"The destiny of man (1959)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Review dedicates his birthday Sholokhov Mikhail Aleksandrovich.
sad to see the number of negative reviews of these films, films which are "scratching the soul." There are people lovers poornichat, make fun of the paintings of past years of war. So remember the anecdote: «One friend says:" And my grandfather fought with the Germans !. Another replies: Yes ?! And my anti-!!!. »
would be desirable that the ban was announced, the taboo or rigid censorship reviews films about VO V. In these films there ... poignancy, again I repeat they "scratch soul." And to those undoubtedly include "Destiny of a Man».
In all works of Sholokhov man severely checked lives. The spotless and true greatness of the soul is a very ordinary person, such public millions. Do not become angry our people after the war, had no desire to walk again in Europe, according to the invaders, and again napoddat Niemczyk and others. How does it feel to return home after the war and did not find a family? That pre-war life, which saw Sokolov sunny, bright - collapsed. Notice how genuine modesty Sokolov - a deeply peaceful, but forced to take up arms to defend their homeland, - perform heroic acts and talks about them. And in him is no posturing and bragging. On the screen we see the "inner monologues" Sokolov and they are significant, deployed, reflecting the richness and intensity of his inner world. A replica spoken aloud - stingy concise, indicating that the masculine integrity, self-discipline character, sometimes - of deep concentration on a particular experience, memory
remarkable work of Vladimir Monakhov operator (by the way, awarded the title of laureate of the Lenin Prize) episode in the church. which the Nazis turned into a barracks for prisoners of war shot in gloomy tones. Desperately pounding his hands on the door of the man, a religious man, whose blasphemy relieve themselves in a holy place, sews machine gun fire. And executed a traitor, that penalty - the hands good-natured Sokolov leads sentence. What have you done, gentlemen, "negative feedback", probably with all the giblets have passed and all the iron cross on his chest
'I am after the first cup is not a snack' -? As caustic remarks on the subject written ... Answer Sokolov, which he repeated three times with the advantage of some incredible force of spirit who managed not to get drunk after the third glass of vodka, do not turn into animals (bright representative of the 'inferior races'), does not fall writhing to the Muller's feet - forces us to spread shoulders and pale with pride? It is now, people revel and turn into ... the brightest representatives of "inferior races". And there is no war in the yard, and on the face of degradation.
The film with impeccable cleanliness transmitted human condition, the movement of the soul, the subtle nuances required to complete truthfulness in the image of the senses. Felt that our winners, turning head off to the demon-fascists? Having lost everything, the meaning of existence: his wife, children, home? Is Falcons will be able to withstand or to man extinguished candle of life fade away in the memories of the past, about the family, about the war. Sokolov went to Don town and there meets an orphan Vanyusha, which is even worse than him. Here also there is the meaning of life: heat the frozen baby heart, feel that there is still a creature in the world who needs you. In all tests, sent by fate, sometimes almost unbearably cruel, this person should stand, not wasted, not drowning best intentions of your heart. That he must save the love of life, the ability to respond to excellent. And grow around him young shoot, which stretches into the world to raise a man who matured repeat, if the case will call time, heroic journey of his father - the victory of goodness and light, in the name of the Fatherland happiness of their people. True modern young people do not understand the hearts of hardened raised on different "call office dyuti". Does every living now would be able to pass such that passed Sokolov? Everyone there could then live with eternal pain in my heart? Sokolov - a real Russian man, who fortunately in our lives (though rarely) even found
and not afraid of anything experienced soldiers, but to 'die in my sleep and scare his little son .... ". Maybe on such films brought major Solnechnikova and ordinary Evgeny Rodionov. The film ends with a confession of spring theme, the theme of the eternal rebirth of life. Powerful, light!
But those who do not like this movie, you see Tarantino's "Inglourious kids' ... you will like it.

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