"The destiny of man (1959)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

It is difficult to start writing reviews for this movie. It is difficult because you feel responsible for every word that you write, because maybe someone will decide whether to watch this masterpiece of Russian cinema or not, reading this particular review. In regardless of whether what I present here or not like it, you know - you have to see the film necessarily
«Sometimes I do not sleep at night, staring into the dark empty eyes and think of what you are living. I was so crippled for so iskaznila? »
story of Andrei Sokolov about his life and soul of the casual listener pulls, tears welling in his eyes, and makes him go through all again, his inner wounds unhealed worries and the audience in their own way empathizes. Who can easily slobber to look very hard to watch the "destiny of man", and the one who is stronger in this sense would be, too, will not remain indifferent.
and not easily Andrei lived before the war. After the Civil War, one of the family stayed, relatives died, he experienced hunger - rotten to the fists in the Kuban, then returned to his homeland. And there seems to be life became him to improve. I fell in love with a woman, married, give birth to children - two daughters and a son, lived in perfect harmony. «It was not for me, beautiful and desirable it was not and never will be." And then the war.
I must say that Sergei Bondarchuk was able to show the war. I can not say how much really, because there was not himself, but, in my opinion, this is the need to show it. Terrible, inhuman, which does not recognize anything holy. The great director was able to show it from any angle. And the eyes of ordinary soldiers on the battlefield, as in "They Fought for Their Motherland", and by the generals, as in "Waterloo" and "War and Peace" (where they were set battle scenes of stunning scope and entertainment), and through the eyes of a prisoner, sent to Nazi concentration camps Andrew Solovyov.
probably could not trust anyone Bondarchuk role of Andrei Sokolov, as only he knew how to play. So many shades of character and so many feelings he had to convey that it was impossible to explain to someone else every detail, every expression of the main character. Yes, and it is incredibly suitable for the role. Perhaps I can imagine this place only the Tikhonov.
Every day he went on from home, every day he will endure the humiliation and bullying, see the death of comrades, exhausting at hard labor, but the Russian soldiers did not break. All the time he thinks about returning home, living memories of family, hopes and believes. And death passes by his side, too tough for her Russian man with a steel character. All will make all suffer, fire and water will take place, because the spirit is strong.
returned, and the Homeland another test, but will be worse than captivity. Andrew returned to the ruins of the city, and where his house was now the bomb craters. War did not spare his family. «But I was there in captivity every night talking to them. It turns out I was two years talking with the dead. » Seeds life all that he had. He believed, everything he wanted, what he lived nothing left Andrei. «Do I dreamed my life !?» - he asks fate. Another I would curse all be broken, lost hope. But there is for what and how to live Andrew - his son went to the front and was promoted to captain. Here the war is over, and heal them together, a son marries, he will babysit grandchildren ...
And Win! Around joy, happiness, celebration, but can not, Andrei Sokolov rejoice together with all his son was killed, he was one. Despair permeates the soldier does not know where to run from Andrew his fate, does not know what is now calm down, it is now forgotten, than to heal the scars in his soul. He will not return to his hometown, where all will remind him about past losses. No Andrei greater homeland. And whether it is now necessary to something? But he will not complain about his fate, it will not be broken by his character and now. All the feelings by which he survived all the tests, but could not express, it will give a small orphaned boy Vanyusha to replace his son. Andrew will go to the deception, but he is entitled to it after all of them suffering during the war. «It is necessary to live as it is necessary, my son, to live it».
story of the great Russian writer Mikhail Sholokhov turned into a masterpiece of the great Russian director Sergei Bondarchuk. He directed the film and played by Andrei so deeply and sensually, that not for a moment doubt that the prototype of the hero has become one of the soldiers returning from war, that our homeland is full of such wonderful people with an iron will, a big kind heart, unfading passion for life. Would you believe that no matter what trials have befallen Russia, thanks to the country's heroes endure all hardships.
value film for our culture can not be overestimated. "The Fate of Man" - a reminder to future generations of what price had to be paid to our people for clean peaceful sky over our heads. You have to understand that for many the war ended, when they returned home, the war continued in the hearts, and many had to start a whole new life to win his personal victory. Andrei Sokolov won this victory. The victory of the human person over the nightmares, hardship, troubles, grief. He persevered, and thanks to him, our country stood.

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