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Discuss about the Personality of John Key based on the Model.


Bill English

He is the current prime minister of New Zealand after a successful succession from the former Prime Minister John Key. The media department in the country has talked much on the prime minister some positive and others negative. First, based on the personal conversation analysis done at the press desk most of the people believe that he is a calm man. Most of the people in this nation describe the prime minister as being a calm person due to the slow speech motion that it will take the person next to him some proper attention to listen and get what he's saying (Boudreau, Boswell and Judge, page 60). According to some of the media department, this is viewed as pretense and lack of good leadership quality as some say based on their opinion that a good leader should be audible in speech and not as the current prime minister. However, this may be true or not, but his past leadership as a minister under the previous government can tell a lot based on the information.

The live news which is one of the media departments in the nation released breaking news through their analysis of Bryce Edward concerning Bill English dirty politic scandal. The national party which is chaired by Bill is described as the one that is involved in silencing some levels of impunity in the nation especially the crisis that touches the government. The national broadcast gave out an opinion that the government had spun the act around the issue of the tape recording claiming that the most of the politicians are playing PR in most public gatherings to get support instead of being guided by principles and truth in their service to the nations. According to the media, The Prime minister is rude and perhaps maybe hiding some information to the public. ‘’ I am not a lawyer’’ Prime Minister Bill English said as he was confronted with some questions to clarify. Based on the information given that seems contradictory from what he said before, Hon Bill says that he did not attend to the offer of the records as the media departments have been claiming.

The government may be facing some allegations that might be true or false based on the contradictory opposition measures to make the people feel bad about the state. Therefore, based on the information from the media departments and the newspaper, it will be justifiable to say that most of the politicians are not clean. However, it seems that some of the press department has decided to give to the society what it needs to classify the current government as corrupt and surpassingly dirty in running the affairs of the state. Ideally, the media has the power and freedom to give to the society what they need to hear from what is taking place in the state where they cannot see because they can question the government on what is happening that people need to know (Cope and Kalantzis, page 170). Nonetheless, the media has placed the leader as just like any other politician whose road is not as clean as expected according to the Barclay Scandal.

John Key

He is the 38th prime minister of New Zealand and the leader of the national party before Mr. Bill took over from him. The newspaper and other media department have talked a lot about him based on the social conduct and perhaps the performance that he has brought to the people of New Zealand. Most of the media desks have captured some of the moments that the leader has moved and made fun in public. First, a child kissing the Prime minister was viewed as a sign of showing the public how he is a social person to gain trust and perhaps boost votes. The six months old Harrison Burns took upon himself and thrashed into the arms of the Key grabbing a chunk of flesh from one of his cheeks. The leader is one of the most social people in the nation who has tried to reach out to many people around as a service and a show of hospitality.

The media also captured by the time he was given a chance to model the Rugby cup uniforms. He became a bit enthusiastic as he walks down. After that, he calls the media and regrets saying that the action was a bit stupid and he ought not to have done that in the first place. The actions and statements indicate that he was a person who is straight forward and enjoyed having some fun to make people laugh even as a leader. On the other hand, he pulled a waitress Known as Ponytail who went viral. The media went through the newspaper defending the journalist claiming that the prime minister has misbehaved pulling the hair more often during most of the public sessions. The media says that the people have the right to know what is happening and how their leader is behaving in the public sites with people. However, the prime minister apologized for the action and said that it was meant to be light-hearted.

The media has also revealed that through the leadership of Mr. John Key and Bill, the nation has experienced an economic growth that has spurred them to the national ranking regarding development. The information is dated from the 2008 financial crisis that took place and shook most nations in the west. The media has accepted that though the Prime minister may be having a problem with the public representation through his acts on pulling the Journalist and also through catwalk during the rugby presentation, his administration has assisted the nation a great deal to curb and rectifies the financial crisis that hit the countries. The prime minister according to the media is a right person though the aspect of public quo lacks in his leadership.

On the other hand, the media presented a breaking news following the resignation of the prime minister which was said is out of his quest for the love of the family. The family according to key has faced and sacrificed a lot for him being in the leadership. Most of the people said that the wife complained and forced him to resign and commend Mr. Bill to take the position as the next prime minister. The action shows that Mr. Key loved the family in the case the reasoning the media gave is genuine and not politics. The social nature of Mr. John Key was felt, and his role in bringing the nation to a stable economy meant a lot for the people of New Zealand.

Introduction to the Big Five personality

The model was asserted by some of the personality theorists to assist the people in understanding some of the personality traits of individuals around them. The classification includes traits like Extraversion, agreeableness, openness; emotional stability and consciousness to the experiences that is meet in day to day interaction with people and the society (Seibert and Kraemer, page 6). The global understanding of the trait is fundamentally based on the behavior of the persons at work to get the best achievement in the world of business and any other work available that requires productivity. The traits act as a benchmark to aid us in knowing the individual who is feet in various positions in the society to shun placing evil characters in real positions especially in choosing the right people in taking essential posts like presidents and the prime minister like in the case of New Zealand.

Discussion of the personality trait of Bill English according to the big five personality model


According to the model, the character represents a person who is very assertive and social and not timid or quiet. The kind of behavior represents someone who does not like socializing with other people in the society. In consideration to what the media said about Bill at the prime minister, we can see that he is a flexible person and does not like talking too much. The softness is described by the media that the words are few. Based on this trait, I think Bill is not a social person because he is not being captured in the social gathering like in sports and other public events. Therefore, in most of the public speeches, he plays a lot of public relation traits (Ellison and Levy, page 503).


This attribute represents the aspect of being curious, and creative while handling the official duties. According to the model, the representation is not being narrow-minded as some of the people are in their performance but being able to be cultured. From the information, Bill seems to be highly concerned with the matters of the office and does not pay attention to find out some of the issues affecting the nation (Kriesi, page 844). The people were complaining through the media of the Barclays scandal that affected the national party alleged to be involved. He complains, and instead of digging deep into the matter, he responds to the public that ‘’ he is not a lawyer, ’’ and the media should avoid bothering him with questions that are not as important as the development of the nation’s economy. Therefore, it is clear that he lacked the creativity to keep the trust of people at bay and get the attention even with the much accusation of the party cropping in and causing animosity.


These involve the aspect of being hardworking, organized and equally dependable at work to achieve the set goals. Most of the employers like in this case the citizens of New Zealand would be at high notes electing someone with great integrity and passion to hard work. Therefore, according to the information that I have read in the media, Mr. Bill is perhaps hard working which can be confirmed by their collaboration with the former Prime Minister John Key to bring back the nation to its normal from the great financial crisis that took place in the year 2007 to 2008. Therefore, based on that the people were able to depend on him again to take the lead and continue with the great work. Ideally, when an individual has the spirit of hard work, he or she will be able to achieve the best in the work place. Therefore, the personality trait of conscientiousness is directly proportional to performance (Myllylahti, page 13).


This is a personality trait represented in the model that depicts a person who embraces the quality of being cooperative, he or she is very warm and can agree on various opinions that people give. It is one of the important aspects that are needed in team work to ensure that people work together to get the best effects in the nation. Based on the trait, I can say that to some moments Mr. Bill showed an aspect of being agreeable for example his cooperation with the former prime minister, thus leading to a positive change in the economy. On the other, he has exhibited the absence of collaboration, especially with the media to assist in getting to the root of the scandal that exists in the nation (Roberts, page 4). Therefore, it is vivid that for a precise performance at any workplace a person must be agreeable to agree with the people around.

Discussion on the personality of John Key based on the Model


Based on this trait I can say that Mr. Key attributed the element of cooperation with the other teams especially the media. The leader was responding to the people more often than the current prime minister of the nation. In spite of the rivalry that some of the people had with him through the aspect of a public image, he allowed the media to do their job and comes later to correct the situation by apologizing to the people. Ideally, that is the kind of leadership that ought to take place around the society to ensure that peace is maintained and allow the society to have their opinion listen and responded to amicably. This medium is the basis of a good performance in most nations (Firth, page 87). Most of the successful people in the society according to psychologist are individuals who can move along with people and does not create enmity since is a fact that we need people to make life even better and we cannot live in isolation. Therefore, Mr. Key was right maintaining the relationship of various characters in the media and the nations at large by ensuring that he apologizes to every critic. This is because the connection between the press and people is substantial and perhaps, they can get the possible gang up and make sure that the leader especially the top leader is frustrated (Argyle, page 56).


Being social to ensure that the every person gets your time is an essential personality that most leaders should embrace. In this case, the prime minister leads the whole nation, and that is the poor, rich and perhaps the wealthy families and not just a chunk of people. According to my analysis, I think the leader showed all the aspect of possessing the trait and that can be captured on where a child jumped and played with him as the camera takes. This is basically, the genesis of being social (Eysenck and Eysenck, page 13). Moreover, he is seen in most of the social places like during the sports days like Rugby to cheer them and open up for the teams to get the records which they intended to gate such as the registers. Additionally, to have the public opinion about what they think about you and perceives, the leader must make sure that the bond between him or her and the public is strong and kept. And that is what Mr. Key is enthusiastically doing to find out get the benefits (Ward, page 404).


Most of the leaders of many nations lack the trait and stand out not to be rigid since they accept no correction from the people. The creativity aspect shown in the attribute is in the fact of receiving at some times the way of the people to happen. I think the leader actions on apologizing as the media condemns his action of pulling the hair of the journalist which he claimed to him was not a big deal. Consequently, through this personality, he was able to allow the media to do their job and responds to them where necessary (Belich, page 90). This median is essential for creativity since it allows for team work and respect to be maintained. The performance that has been realized in many nations is because team spirit has been evoked to run in most of the departments (Zuckerman, page 52).


To be dependable is important and allow the people to have confidence in the individual. The aspect of hard work is also captured in the train and order as well. Most successful people in the society are orderly; they have the spirit of hard work and also show some dependable nature. John Key seems to have all of the above characters to allow the people to elect him as their leader. Ideally, to move such a large number of individuals to have you in their minds and vote for you in the election is not something to just perform overnight (Olins, page 83). It takes the time to mature the characters to make sure that they are part of you since no society or nation would like to lead by someone who is not hard working and lacks order. Therefore, for the sake of success, it is crucial to have the above facts right within the mind. Mr. Key is remembered as being the economy elevators from the dark days that was perceived to be a crisis by some of the leaders who lacked the integrity to work for the people to gain the confidence they deserve. Therefore, performing a remarkable task to the people elevates the confidence and makes people cooperate with everything that you perform (Beck, page 342).


A personality trait is an aspect that correlates with the behavior of an individual to the people around them that can either promote the success or hinder it. Most of the success in their work places especially the government leaders have tried to maintain their status quo through their behavior and reasoning regarding what they say and what they do in public. The negation of personality factor has been a concern to most of the people in the leadership positions through successive characters that would perhaps lure most of the people to like them in the long run. Basically, according to the model of the five personality traits, it is vivid that most of the leaders in the society today especially the developed nations like New Zealand have developed the aspects to capture the hearts of the public to promote peace and cohesion. Moreover, being socially available like in the case of Mr. Key did not affect or perhaps lower his dignity as a leader but promoted him to be one of the best prime ministers in the nation. The characteristic is all about being able to understand the people and also through making people understand you through your actions and words.


Bill English

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John Key

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