"The destiny of man (1959)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The film "The destiny of man ', put back in 1959 on the story of the epic Sholokhov, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for his novel" Quiet Flows the Don'
and genres of this product unique:. Story epic. The epic tells the story of large-scale events: wars, revolutions in a detailed, large historical period. The novel 'Quiet Flows the Don "- is epic. But is it possible that the volume of the epic in its scale instead of in the story, with its brevity, conciseness. Yes, probably. "The destiny of man" is such a work.
And in the story and in the film Andrei Sokolov (Sergey Bondarchuk) was born in 1900. It has a certain character: Andrey Sokolov - the same age as the twentieth century. His fate - it is as if the fate of the century, the fate of Russia in this difficult time
In the film, following the story, it is shown that in the post-war period saw a man walking Andrei Sokolov and a boy.. the conversation begins.
What in the past Andrei Sokolov? He begins his story
Andrew -. Orphan. The film briefly marked his youth, shows how he has worked as a carpenter during the Soviet era. This means that he experienced and saw with my own eyes the end of autocracy, both the Revolution and the Civil War. All that was in Russia at this time
And he creates a family:. Marries Irene. They were the children:. Girl and boy Toll
Several shots show his pre-war work: working outside his home. Fairly short, because of Sholokhov is in the pre-war years he studied and worked at the auto-trucks
Then, in 1941, the Great Patriotic War -. Scary and hard test for the country and the world. During these years, he was called to the front. Such is the fate of all the men who were able to fight, to defend their homeland from the Nazis.
The film depicts the touching moment of parting with his wife before leaving. Since neither incomprehensible destiny of the country, or as in this huge whirlpool of events will develop its fate, its fate, the fate of children. How many men did not return from the battlefield, leaving their wives widows, orphans of their children! This price was given to the protection of the motherland! The bright memory of him! And the lives of women, children and elderly people in the rear, too, was unsafe
A large part of the film as a story -. Showing the war. Andrew went to the truck at the beginning of the war. Scenes of battles. Then - getting into captivity. Long, exhausting moments of captivity. In the film, he says, in which only places he did not have visited. How exhausting hard he had to work
conversation with a German officer
But in the beginning of the story he is going to orphan boy, for which Andrew is now became a father -. The person to whom the orphan was needed, which should be for his support and assistance. How many orphans who needed and those strong hands help man in gentle hands of a woman was after the war! Is it only at the time
And if Andrei Sokolov is on home soil with a boy - an orphan after terrible wars, so he should be back! He should come out a winner! And it must come May 9, 1945. But why, in this day kept? What is the reason? As the life of his family developed:. Wife and children
Mikhail Sholokhov has set itself in this story daunting task: to show in the face of Andrei Sokolov, a contemporary of the century, the fate of the common man in this difficult time. A man who was one of the common people, who made a living by working on the truck. Which was plodder and a hard worker. Who met the war, went through hard, hard labor conditions of captivity. And that, by the power of the spirit, vitality returned home. Unfortunately, not everyone went to the front, it was meant to be. His fate - the fate of this nation. This is the fate of the country
dramatic fate of his family, adoption, boys -. It is also popular. The pain of the people, its suffering, which is once combing wrote Nekrasov: 'will make all that the Lord did not send! And a wide, clear way to make its breast '. To the future. It must be him.
And the great Sergei Bondarchuk as a director and as an actor able to accurately and thoroughly show convey all the ideas put Mikhail Sholokhov in this work.
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