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How Human Rights can Be Improved ?

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The essay will discuss in detail about the concept of human rights and social transformation. The basic idea behind human rights and associated projects are not innocent by nature. It can be emerged in the form of expression in the modern society as one of the most contested concepts at a historical moment specifically based on some assumptions as well as world views. The outcome was based on different framework associated with human rights and ways to function that can also emerge and at the same time, projected as common truths and were communication with the help of some particular experiences. Some of part of the world is in their worst time since their high amount of human rights violation (Ife, 2012). There are approx twenty countries in the world which are considered as most repressive countries socially. Countries like Burma, Libya, North Korea, Eritrea and much more are some which top the list internationally. To be considered as the main abuser of human rights as well as civil based liberties along with some crucial political rights which cover concepts like political rights or a violation assesses civil liberties.

North Korea-Human rights violation

In a country like North Korea, the concept of human rights is nil and has been abused in some ways. Some so many prisoners mainly locked up for literally committing no crime to survive, and these prisoners face horrendous treatment. Back in the year 2011, around one lakhs of prisoners were put in gulags, have given no food and in some days executed publically. Human rights of the country are appalling by nature and also record that no specific secret exists in the world throughout (G?mez et al., 2011).

The leaders are also considered very cruel, and in the year 2012, an investigation in UN was set up to collect some responses based on studies of the country's defectors were compared to concentration camps which were German based by the year world war II.

Human rights can be improved

Human rights are usually based on a universal or a common value based system which is completely protected by law. This context asks for significance towards attention to some facts that two important human rights instruments are named after the Covenants. It is important to understand that the covenants are based on morality, and this later advocated a high state of being in a place considered with some amount of trust as well as dignity and also love. People normally are well aware of the reasons that the concept of human rights shows some level of aspirations as well as hopes based on humanity right from the starting (Wronka, 2016). The main drawback is that all kind of religions are associated with a fundamental essence which is based on a perspective that concept of human right tried to modify for women and other marginalized groups of people (Hall and Lamont, 2013). They can also be called as people named as unwanted by the society. This is why the concept of human right do not completely deny religion. However, it simply increases the horizon and at the same time also enriched the religion by identifying the excluded people as well as women with needs as equal members of the society. In last so many years, the basic struggle of people for social as well as economic based justice is further intensified with the development of global law for human rights. This further based on women and other communities who were always fighting to remove or diminish any form of biases and discrimination (Wronka, 2016). People were insisting on the basic rights to participate in the society as equals and are based on the decision that decides the lives of people. There is also some level of advocacy to modify different kind of conditions that are harmful for the coming generation and the never ending, shameful racism and kind of discrimination all across the world and it is also considered as a criminal act as well. These were attended by many as well as a detailed list of conventions based on human rights where every point shows the overalls spirit of the organization working on human rights. To accomplish a dream of an equal world, it is the responsibility of every individual to start working on it and take some concrete actions to understand every human being's human rights and also join the reminder for the government. It also sometimes becomes important to shame those people via holding them responsible for many plans that were unfair to society and humanity (Abouharb et al., 2015). What is more tragic in today's world is that people in so many countries like North Korea are still struggling for the basic human rights to live and liberty to work as per their will. The concept of human rights is still encoded in a number of ways and also oppressed along with improvised with different systems of human rights which were meant to rise. There is a hope of some transformation in the current unfortunate as well as the sad phase where the commitment is based on growing a movement for some human rights based on overall education. In other words, the concept of human rights and its overall education is associated with hope as well as some learning connected with justice. It is also related to people changing the system in which there are significant changes, and it is associated with liabilities into diverse systems where both the concepts bring some amount of joy as well as richness in lives of people. However, it is also important to understand that the education of human rights is related to political education that goes to a different set of people taking an active participation in their own social as well as economic growth (Beinin and Vairel, 2013).

Connection of human rights with the lives of people

The overall education of human rights should not be based on theory, however, important for the routine life of people. People also understand that from different narratives which can be conceptualized the concept of human rights and also work for the connected fulfillment. This helps in becoming principal agents of transformation.

To create some awareness about human rights, it is important to ask people about their opinion about human rights constantly. This way people will be able to reinvent the concept of human rights in a completely new manner every single time. When organizations work with children and make them understand about human rights, it is first important to point out that the infrastructure of the school and basic training mechanism is important otherwise, it is first necessary correct the human right violations (Stryker and Haglund, 2015). It is important first to start a discussion on realizations related to the human right which later must be followed by evaluating various violations to human rights.

In the overall human right based education, organizations are trying to understand the clarity of people about economic, cultural as well as social based human rights along with civil as well as political rights. The reason that these organizations are sharing the knowledge with rural people along with the importance of food, education, housing, and healthcare. It is also based on the overall opportunity to have some work at livable remunerations and much more.

It is also being claimed that the state of poverty is a violation of human rights and it does not just base on freedom fighters which are imprisoned by the government and they are considered as political prisoners. However, people who live in the phase of economic degradation and are consist of political prisoners as well (Cook, 2012).

People centered approach for human right and social transformation

The people-centered human approach is some non-oppressive kind of rights that people collectively can discuss and define to save them from societal struggles, and this shows that high level of commitment to human based dignity and some level of social justice for all kinds of humanity. The factor that can divide the approach from all other theories, as well as practices, is that it is entirely based on explicit clarity that to understand the complete range of still na?ve phase developing rights of humans (Atapattu, 2015). This need:

  1. The break in philosophy with Orthodox human rights that are grounded in the form of liberalization.
  2. Repeated conceptualization of rights of human from the point of groups that are always oppressed.
  3. Rebuilding the current social associations that purposely perpetuate the level of oppression
  4. The ever-increasing power on the side of oppressed to bring some restructuring.

The ethical as well as conceptual based principle of People centered Human rights

The overall approach of people-centered human rights identified the contested as well as contingent nature of the human rights principles. People, in general, decide the overall meaning and content of what can be recognized as human rights. The overall realization and understanding of human rights framework are continuously associated with Western kind of liberalization and in reality is based on positive kind of legalism or any centered at stage based treaty and process (Gergen, 2012). The approach follows a top down, and conservative understands of the overall scope of current rights and the procedure of human rights and overall norm setting connected with it and the capability is for transformative based politics. The process of documentation, activism, and advocacy of mainstream activists of human right is normally informed with limited collection language of the concept. It is also associated with authority kind of discussion and interpretation of language. There are some issues with state-based ratification related to human rights, and this is why the primary concern for such activists since they help in providing legal as well as a normative framework for reaching the state level compliance (Ty, 2011).

The approach discussed does not restrict to a legal regime of the nation or different normative based standards shows in the international level of human rights treaties along with declarations. The approach can identify the significance of various texts, and there are legal as well as ethical approaches that are based on them. The final meaning of the language is related to the texts, and overall scope of the rights that can be identified and the model for implementation and the process is also evolving where the primary challenge relied on the ever popular struggles in political as well as societal power based dispensations. Moreover, the approach also lacks a basic level or sources of some legitimacy, and the overall argument is based on moral relativity (Ty, 2011).


As an outcome of the cynical level utilization of different human rights specifically in last twenty years, there is a lot of disappointment with different ideas of human rights. This occurs right at many historical moments when the overall idea of human right can be available on an optional and ethical policy supervision guide for dealing with the economic, social and political crisis on an international level. The government and other millions of people are experiencing the similar situation. It is important to apply some radical based de-colonization of basic level methods and institutions along with traditional human rights principles which are unable to provide anything more a dull reform (Ty, 2011). Human right shows a remarkable growth toward the real liberation of human, however, the vision, and various possibilities are restricted since it serves an instrument which is ideologically driven for maintaining the dominance.


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