"The destiny of man (1959)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Fatal obstacle to noble human path has been and remains a war -. The most immoral act of all, which gave birth to a man
(Viktor Astafjevs)
In 2009 marks exactly half a century since the triumph of the birth: the film "Destiny of a man", a film that, contrary to logic, not only surpassed the original in literature, but also gave the story a new life. Shot by Sholokhov product picture came into being, when the years have passed, necessary for deep understanding of what happened, but it was still fresh in the memory of the tragedy and the heroic feat of the people. It was with her in the Soviet cinema began a comprehensive process of moral and philosophical understanding of the war, the choice of motifs and tests the heroes in the face of danger, death and eternity.
"The Fate of Man" to a greater extent absorbed those best moral traits that are inherent in the whole military cinema. She dispassionately truthful in the image on either side of reality, and in this his cognitive as presents to the viewer a kind of history book, but not society as a whole, and history through the prism of a single destiny.
Bondarchuk did not represent the large-scale battles or display historical figures. He continued the tradition of the original, referring to the fate of the "little man" of the people caught in the maelstrom of global historical events, brilliantly passing is not only an era, but also much more subtle nuances. The concept of the film is also not changed, the story line presents the author's exposition, narrative character -. Andrei Sokolov and original ending
pales before the "Human Destiny" any that I know of kinopoloten. Extinguished, leaving behind nothing except pathos and boredom. And this film is like a candle undying, forever remain in the hearts of the people monument to the courage and the powerful will of man. Feat here appeared mostly not on the battlefield and not on the labor front, and in the conditions of Nazi captivity, behind the barbed wire of the concentration camp. In the spiritual combat with fascism character Andrei Sokolov disclosed. Far from the Motherland Andrew endured all the hardships of war, inhumane bullying Nazi captivity. And it is not just the death staring him in the eye, but every time he found a titanic courage and remained a man to the end. No less serious challenge to become the hero of his loss, the terrible grief soldier deprived of loved ones and their homes, his loneliness. After the war he came out the winner, returned peace to the world, and himself in the war lost everything he had in life: family, love, happiness. Ruthless and heartless fate is not left to the soldier on the ground, even shelter. Life can not produce his accounts. He performed in front of her all the human obligations, but it is to him for his personal life - in debt, and Sokolov aware of it. And after all that he went through, it would seem, could be called life chumoyu. But Andrew does not grumble at the world, not isolated in their grief and, left alone in this world, all the people in the hearts of warmth given orphan Vanyusha, replacing his father.
whole logic of its creation, the whole of his playing and directing, all his inexhaustible talent Bondarchuk proved that his character is not in any way is not broken his difficult life, he believes in himself and destiny. And each of us must follow the example of Sokolov, in the difficult moments of the picture drawing magical powers to continue the struggle
Show inhuman essence of war, broke and mangled fate, not sparing the life itself, -. The main task, which set a Bondarchuk "Fate of a man". Deep, bright faith in the human permeated this film. In this case, it is not easy symbolic title, it is fundamental. The director is aware of his duty to tell the world the harsh truth about what a huge price paid for the Soviet people human right for the future. All of this is due to the outstanding role of the truly greatest masterpiece.
Historians will long to understand the causes and results of the war. But we know that many, many people over the years led to exploit the faith. What? The fact that our society is in order at any cost should save the country, the world from the fascist hordes. And while Americans cute glossy coveralls searched Ryan Soviet people no bitterness recouped losses. So if you really want to understand why our country has won a great victory in World War II, be sure to see this picture.

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