology to the rest of the world.

On the other hand, Apple as a one of biggest smartphone company, they are keep letting Chinese to manufacture the iPhone parts. As we all know, China have cheaper labor compared with north America, but in the south east of Asia, such as Indonesia, Cambodia or India, they are all have cheap labor, and even cheaper than China. Therefore, the reason that Apple choose China to build industry and manufacture the iPhone not only because Chinese cheap labor, but also China has enough production capacity and mature technology to support them doing many high skill missions.

And there also have MI and OPPO, which are two pretty famous and popular smartphone brands in the Asia.

Lenovo, which is another Chinese company, and they are more focus on design and produce laptop. According to the Lenovo price setting in the north America, they have huge advantage in the north America laptop market. Lenovo’s laptop has lower price compared with Dell’s laptop in the almost same technical detail.



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